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How are you finding the camera so far? I had my eye on the DMC-TZ60 but the DMC-TZ57 is also a contender.
08/02/2016 - 16:29
This has always been the case, and most other charities also offer this service as nocure mentioned. However, my experience has been that...
29/01/2016 - 14:42
I've booked with Agoda and it was fine. If you're worried you can also email the hotel a few weeks before arriving and check that they have...
29/01/2016 - 12:05
My favourites: Articulate, Agricola, Pictionary
20/01/2016 - 19:51
Bali for a long weekend in March. Not long enough but better than nothing. Eastern states for a wedding in April, and will also use the...
18/01/2016 - 20:49
I can't comment on Qwibble more recently, I have used them in the past with success but not in the past year. Re Cashrewards, I have not...
18/01/2016 - 20:19
Airberlin and Finnair have some cheap fares (cheap for that period anyway) if you don't mind a 30-35 hour trip each way.
15/01/2016 - 20:02
My advice: don't focus too much on long term goals. Have long term goals, sure, but realise that your wants, needs and perspective will...
22/12/2015 - 16:34
> And that's why you're sad and crying. +1 :D
22/12/2015 - 12:55
He might just be a GP who specialises in / is good at minor surgery and mole removal. I know one such person in Perth. I agree that I...
22/12/2015 - 12:47
I've had moles removed via surgery (by a plastic surgeon, on my face and on my arm) and laser (elsewhere on my body). Surgery left scars....
22/12/2015 - 12:44
Yeh good point - the company probably hired some graphic designer to do it, and might not even be aware.
22/12/2015 - 12:39
Mine still haven't even had attempted delivery - one is scheduled for today (the 22nd) and one is scheduled for the 24th. The one scheduled...
22/12/2015 - 12:33
I got $700 AUD return via HK from Perth-Tokyo, Osaka-Perth in Oct 2015 with Cathay. Only bought a few months in advance during a sale.
21/12/2015 - 15:29
I flew with them to Japan in October and had no complaints. One of the planes was pretty squashy compared to other carriers, but the plane...
21/12/2015 - 15:27
Another consideration is superannuation and accruing leave. I'm not sure about other states, but in WA (or under my contract anyway) if I...
18/12/2015 - 15:37
I'd avoid it if possible - personally I'd move a bit further out from the city and get a 3 bed place. I would do it with 10 year olds, but...
18/12/2015 - 15:27
Free shipping is not showing up for me at checkout..ETA - it comes up on the Payment screen, not the Delivery screen. So it works.
14/12/2015 - 15:09
Still the cheapest sandwich + drink I can get near my workplace at $7 (it is Perth after all), so still a deal for me.
08/12/2015 - 16:06
[@thecrevis](/comment/3273187/redir): It's for "Selected" routes so Bali obviously doesn't apply :(
08/12/2015 - 15:20
Also doesn't work for Perth-Bali in Feb.
07/12/2015 - 21:39
Doesn't work for Perth-Bali in Feb.
07/12/2015 - 21:39
Same deal on at ePharmacy which is owned by the same company.
07/12/2015 - 17:31
Agree - their prices have always been too high, no wonder they are closing down. Sale prices aren't that great because their original...
02/12/2015 - 20:47
I hate how they say "Take a further 50% off" but then they have already taken off the discount :( Always gives me false hope...
30/11/2015 - 17:35
LOL I agree. I'm not an engineer myself (nor do I work in IT) but I roll my eyes when someone calls themselves an engineer and it turns out...
26/11/2015 - 13:13
[@BYOjet Travel](/comment/3233003/redir): Yes, it may still be worthwhile (if you don't have a debit mastercard, in which case you save...
26/11/2015 - 13:07
Is that a BYOjet admin fee? If so, this is a misleading OP. Really only a $7 discount... Ignore my comment if those admin fees are charged...
26/11/2015 - 11:45
Check their facebook and also ozbargain and similar sites for coupon codes, there is at least one a month. I like their frozen meals. I'm...
19/11/2015 - 21:27
My tenant flooded damaged the bathroom counter which warped. It wouldn't have happened if he had used the extractor fan or opened a window...
19/11/2015 - 21:20