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Canon Boxing Day Sale on NOW & 10% off Selected Cameras


Canon 48hr frenzy sale for boxing day is on now.
You get further 10% off the cart by entering code canon10bc. good deals across the store. plus instant cash back applied on selected products no need to claim. free shipping australia wide. i just bought some last minute gifts and stocked up on inks.

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Canon Australia
Canon Australia

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    Most of their online price including 10% off are still way too expensive such as the 600D…
    ( just browsed through the entry level DSLR)

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    Prices are garbage, don't even waste your time.


    Been tossing up getting the Canon Legria HF R406 for my upcoming wedding as a point and shoot so we can send a video to my parnets family in the motherland.

    Brings it down to 270ish same as I could get it from here


    doesn't overly thrill me.

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    Agree that Canon Oz is way too dear.

    Canon EF 40mm F2.8 STM Lens from canon.au $197.10 vs Kogan $159.00 ..why wouldn't you go grey with such an outrageous markup.

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      why wouldn't you go grey? 2 years warranty i guess :P

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      Same lens is $164 at digi direct? for $5 you get australian stock and 2yr warranty. If you look around a bit at some of the local retailers you can usually find a better deal than Kogan these days

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    Also be aware they don't have local support unless you live in Sydney or Melbourne. Basically big F you to everyone else in Australia. I had a problem with my 7D and they said i had to ship it back to them at my expense. If thats their support why not buy grey.


    are you sure? my item is covered by 2yr warranty and support has been amazing.

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    Still too expensive. No deal.

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