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Virgin Australia Business Class Only $4913 Melbourne - LA Return

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Update: Deal has been extended for travel up to 31 Oct 2014. Bookings can be made until 27 Feb 2014 or until sold out.

I understand that this is not your typical Ozbargain airfare deal but figured it would be useful for at least a couple of hundred people based on this poll.

Available dates will vary depending on the number of seats sold. This price is for flights departing between Monday - Thursday up to 30 Jun 2014.

Example dates I used were 30th Jan MEL-LAX + 11th Feb LAX-MEL. Flights out of Brisbane should have similar pricing and out of Sydney about $600 more.

Please note: I am not an official rep for Virgin Australia, I just happen to work there. For any questions, changes/cancellation of bookings, seat requests, etc. please contact Virgin via the website or on 136789.

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  • +10

    How much is it normally ?

    • +4

      Typical sale fares on that route are usually between $6-7k return on Virgin.

      • +30

        wow… i'd rather go economy and spend the $5K saved at the destination…

        • +4

          Only saving about $3.5k flying economy now. ;)

        • +19

          That'll still buy you about 1,500 Big Macs once you arrive in LA…

        • +14

          Same. Think of the plane as accommodation. Would you spend thousands of dollars on a confined 'bed', and average food? Just imaging the accommodation you could get at the destination, you could get a couple of weeks in a 5 star hotel, instead of 13 hours in a reclining chair, vs a constricted chair.

        • +41

          Obviously never been to LA, it's all about In-N-Out Burger bro.

        • +2

          I wish we had one here! The burgers are much better than Maccas and HJ!

        • No comparison! Cheaper too, ozbargainers dream!

        • +3

          If you fly economy you usually have to spend another night at your destination to catch up on the sleep you lost during the flight. So factor in another $200 or so for an extra night at a hotel. Plus, you earn far less points on economy flights.

        • +3

          Double Double!

        • +4

          1500 Big Macs… yum! Just remember to buy 2 seats for the return leg of the flight.

        • +2

          Wow can save $3500 if fly economy? That can buy you three Herman Miller Aeron chairs for the next 12 years each :D

        • +16

          Do 18 trips in economy and you will save enough to buy a Nissan 370Z.

        • +2

          There was one… for one day apparently… http://www.pedestrian.tv/travel/home/in-n-out-burger-pops-up…

        • +3

          If you're in Melbourne, give Mr Burger a try. They are the closest i've found to In-N-Out

        • Perfect. Exactly the reason why I fly to LA

        • I'm more for "Five Guys"!

        • +7

          $200 for an extra night or just spend $15 on some quality sleeping pills, and when you arrive you wouldn't know which class of seat you were in.
          Works for me every time!

        • Sleeping pills don't work for everyone, and their effects (and side-effects) vary. They don't come anywhere close to replicating quality sleep. Sleeping upright in a seated position is very unnatural, and it can restrict the blood flow to the legs and other parts of the body - definitely not advisable to be in that position for 8 hours straight without moving. I would recommend getting the advice of a doctor or two before using one in economy: "Sleeping tablets are not recommended on aircraft, since they tend to immobilise you and increase your risk of thrombosis" several sources state this.

        • i m looking for some good sleeping pills for my next trip. anything you recommend?

        • The 370Z is almost half the price in USA, about 29,990 USD.

        • lol after this, the savings would be about $1.5k? assuming 1 seat = $2k


          Oh wait… $2k is return =\

    • +12

      Lol do ppl see jv posting and instantly neg… i reckon his question was a legitimate one… in this situation anyway…

    • lol, you seem to get negged every time you ask that question on a deal but it's not always an unreasonable question. :)

      • +14

        well, if we're going to vote fairly on if we think it's a bargain or not, it's useful to know how much is the saving…

  • +1

    aww man, I saw 491 and melb to la and got excited…

  • +7

    "Virgin Australia Business Class Only $4913 Melbourne - LA Return". I think you can remove the "only" for most of us ^_^ "Virgin Australia Business Class $4913 Melbourne - LA Return"

    • +5

      Agreed, to rich for my blood =) Just can't justify an extra 3.5k on bigger seats and a few more added extras.

  • +3

    this is a good deal for business class to LA.

  • +1

    Good deal for my E3 trip. Thanks OP.

  • +17

    I like to fly business for work because I'm not paying but I'm an economy flyer normally. My Father In-Law actually put it back into perspective when he was discussing why he went economy on a recent trip to europe, because I know he can easily afford business. He said "If someone told me they would pay me $5000 to sit on a fence post for a day I would have a go at it. So why would I pay $5000 for a comfortable chair for a day?"

    That being said… this is an OK deal for those flying that route, have no velocity points and/or care about the status credits.

  • +11

    Interesting.. all of the $200k - $500k that I know never buy business class if they have to pay for it but they try to get Op-ups (from the frequent flyer status when employer paid for) or use the awards points from credit cards to get upgrades.

    Although 4k difference may not sound that much. Based on family of 4 people, it's 16k more and if you are on $180k+ tax bracket, you have to have earned ~$30k before tax to pocket yourself $16k. So even if you are on $300k p.a., spending 10% of you annual income on airfare is not cool.

    But if you have your own business, it's a completely different story where everything magically becomes business related.

  • +2

    I might as well mention that $297.43 Adelaide-Bali deal… ends today.

    • Nope, sale extended, now ends 6 Jan…

  • +3

    Was I the only one who saw 491 Mel to La and got way too excited?

  • +1

    Edit - cleared my cookies and it showed up

    Flights out of Brisbane are about the same, even including the trip to Melbourne…
    Flights out of Sydney are about $600 more…

    • Flights out of Sydney should be available for only about $80 more. I think the $600 difference might have been caused by selecting a Fri, Sat or Sun flight or just a higher booking class on that day.

      • I selected the same dates and various others and always got about $600 more - do you have an example of dates that are about the same?

        • +1

          No, you're right. Sydney is more expensive for some reason.

        • +1

          I guess there are more "business people" in Sydney :p

          Even the Brisbane flights that are cheap seem to be the flights via Melbourne…

  • +4

    So this is what you do in your spare time.

  • +3

    I think people are upvoting this just for fun. I can't justify paying an extra 3k (per person) just for a day flight, not mentioning the times you get upgraded to bussiness/1st class for free when seats are free (Got upgraded twice last year, and I don't even fly that much, always helps to ask for it).

    As said above,use that money in your destination instead of the 14 hours flight.

    • +3

      Well the bargain is spending less that it usually is… otherwise why would you even consider it….

      Most of the posts in this thread are just perspectively blind

      Someone who doesn't drink alcohol might as well go into the alcohol deals and say how stupid they are water being free…

    • +1

      upgraded to bussiness/1st class for free

      Upgraded to Business or First Class for free direct from Economy, on a long haul flight? Or were you in Premium Economy? Op-ups where you're upgraded more than one cabin class are exceedingly rare, and certainly can't be relied upon even if you're a high status frequent flyer.

    • +3

      Er, it's round-trip, so it's more like 30 hours than 14. Also, economy doesn't give you any power points for laptops. Sorry, but this price is absolutely amazing. Before Virgin Australia came along, you were looking at close to $10,000 for a business class ticket on Qantas (circa 2006).

      • +1

        Not to mention the business class product is much better now than it was in 2006 on all airlines flying between Australia and US. Fully flat beds, inflight bar, improved food and beverage, better lounges, etc.

        • +2

          better lounges

          The Air NZ Koru Club lounges VA uses in SYD and MEL are absolutely dire — Virgin (and Etihad?) should hurry up with international lounges of their own! ;)

        • +2

          We have been introducing some new lounges regularly the last couple of years. Singapore Airlines and Etihad are both opening new lounges in SYD International very soon. No news yet on whether these will be used by Virgin guests. There is also a new Air NZ lounge in LAX (which Virgin use) which looks great.


      • +1

        Sorry, but this price is absolutely amazing.

        Surely an absolutely amazing price deserves a +1? ;)

    • +3

      Would you mind sharing with us which airline you got the upgrade?
      As far as I know, they don't upgrade you because J/C seat is free. They upgrade you because they overbooked cattle/Y class and everyone decided to show up for a change.
      For everyone, I would say forget about asking especially if you are flying Singapore Air. They won't comp up you even if you are PPS member who done half million miles with them. There is no harm in asking, but really you are wasting your time. Spend your efforts on Hotel where you'll have much higher success rate.

      • +3

        $20 trick FTW in Vegas

        • $20? Rofl. You're looking at about 20 times that amount, plus the risk of getting caught by the vice squad.

        • +2

          It's worked 3/3 times for me at the Paris - http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowTopic-g45963-i10-k6630376-…

        • +1

          Not really… Loads of people get hotel upgrades in Vegas with a $20 bribe at check-in. While I don't doubt the success rate is higher if you offer $400, it's not really necessary…

        • I think EU has higher success rate even without tipping, yes even in France.
          $20 'sandwich' trick definitely works in Vegas but not 100% about bellagio.

  • This is a good deal if your company is paying for your trip.

  • +3

    True Ozbargainer don't fly business out of his/hers own pocket unless it is a free upgrade from economy class. period.

    • +5

      How a true OzBargainer travel:

      • +8

        You mean the guy walking?

        • +2

          Haha. The guy walking is like the person who post a deal on OzBargain, while the people on the train are the buyers of the deal. Look how happy they all are because they just scored an OzBargain deal.

        • +1

          Meanwhile the OP waits for somebody to comment 'it's cheaper at X' - and then they buys it from X. Thanks for playing :-P

  • +2

    I can't wait for ozbargain posts advertising 1st class flights for $11,099 (after $1,000 discount) or ….. maybe a brand new aston martin after $20k discount….

    Under current ozbargain rules, these (and the business class flights mentioned above) are bargains…… Ha ha…

    But seriously…. this is stupid.

    • +2

      Perhaps relevant to ASMALLWORLD members.

      • LOL, I'm a member of both OzBargain AND ASMALLWORLD. OzBargain is distinctly more useful. ;)

    • …And I was surprised when iPhone app deals started appearing on ozbargain considering how much an iPhone costs.

  • I would be keen on 2 premium economy return airfares from MEL to LA on 2nd sept - 19th sept, dates flexible

    My fiancé managed to find return airfares on flight center for $2200, went to load page 10 minutes later, back to $3700..

    Any deals, I'd love to hear them. I only want to travel premium economy or better, but not spend a stupid amount.

    • +1

      How about Fiji Airways business class on their new A330? http://www.ausbt.com.au/first-look-inside-air-pacific-s-new-…

      Not the best business class going around (seats aren't completely lie flat), but still significantly better than pretty much all premium economy products out there. (IMHO the only point of premium economy is being able to upgrade to business class with frequent flyer miles.) You may or may not find the idea of a stopover in Fiji attractive. :)

      It's <$4k in total in the date range you specified; the trick is to book it as two separate fares (the cost is $5.5k if you try to book it as one fare) and you'll also need to head to Sydney if you want the A330 all the way since they won't fly the A330 to Melbourne until December.

      SYD-NAN return for A$1,731
      NAN-LAX return for A$1,961
      = $3,692
      + your return MEL-SYD fare

      • There are also other options if you want a more circuitous route through Asia. :)

    • Hi Berger,

      You could use direct flights on Virgin for $3513 (2-18 Sep) or $3113 (7-23 Oct). The price is a bit lower in October as that is considered the low season.

      Qantas has similar seasons to VA but their prices are generally about $1k per person higher. Eg. $4413 or $4113 using the dates above.

      Another option you might like to consider is Air NZ. They fly via Auckland so it adds 4-5 hours each way to your journey but this is still much faster than going via Asia. Their fare is around $3211 per person. Just make sure when you book that you get the 777-300 aircraft or "spaceseat" for the AKL-LAX flight as this is their best version of premium economy.

      There is a review of the premium economy offering of all three airlines here.

  • Maybe consider waiting for companion sales from qf if they are still around by then

  • +1

    just did a dummy booking for mel-lax in march, travel.com.au is saying 4786 flying business who codeshare with virgin, all of the flight is via virgin aircraft, a saving of $127 (theres the entry ticket to disneyland)

    • why did you drop a neg over 2 hours later?

    • +2

      In the world of the wealthy.

      Seriously guys, if you're earning under $150K, then it's obviously not a deal for you.

      You don't see people negging a $2000 flat screen deal, just because they can't afford it, or can't justify purchasing it.

      If it's not in your price range it's not a bargain? GTFO. :P

      • If the price is 500-1000% more than an equivalent discounted 'economy' seat, then I consider it price gauging.

        Charging a very high price just because there are a few people who will pay it is not in the spirit of OzBargain.

        You may consider this ideological or whatever, but I don't consider this a bargain, since it can be done much much cheaper.

        • +1

          If it wasn't for the premium seats, there wouldn't be discounted economy seats :-P
          Somebody has to pay for all that fuel and metal.

        • +1

          its not so much expensive seats. think of the floor plan of an aeroplane as real estate.

          If 1 business class seat takes up the space of 3-4 economy seats, then the price seems reasonable.

        • That's right, we have 33 seats, 2 bathrooms and a 4-seat bar in business on the Boeing 777. This same space would probably fit at least 100 economy seats. There are people who desire a flat bed, vintage champagne, in-flight pyjamas, sit down bar, etc. when they fly and are willing to pay the corresponding amount for the space/service on the plane.

          Personally, $5k is a lot of money to me but to some people it's not excessive at all.

        • -1

          $5k is a lot, i would still pay it though.. but I'm not going to spend $8k on Qantas premium economy.

  • +1

    I've put in a few random dates throughout the first half of the year and come up with just under $5000. monday - thursday only, otherwise THEN it's about $2000 more total for the return trip.so it's a deal IF you would otherwise travel on a weekend.

  • I just love how there are people in the linked thread actually arguing that $200k income is not considered rich.

  • Have booked flights through Alpha Guru which incorporate both business & first class for later on this year. The savings were very good + their attention to detail were impeccable.The price was $13000 for the two of us but bear in mind this is a trip to Europe with stopovers covering around three weeks in total covering numerous countries.The carriers are Thai Airways ( first class - both ways) + Lufthansa(business for the shorter haul -each way). This trip is to board a cruise ship firstly in Barcelona & finishing in Venice & no the cruise is not included.I find the price of $4-5000 each ridiculous for business class on Virgin when it has been proved there are far better deals to be gained.

    • +1

      Thai Airways ( first class - both ways)

      Are you booked on Thai's A380 or 747-400?

      If you're on the 747-400, you run the risk of getting their older first class cabin, which is pretty lousy and doesn't compare favourably to the first class cabins on most other major carriers — Thai's newer cabin is pretty good, though. Last I checked, only five of their 747-400's have the newer cabin.

      New 747-400 first: http://www.flyerguide.net/trip-report-thai-airways-747-new-f…
      Old 747-400 first: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Thai_Airways_First_Cl…

    • Yes, I remember the forum post you made about it. Although using third-party Amex points to purchase tickets through a travel agent(?) is obviously quite different to purchasing a regular ticket directly with an airline so I'm sure you could understand why some people would be apprehensious about it. As I said in your forum post, I think you will be fine but there is always an element of risk when purchasing tickets using such unconventional methods.

      How much cheaper are AFG on these flights anyway?

  • +2

    I saw this deal advertised on tv to the general public. Took all the fun out of the sneaky ozbargain fluke find that I've come to love on this site. Especially with flights.

    • +1

      I'll bet it was here first… ;)

      • Yep it was!

  • +1

    O.K. All of you - I will give the itinerary which has been verified through AFG.
    Leave Perth on A330 - business to Bangkok with Thai Airlines
    2 days later fly to Frankfurt in first class on A380 with Thai Airlines
    Pick up an A321 business to Barcelona with Lufthansa
    After the cruise it will be
    Fly from Venice to Frankfurt on A321 business with Lufthansa
    2 days later fly to Bangkok on A380 with Thai Airlines
    Pick up an A330 back to Perth.
    This seems good to us but no doubt some of you out there will find fault.
    All we can say is the proof of the pudding is in the eating - if you haven't tried it don't knock it.
    Can't wait for all the comments to arrive :)

    • Sorry if my comment came across as knocking you — I was just hoping for your sake you won't booked on Thai's inferior 747 product. Thai's first class on the A380 is great (I flew it last year), so I'm sure you'll have a fantastic trip! Be sure to have a massage in the lounge in Bangkok. :)

      • No it wasn't you - there are others on the site who seem to like belittling any subject.
        We are well travelled people & are happy with this choice. Thank you for your response & Yes do know about the massages available with the first class lounge which will be taken advantage of. We also flew on an A380 last year on the way to the Caribbean to board a cruise ship. That time we flew economy but it was still good. Now we are trying a new way with AFG for not a lot more expenditure.
        Happy New Year to you electronictomato ( where the hell did you get that from?) & to all others on our site.

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