JungleJumble closing down - Auctioning all remaining stock in 1 lot

Sorry for posting this here, but thought you guys might be interested.

Our last deal on JJ - we're closing down. we're liquidating stock - over 5700 pcs Auction starts at .99c.

Can't post this under deals as we cant set a BIN for this
(ebay wont let us set the $12K figure these are easily worth (goes over our monthly limit).


19 cartons OVR-100 512MB Voice recorder / mp3 / FM Radio Total 2432 pcs
26 cartons OVR-101 1GB Voice recorder / mp3 / FM Radio Total 3328 pcs

Winning bidder must arrange pickup within 7 days of Auction end. These units have gone great on Ozb for a few years. So far OzB has resulted in sales of over 10,000 pcs.

Happy bidding.


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