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Good Value Custom Made Carbon Bikes All Types. Mine MTB HT with XT Groupset US$2000+US$190


If anyone has ever gone onto Treks Project one site to build your ultimate bike (superfly) you also see the price $$ it costs. I found a company that will help you build a dream Carbon Fibre bike for a good price. They can custom build your bike how you want with a custom paint job or just supply some of the parts. I’m not a rep for this company just an happy customer.

My new bike break down
Carbon Hardtail Frame
Custom paint job
Full Shimano XT Components
Spinner 300 Forks (tested and ok so far)
29er Carbon Wheels 25mmx32 spokes custom painted
Everything else carbon (handle bars, seats, etc)

Bike US$2000
Shipping US$190

Just before Christmas I purchased a Carbon Fibre Mountain bike from this company and I would like to share my experiences. I went too all the local bike shops and then was looking on-line and found this company “Icanbikes”.

After a little bit of searching I found that they have a few websites an Ebay store, there are a few forums on some bike web sites that have talked about them. Talking with a nice lady called Crystal and finding the below information on one of their sites, on how they supply their parts to other “well-known brands”. They supply all types of carbon bikes and parts for Road Racers, Time Trial, and Mountain bikes with both hardtail and full suspension frames including lots of types of Wheels, handle bars etc.

If you have a look at their mountain bike frames they are very similar to some US bike companies frames.

I decided to risk it can order a bike, I was able to customize almost everything. I went Shimano XT everything and went with their spinner forks. They accept all major payments options I went with paypal for the protection just in case.

Took them about 20 days to build the bike as mine was a custom and only took only 6 days to ship the WHOLE bike from China to Australia tracked with EMS\Auspost. I just had to attach the wheels and insert the handle bars and tighten with alen key.

I’ve only gone on a few small rides ATM but the bike looks and feels great and all parts are genuine. If anyone is looking at getting a Carbon bike or just carbon parts I suggest you have a look at ICAN and contact Crystal, she can give you better prices than on their ebay site.

Edit (cause some people wanted it)
Here is a similar Mountain bike from a local bike shop for the people that want this info. I know it's not all the same components, it just a reference.

Trek Superfly 9.8 SL 2014 $5000

Merida Big Nine Carbon 3000 $4500

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    Thanks, bought 3.


    How do the forks compare to brand name ones? ie Fox and Rock Shox?

    what sort of riding have you done on your MTB?


      The forks are ok, I think they are just as good as the base model Rock Shox I used to have Rockshox SID '09's on my old bike and they are better than my old forks. They look like they are trying to get bigger in the US They are a lot better then some cheap Kmart/BigW fork. Has a car valve to pump up the fork when needed, I think there are better more expensive forks out there but these for the moment are good enough for me.

      Gone around Lysterfield lake tracks in Vic a few times so far.


    I've been inside either their factory or a "sister" factory in the same complex. These places supply for top brands, pretty much to all of OECD.

    Is the build quality any good? Not exactly my field so I can't give you the expert's opinion but I would say it shits all over some of the places I've seen either in Liaoning or Shanghai - Nanjing industrial zone.

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    Waiting for JV to ask about the pedals………………….


    how was your bike customised?
    and how much did you have to pay getting the bike through customs?


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      I picked the size of the Bars, seat ect and frame type and size, then I picked the colours. Picked the type of wheels and then the components for the Gears and Breaks.

      No problem with AU Customs, wheels and frame sent in different boxes so split was under the $1000 for each box. Delivered and tracked by AusPost same as any delivery.


    what sort of rides have you been on - have you had the bike looked over by an LBS, is carbon good for a hardtail (read mixed reviews on this). what comparisons did you make locally before buying over the net?


      Just Lysterfield lake tracks in Vic and so far so good

      Yes I did get a Local shop to do the once over also because I was having issues tuning the gears correctly (a bit our of practise). I was looking at getting the Merida Big Nine TFS XT - Edition with a Alloy frame as the Carbon version is about $3300 and way out of my budge.

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    I wouldn't buy a no name carbon frame (or components for that matter) unless I knew for sure they were unbranded actual known brand stock.

    Carbon is all about the design of the layup of the fibres. That is the primary reason why carbon stuff can be both light and strong. Anyone can make light cf stuff. But making it strong where it needs to be is where the real IP is.


      Stumo do you ride a bike? and is it a carbon frame ? Cuz i have had my eyes on a few carbon frames from some Chinese sellers. Also do you need carbon wheels on a carbon frame?


        Nope I was going to for alloy wheels but the deal they gave me to upgrade to carbon ones was too good to pass up.


        I have alloy full suspension Marin which I bought as a frame only, and I acquired and added the other components myself. Lots of carbon, lots of Ti, xtr, very high spec. It weighs 11kg, which is bloody light for a 6" travel f&r bike, especially in 2003 when I finally finished it.

        Biggest lump of carbon is the fork. Its a pace fighter dual air 6" travel and its 1.5kg and stiff as. They were bought out by dt-swiss several years ago.

        You don't need carbon wheels. The wheelset choice is completely independent of the rest of the rest of the bike, except just the hubs need to be the right standard.

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    It's a common sight on cycling forums to have a "Australian" or an "American" with terrible Chinese-style English to write a glowing review of an obscure Chinese bike factory.

    chocky005 has commented on others threads, and I see no problem with his English, but please still exercise caution if you want to minimise the chance of a bad experience.

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      I completely agree, I only wanted to share my experience with this company. There is always going to be a risk with this sort of thing. I more feel a little sorry for the Local Bike shops as the guys were very impressed with the bike and I know they cannot complete with the price. Even if the frame is crap (which it is not) all the other parts gears and breaks a genuine.

      "I see no problem with his English" LOL! if only my high school English teacher could see that comment.


    how much does your bike weigh?

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    How much is the import duty since this is over $1000

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