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Two points- it's not much of a hassle (subjective) and secondly, I'd guess the vast majority are financially way ahead even if they lost a…
25/02/2024 - 14:38
Well I'm already using Real Debrid, so I guess I'll just pocket the ~$10pm and watch the same shows anyway. Netflix is kinda doing me a…
24/02/2024 - 18:05
The colour maybe, but I doubt the model is. No competition to require a new model and sits between the 920/ Touch Impress and 990. Even if…
13/01/2024 - 15:22
What's not to understand, everyone has different values- time, money, taste etc. This would have to be close to one of the best auto…
12/01/2024 - 13:07
Don't you think there would be reasonable use cases where an adult paying $69 rather than paying 3 times as much? Reddit advice- if you're…
02/01/2024 - 11:27
I just want the charging case... didn't realise they finally made one.
25/12/2023 - 09:43
Thanks, great deal.
17/12/2023 - 08:56
Your customer service and policies are exceptional, giving me the confidence to give your WPI a go.
23/11/2023 - 23:42
I agree that flavour should be flagged, it's nutritional content appears to be an outlier - the serving size is about 40g vs the rest being…
23/11/2023 - 06:59
Thanks- helpful pointers, only took two operators. I lead upfront with 'I was told to log in here to verify my account and the operator…
18/11/2023 - 15:07
I had to click the link, thought it might be some dark humour crypto ponzi business type game...but no.
18/11/2023 - 14:09
From what I can ascertain re gsync labelling: Gsync= has the NVIDIA chip Gsync compatible= tested and supports, no chip Freesync= unknown…
16/11/2023 - 21:06
Gsync compatible? It's not noted as such...I don't quite understand what is/isn't compatible.
16/11/2023 - 15:57
I do like that shotgun pump release style and want a fluffy roller- other than that, the V6 is good enough. Robot vac does most of the work.
14/11/2023 - 10:58
Want one so bad but just got a new battery for my V6 which is going strong...please sell out or something.
14/11/2023 - 07:12
Exactly, I've got a 1800x700mm (+300mm for keyboard tray= 1m viewing distance) desk and it's perfect. I even have a second monitor a bit…
10/11/2023 - 20:30
I was going to say- how often do I clean out the cutlery tray in my draw= zero, clean things go in there. how often do I clean my knife…
10/10/2023 - 21:42
So it's self sustaining the body really, put on the weight whilst the bones get stronger. It's really a zero sum super food health wise,…
17/09/2023 - 18:13
Would this be ok for a Z690 and 13600k build?
27/08/2023 - 12:30
Have you tried the Montec jacket yet or waiting to receive it? I like the features and as of now am happy with my AliExpress snow jacket,…
20/08/2023 - 21:13
I have both and don't use the apps- they are essentially equal when comparing models with similar features, so get the cheapest. I…
19/08/2023 - 23:32
With battery? I've been hunting for something that has a battery and will run off a power bank and struggling.
24/07/2023 - 08:35
'You might find some superficial damage to the box, but the chocolate is perfectly edible. I give them to all ladies I know aged fifty and…
12/07/2023 - 06:54