Harvey Norman harassing my dad

Will keep it short
Boxing Day sales
My dad went to buy tv from HN
He bought tv
Brought tv home
We like tv
Now today sales rep calls my dad saying you took wrong tv bring it back. Dad looks at recipet, receipt says XX tv, tv box says XX tv, tv is the XX tv.
Dad Says no I did not I have the receipt.
HNguy says it's our fault we gave you wrong tv. My dad says call me tomorrow.
So they will call tomorrow.
I think This is ridiculous.
What should my dad say to them ?

Edit: thanks for replying

Update 1: they haven't called back today, yet.
Update 2: so they didn't call today, if anything changes I will update here

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Harvey Norman

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    Can you post a pic of the receipt so we can all go price match and get cheap TVs.

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    DO NOT talk to HN over the fone. politely ask them to send you a letter with any relevant info/demands to your address which i assume they also have? that way you have evidence.

    i would assume they are simply trying to use bluff tactics to sucker you into giving them more money while knowing they have no leg to stand on so i would bet that they know writing a letter will get them nowhere.

    if by some strange chance they do happen to write to you take that along with your receipt and maybe a pic of the ID panel of the tv showing the serial/model numbers to legal aid if your eligible and/or ACCC to get some facts on where you stand.

    also dont forget to mention you are a professional OzB'er and ripping off gerry is how you make your living…. and also post your receipt so i can go get myself a $1800 tv for $1k :)

    good luck, but i think you will be fine

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    hmmmm….. there is a possibility that the TV sold was actually a return/repaired/demo model and they are calling to replace with new….

    glass half full…..

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      Hahahahahaha you must never have worked in sales.

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      Nice try Harvey Norman salesguy…

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    Had this problem with Norman Ross in Maitland years ago. Bought a dishwasher & they delivered the next model up. They rang wife & I & told us of their error. We said come & pick it up but we've already used it. Never heard from them again. Tell Hardly Normal to sod off. Their mistake, their bad luck.

    • In our case it's not even the next model up or anything different to what they sold dad.

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    You need to reverse the sales tactics.

    HN: We stuffed up. Please return the TV and we will pay you back the $1000.
    YOU: $1000…let me check with my manager.
    HN: Huh?
    YOU: Sorry, the TV is advertised at $1800. The best price I can do is $1700 with $65 delivery if you are in my local area. We do have a price match policy though so if you can find the same product advertised by any of our competitors, we may be able to beat it by $1, however it must be the exact same model and in stock.
    HN: DAFUQ.
    YOU: Sorry, the $1700 offer is a sale price and ends this weekend.
    HN: <silence>
    HN: Can you do $1500?


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      I cant stop laughing

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      I logged in to vote this up.

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      Hahaha, +1. So many talented people on OzBargainScriptwriter. :)

      • professionals remember

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    All legal advice on this forum post should be taken with this image in mind…

  • I've heard of this happening before. I don't think there would be such coincidences as its almost the exact same scenario. Perhaps there is more to this with Harvey Norman.

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      Maybe HN is actually a giant cover for a Drug importation racquet, maybe the TV is filled with bags of fine Peruvian Cocaine…I wonder what the reward is for returning it? Now there's a storyline for the script writers…

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        maybe the TV is filled with bags of fine Peruvian Cocaine

        in that case… OP wana sell your new tv for twice its RRP? ;)

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    OP, please inform your dad that he's now a hero to the OzB community & pass on this message: "Well played, Sir!" :)

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    Ask them to skype the call, use the new TV, have beer ready and smile.

    I dont skype, so if Im doing it wrong, blow me. Bloody kids, get off my lawn.

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    What I think happened is the sales rep looked up the wrong model in their computer system, thinks he can discount it to $1000, and gave your dad that price. When he invoiced the TV, it was the right model your dad requested.

    What the sales rep is panicking about is the fact that when the manager audited all the sales, the sales rep realised he stuffed up and is claiming he gave you the wrong TV, when in fact, your dad did get the right TV for the wrong price.

    If he did manage to get the TV back, he can always send it back to the manufacturer for a credit claim, so HN does not lose out. Knowing TV margins, there was no way he could have discounted by that much if everything was done correctly, so your dad is onto a winner!

    • I reckon sales guy has typed in the model up on the invoice and they have delivered him the model up compared to what they looked at in the shop.

      Keep the TV and enjoy. Nothing they can do :)

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    I would hardly call one phone call as "harassing"

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      What you need to know about the law, is that behaviour which you or I might merely find laughable could quite easily be construed as distressing or harassing by another person if it is seen by them as unreasonable…these things are interpreted on a case by case basis, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to these matters.

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    Poop in tv box
    Return tv box

  • Hey op, did you recieve the right tv as per docket?.

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      Yes. Please read OP.

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      do you happen to work for HN and sold a tv for $800 under its actual price?

      • Yeah cos only the worker would make such a comment

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      Speaking for myself, even if I had some sympathy for the salescritter, the fact that it tried to get the TV back by claiming it was the wrong model dispels all my goodwill. Maybe if it had come clean and said, I'm in deep shit with my boss, please please please help, I might be more sympathetic.

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        Yes that's the approach I would've taken if I was the worker.

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          Yes that's the approach I would've taken if I was the worker

          And I still wouldnt have returned it.

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          I would have if he'd been upfront.

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        whenever I feel sad for a HN salesperson, just think of all the pensioners who were sold $100 hdmi cables from HN, especially after analogue tv was switched off.

        No sympathy from me either.

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    1- Put the foam back in the box with a Brick.
    2- Tape it up.
    3- Return it and say you want a refund (Your 1000$ Back)
    4- Post receipt so EVERYONE can price match it.

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    Please post receipt when this is over

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      Don't wait until it's over, post it now.

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    Please see my earlier post :) it is correct. I have a friend who now sits on the panel of the ACCC :)

    I checked my info :)



  • Which HN store was this at?

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    Return it without the receipt, for $1800. Then spend your $1800 on another TV else where ;)

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    Your dad scored !! Well done.
    Nothing illegal or wrong on his part, the salesman was slack and screwed up, nothing new.
    The TV is yours.

  • Did Harvey Norman end up calling your Dad yesterday? Any updates?

    • I did update in OP bud

  • Anyone else thinking this post was actually started by the salesman (sorry I am a salescritter too so I can't bring myself to call him that) knowing that he has let the wrong model walk (before anyone else at HN has actually noticed) as a "reality check" as to what would happen in "the real world" if the above recovery ploy was attempted?

    • Critter is gender neutral. ;)

      And in this case, according to the OP, the correct model was sold, but at a bargain price.

  • I think if HN do call and haras your dad then every member of OB should call the store with a polite complaint on how they treat their customers, I know I will.

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    Tell whoever calls that you had confidence in your sales rep.

    It was misplaced.

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    Ask the salescritter how many $100 monster hdmi cables he has to sell to little old ladies to hit his monthly target again.

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    Oh my gosh…. they still haven't called back! The suspense is palpable…. Could they be consulting their lawyers or the ACCC? Perhaps they are monitoring this thread awaiting a slipup by the OP???? Maybe they are planning a ram raid on the OP's home???!

    OP… could you post hourly updates on whether or not they have called back? This is so exciting!

  • The sale is complete.

    HN should have insurance for this kind of thing.

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      Insurance for their franchisee's employee's stupidity in making deals?

      Wow, that's one sort of insurance which would be expensive.

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    Its interesting HN is doing these kind of mistake. HN never reduce the price and always says below cost etc etc, where you can get much better deal elsewhere such as JB or TGG.

    Once sale is finished HN staff or anyone from HN could not call repeat again and again. They may call once and pointed out their mistake thats it. Returning back to the TV or keep it up to the customer. But HN can't threat or force the customer to return or pay the difference.

    I have similar experience from Myer nearly 2years back. I went to purchase a Sealy Posturepedic mattress from Myer and got a deal from the sealy rep for $995(45%off) with free delivery, free pillows and mattress protector and i paid and set delivery date and walked away.

    After an hour i reach home, the rep called me(he already tried to reach me twice in my mobile and left message)mention he made a big mistake, he put the wrong product code in my involve for the full Ensumble(mattress + Base), which is already below cost of Myer around extra $500-700 more than the price i paid. He said if he hasn't corrected the sales, his job is in trouble, he got young family bla bla and he was pleading a lot and ask my authorisation to reverse the sale to do proper product code for mattress only.

    Then only i had a look at the receipt, the receipt shows the description and product code ofSealy posturepedic Ensuble, instead of mattress only(which i wanted)and price charged is $995. I was kind enough, i don't want him in trouble lost his job and struggle with finding another job with his young family and said him ok, He said thank you thank you atleast 5times.

    Then he reprocessed the invoive with for the mattress and the price(which i was after)and got the mattress delivered as of the requested date.

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      You're a nice guy. A cynical person might have chosen to convince themself that the salesman was lying about the risk of losing his job and having a young family etc, and thus felt ok about pocketing their winnings. He asked nicely and you chose to help him out. Good on you.

      • -1

        A skeptical person would think these factors would weigh on his manager's mind too.

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      ozboy "HN never reduce the price and always says below cost etc etc, where you can get much better deal elsewhere such as JB or TGG."

      Really? My experience is that HN can usually shift on the price dramatically (and do). It may just be my local though (Tuggeranong, ACT). I've had "ok" experiences with JB and totally crap experiences with The Good Guys (otherwise known as "sorry we don't price match sale prices").

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    Hi there,

    I work for a Consumer Protection Government Agency (Would like to stay anonymous though).

    The sale has concluded as both parties got what they bargained for. Your father wanted TV (Model X) and the sales agent offered TV (Model X) for Y price. Your father accepted and provided consideration (Payment) for the TV and took possession.

    The matter is now closed.

    Exceptions to the rule would be that your father wanted TV (Model Y) and received Model X. This was not was bargained for and could return it.

    Please tell your father to not worry anymore and to cease his interactions with Harvey Norman.

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    I had a similar-ish thing happen to me before with a dishwasher. My wife bought a plain one, gave my contact details for delivery, they delivered a stainless steel one. I assumed she had decided to buy the stainless steel one instead, and arranged a plumber to connect it. Next day I got a call saying the delivery guy picked the wrong one, and can we please swap it with the cheaper plain one, I said sorry it's already connected and is doing a load of dishes now, they said well will you pay the difference, I said no, I don't care about steel or not steel, they paused… and then said will you tell your friends what a great store we are at least, I said sure, and that was the end of the call.

    OP, the TV is clearly your Dad's, if they call again tell them it's used, smudged, chipped, the baby has shoved play-dough through all the vent holes, and thank them for their call, and if they become pushy politely tell them to not call again. The end.

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    Whilst I agree that HN stuffed up and your dad has all rights to the TV, one thing that isnt clear is what TV your dad agreed to get while speaking to the salesperson.

    A potential situation is:
    Your dad agrees to buy the 40" Model XXYY ABC brand tv for $1000 with the sales person at the display area.
    They then proceed to the sales counter and the salesperson accidently brings up the 50" model and types in the final sale price of $1000.
    The transaction gets made and your dad obtains the reciept for warehouse pickup, collects the TV and takes it home.
    Later that night while doing the books they realise they sold an item below cost and investigate, the sales guy gets pulled up on it and then they realises his clerical mistake caused the issue.

    So the real question is, is the TV the same model as the one your dad originally agreed to buy? whilst on the sales floor

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      I wasn't present at the time. All I know is what I have already mentioned in op and comments.
      However, I will say it again, the sales person on the phone admitted themselves it was their fault. Whatever that may be (obviously the good price).

      Edit: my dad is not tech savy, but he knows differences in tv sizes. He got the X" inch that he asked for. So the 40"/50" theory doesn't work.

      • its been asked a few times, the model he got

        why dodge the question???

        • well u noted they were harassing ur dad, about getting the price wrong, so we want to assist you to see whether you really got a 1800 tv to 1k or maybe a 1200 tv for 1k, and whether you have to be worried or not

          since they havent called i guess you dont have to worry about getting harassed

          we are just here to help but with limited info on what your dad really got, all info given by people wont help

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    so what model tv did your dad buy?
    it might explain whether they really priced the tv too low, or whether they just price it a bit low and missing out on commissions

  • OP has already got the advice he needed and has requested the thread to be closed.

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