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Heel Cream 100ml $3.99, Bamboo Toilet Seat $19.99, 50 Bottle Wine Fridge $399 @ ALDI - Wed 29th


definitely the best value heel balm - toilet seat for matching floor boards :)

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  • just a quick note to those that are interested in the toilet seat.. we bought it last year and the screws where you attach it to the toilet are rubbish. for the last year hubby and I have been sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night and the seat half slides off the toilet.. when you are half asleep you scream as it feels like you are falling into the toilet!! I wouldn't recommend it!

    • Very similar experience here. hehe…

      The fittings are very pooor quality.

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      You have to take turns not go tandem.

    • Is that why you call yourself miss "speckles" :P

      Sounds like fun actually, a roller coaster of a toilet seat! A real challenge would be to try and squat on that thing and hold the position for as long as you can lol

  • Btw, I love how Aldi has the most randomest things, makes you wonder…who in their ordering dept thinks up all this stuff??