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Hungry Jacks Vouchers - Valid Thru 15 April 2014


New Hungry Jack's vouchers. These were picked up in-store, and are slightly different to the ones on the HJ's website which expire in March. These also include $2 breakfast muffins on page 2.

Please excuse the eyelash which I didn't notice on my scanner.

Expire 15 April 2014.

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    No problems, you'll be forgiven once you re-upload without the lash.

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    I don't have any HJs around me, but have a +1 for the high quality scan.

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    Time to shorten my life

    • +1

      The burgers are better at…. ahem… well, they were better at Hungry Jacks

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    Download voucher's PDF copy from here

    • that's better…

    • +2

      Those ones end in March the ones above end in April so print both ppl

    • Thanks for that Nikunj, I was a bit hesitant to use a copy of a printed one.

      Can someone who does do so let us know if they have any problems with them being accepted please?

      • +1

        It is downloadable from Hungry Jacks website. so it is legit.

        • Different expiry date on that one though

  • Printed and using today thanks!

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    This should have far more likes than the mcflurry crap…

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  • Wish they would bring back the breakfast vouchers

    the 2 wraps for $6.95 was the best deal ever…

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    I've tried the $2 sausage omelete they are absolutely disgusting and looking nothing like the ad.

    Yet to try the other ones.

    • Yeah omelettes aren't very good but I prefer their wraps over maccas's.

    • +1

      aren't the breakfast muffins usually $2 anyway. also the normal egg one is quite nice.

    • +8

      Good thing about HJ is that they have full menu all 24/7, nothing like a heart attack burger freshly cooked at 7am.

      • mmm, after a night shift I can fully agree with this!

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    Can anyone give their opinion of the 'best deal' within these vouchers?

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      On special occasions, the muncans like to splash out on the $9.95 meal deal for two, instead of sharing a small cup with refills.

    • I would say try the shake to win app first, which usually ~$1 cheaper for the same offer. If you don't like it then use a voucher.

  • My OCD senses…

    …are tingling

  • +2

    Original PDF here:

    Better than scanned copy ;)

  • Thanks OP.

  • If you guys are looking for value, the 30 cm Killa Burger is pretty good value.

    Too much for meat me though. x_X

    So it looks like HJ is probably the best choice for most people looking for a cheap burger.

  • your eyelash needs its own OzBargain account

  • It looks exactly the same as the one on the HJs website, just rearranged.

  • Worked at Annandale HJs, thanks!

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    Make sure you go to the Parramatta Road HJ near Croydon/Ashfield, then you can get the cheap mcflurry for dessert at the Maccas next door! #AustraliaDayDinner

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    Can anyone confirm if these vouchers work at the Sydney International Airport and Central Station N.S.W stores.

    • I would also like to know, for the Central Station HJs.

      For some reason they refuse to advertise any of their cheap stuff, like the Penny Pinchers menu and they don't show a full menu list on the side like most stores do.

      You basically have to guess or ask for this stuff.

  • Do they accept if I show the coupons on the smartphone or do they need a print out.

    • some are picky and want you to have printed out coupons and relinquish on claim, some might be more lenient? I guess YMMV depending on manager and store.

    • more than half the time not.
      better to just print it out.
      in black and white is totally fine.

    • The ones they send you through e-mail state the following:

      "The deals are back at Hungry Jack's® with 18 great vouchers you can print and use as many times as you like until 11 March, 2014. Don't forget to forward this onto your friends."

      So, I wouldn't imagine the cashier would notice the difference between these and the ones scanned.

  • Thanks OP.
    I love the occasional Hungry Jacks.
    This will give me plenty of time.

  • +1

    Hadn't had HJ for a few months, see this deal. Next day, sudden craving.

    • +7

      Quotes like this are reasons why I prefer to type out "Hungry Jacks" instead of "HJ".

      If you know what I mean…

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    Did you know that cutting the Mayo from a Hungry Jacks Whopper means it has less fat than a Whopper Jr?

    There you go.

    • +1

      If only they used George Foreman grills to cook the whoppers.

  • Someone fix the link.. it just redirects back to this deal..
    You can't access HJ site vouchers through mobile

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