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Bissell Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine $810 after 40% Discount & Free Shipping!


I have been wanting this machine for a long time, finally the Bissell outlet store has 30% off sale at checkout. Plus if you sign up for the newsletter they send you another 10% off coupon which can be applied at checkout.

Final checkout price for Bissell Big Green = $810

that's a $540 discount!!!!

Professional level carpet cleaning any time you need it.
Click on the link to see why the Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine is Arguably the world's best! - cleans better, dries faster than the leading rental carpet cleaning machine!*

*cleaning results compared to the leading carpet cleaning machines based upon measurements of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers.
Cleans in both forward and backward passes to reduce cleaning time
Flow Indicator Monitors Water and Solution Levels
Removable clean and dirty water tanks
Includes stain tool for hard-to-reach areas
Powerful DirtLifter® Powerbrushes
Sprays, scrubs and suction cleans carpet
2.7m upholstery hose included

Machines come with twin pack of Oxy Formula 2X Concentrate and a twin pack of Oxy Deep Pre Spot & Stain Remover

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    Wow another case of us getting ripped off… About $450 on Amazon US. Pity they don't ship international

    • Yes I agree. Carpet cleaners are very overpriced here. I bought this a VAX 124A for £205.07 off Amazon UK 2 years ago. They don't sell this particular model here but would be upwards of $800 if they did. Previously I had a Hoover worth $1000. The VAX craps all over it. It is also way better than the commercial ones you can hire in Supermarkets

      I would buy another without hesitation if it broke. I have gotten my money out of it many times over. While we lose the warranty, given the savings I could buy 2 and still be well in front compared to buying locally. Besides in the UK they offer a 6 year warranty so they must have confidence with the machine.

      Unfortunately they no longer ship this model to Australia but they do now sell the VAX 125. Works out at about $450. This is where my money would be going.

      Personally I believe the VAX is far more practical for home use. The Bissell looks HUGE.

  • yeah I know hey!, I was almost going to order one from amazon a few months back but having to get a stepdown transformer plus huge delivery cost I didn't do it.

    • Check out Amazon UK or even possibly the Euro Amazons. No transformer required.

  • Does this one have upholstery attachments?

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    Yes I think so, at checkout it adds this for free

    Hose Assembly and Stain Tool
    Code: 30G3F
    1 Free - Free
    Twin Pack Oxy Deep Pre Spot & Stain Remover
    Code: 31U5E
    1 Free - Free
    Twin Pack Oxy Formula 2X Concentrate (946mL)
    Code: 84E7E
    1 Free - Free

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    Sign code for an extra 10% discount was BIS13NL - might be universal.

    ** Note - my credit card was billed for the 30% off price ($945) despite the order total showing $810.

    • oh that sucks man, I checked my CC and was only charged $810. Haven't received my Bissell yet :(

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