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Avast Pro AV $19.99 (Was $49.99) - Avast Internet Security $49.99 (Was $99.99)


Avast Anti Virus and Avast Internet Security - Upgrade your protection today and save up to 60%
Note sure if PC\Laptop needs to be installed with Avast AV Already but its a very good deal.

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  • the internet security offer is better value @ $49.95 for 3 PCs, instead of $19.95 for 1.

  • Do you know if this is a subscription (need to buy again in a year or so) or, once you buy, are you permanently covered?

    • when you go through checkout its 1 year.

      for the internet security, they will offer 2 years for $94.99 when you click on the 'upgrade' button.

      • Ok, thanks. No sale, I'm afraid.

        • you'll be hard pressed to find a AV/FW product that isn't subscription based nowadays.

          on the bright side, most of them offers free versions.
          avast and bitdefender has free versions, and I use comodo firewall for blocking unnecessary network chatter.. (like steam going to non-free/metered servers)

    • If you want one that is a pay once for a lifetime license (however they define that)
      3 user lifetime Outpost Security Suite Pro US$59.95 (not the greatest antivirus though) 1 day 9 hours left to get it:


      Avast is quite good (the best free one) and has some good extras - Safezone is good for internet banking, the software updater (keeps an eye on Flash, and some other potentialy virus carrying things) is a great idea. (I'm a computer tech so have a pretty good idea of what is good).

      You can often find Kaspersky cheap which is a consistant high performer.

  • Bitdefender deal was better and so is Kaspersky.

  • I use Avast Internet Security and have installed AIS on four friends PC's.
    Overall very happy. Avast help desk answer questions fairly quickly too.
    IMO do a clean instal with the new version ( don't upgrade ) spend a little time going thru the menu options setting it up ie for auto virus scans and what to do when a bug is found etc etc

  • Doesn't say how many years or PCs it is for.

    If it's 1 yr, not a good deal.

    I used to get them $60 or so for 2 years 3 PCs on US site.

    But it's even cheaper on ebay.