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Health Scene Electric Heat Pack - Hot Water Bottle Assist 2 for $27 FREE DELIVERY


2 for $27 including FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE


Electric heat pack
Plug in and heats up very hot in 5 minutes.
The heat lasts for hours.
Prefilled so you dont have to fill each time.
Switches off once hot
Come with fully certified electric plug to Australian standards
Assorted colours
Great for After Excerise
Soft and Comfortable
Keep warm while sleeping
Up to Three Hours of Warmth
Box Includes: 1 x Hot Water Bottle and 1 x Power Charger

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  • Just in time for the Australian Summer, OP LOL

  • +2

    Sorry, no deal. I got duped buying these for a similar price through Our Deal then a month later saw them on special for $6.99 each (save $3) at Sam's warehouse. This was back in August last year. I meant to raise it with Our Deal but never got around to it..
    Catalogue page http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/107172/20982/samscatalo...
    Showing date http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/107172/20983/samsdate.j...

    • Thanks for the heads up…

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      Can you still buy it at that price today as its over a year ago? Because if thats the case, we will remove the deal.

      • +1

        Not entirely sure, but it was on special which may indicate it is a stocked line. But equally, not a lot of lines in Sams are permanently available.

  • You need to buy more but $ per unit is cheaper.
    $68.95 for 10 at Greysonline:

    So it can be cheaper. So how about it rep. What can YOU do for us?

    • +1

      We can do 10 for $67.5 if you are wanting to buy 10 pieces :)

      • Does that include delivery? Otherwise how much is delivery to 3000?

        • Yes it includes delivery. Nothing extra to pay :)

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