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40% off: Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (All Sizes) from $276 Delivered @ Samsung EPP


Samsung Watch sale on EEP store, not sure if its also available on Samsung Education store, would be great if someone can check and confirm.

Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm BTH + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $276
Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm 4G + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $336
Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm BTH + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $306
Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm 4G + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $366
Watch6 Classic Bespoke - 43mm BTH + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $348
Watch6 Classic Bespoke - 43mm 4G + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $408
Watch6 Classic Bespoke - 47mm BTH + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $378

Unfortunately 47mm 4G version is not listed in this sale, which would have been awesome deal.

Some of the EPP links I am aware of:


You can try other Epp stores by replacing the Organization name in above links

Australia Post
Sydney Opera House

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  • +1

    My tic watch lte got updated to wear os 3 and it stopped working. Wish 47mm with lte was a option

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that! My TicWatch Pro3 (not LTE) has also been upgraded twice and I'm loving it now, 3 days battery life, always on LCD screen and felt smoother after the upgrade. The Samsung price is great, but I can't really justify buying this deal now.

      • I need lte, so that's a deal breaker to upgrade to ticwatch pro 5

  • +1

    Yep same on Education store.

    • -2

      Shows normal price on EDU store :(

    • AHHHHHHHHH For real i just bought one :| a few days ago **** so sad :( i should have waited :(
      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/840168 :(((((((((((((( so sad i should have wait it for education :|
      i got the 44mm GPS + LTE (4G) $396.5
      On education is $366.00
      30 buck diff :(

    • +8

      Says the bloke who wears $33 business shirts lmao

      • -7

        Price and value are two very different things big boy.

        I have two Rolii.

    • Have touchscreen?

  • +1

    omg. this is so bull!
    I could have waited and bought the watch at $276 instead of $299 on Monday.
    damn it!

    • buy the cheaper one, then return the unopened item to the more expensive place you bought it <3

    • Mee too got one from Samsung Secret sale.. not sure if we can return it..

      • +2

        Samsung only accepts returns if the box is unopened.

      • Buy this one. Then return this unopened one to get your money back….

    • +2

      It's actually allows you to choose any band for free, so it's quite a lot better the the secret sale

  • Can choose other types of bands that are free, not just fabric band.

  • Watch7 is around the corner

  • +1

    Watches seem to only be the standard 20% on government epp portal

    • You have to add to your cart first and select the bundle deal :D

  • +1

    You can choose ANY watch band for the same price, which is good.
    Happened to find a $50 voucher in my email inbox, probably Samsung just randomly sends those.
    Also, get a chance to dump my $40 worth of Samsung rewards points.
    Overall, got a 43mm classic for a fantastic price, thanks op!

    • -1

      Does anyone have a spare $50 voucher that they are not planning on using?

    • What's the title of the email from Samsung for the voucher? I have hundreds of emails from Samsung, using "voucher" as keyword does not help.

  • -1

    Hi guys. Never used EPP before. How do I login. I don't have a company email

    • Strange. I always get emails from Nigerian prince asking money, but you say not having company email?

  • Normal price on the Westpac rewards Samsung affiliate page.

    • Once you add the watch face and a band then the discount is applied.

  • Is this out of stock?
    Best i see is $306 for Galaxy Watch6 (Bluetooth, 40mm) Body Only on Education store

  • Does the 5% off (order from App) work with this?

    • Yes its working for me.

    • Not for me

  • Thank u!! Been waiting for a better price, this better than expected 😃

  • Had no idea the bezel is back on the classic!!
    Tempted to upgrade from gw 4 classic

  • Can confirm available on education store at $226 with the O-Week code

    • +1

      What's the O week code?

      • it was like a newsletter code back then in February 2024 during O-week

        • +2

          can you post the code?

  • Is this worth having if pairing with a Pixel phone?

    • The watch is ok. For fitness not so much just the basics but it works as a smart watch pretty well with any android phone.

    • Works perfectly fine with Pixel phones, except a few health tracking featires like heart rate, ecg etc. which anyways aren't reliable ever.

      • What is the point of this so called smart watch then?

        • +1

          Then invest in either a pixel watch with pixel phone, or a Samsung watch with a Samsung phone. Not that difficult 🙂

  • Anyone know if this stacks with any other offers/discounts/vouchers?

    • +1

      Do not read the comments

  • Great deal, thanks OP! Had my eye on these for a while and RRP of bands in a complete joke so bonus band is a nice inclusion

    • I might be wrong but you only get 1 band.

      Bespoke Model = no band

  • Anyone with an O week newsletter voucher code that they are not using that would kindly pass on?

  • Better watch size for running ? Is the watch 6 classic 47mm too bulky?

    • +1

      Yes. I would suggest visit any near by store to physically check these as 47mm definitely feels bulky and heavy, but if you like larger watches, then go for it.

  • So does this come with one band or 2? This bonus band term is really confusing!

    • Just one. Bespoke model just has the watch face

      • Cheers mate

  • It is a good deal. Am I correct in saying that it is just not for the iPhone users?

  • Loooove my 47mm watch 6 classic.

  • Has the deal ended?

  • Good price. Any other vouchers we can use - newsletter, loyalty etc?
    From memory these work only on standard samsung account…

  • Thank you. Have a Pixel 8 Pro and always wanted to try a watch, great time to give it a shot.

  • Do you have to work in one of these companies to use this link?

    • I think westpac customers gets access, can anyone can correct me?

  • Any other discounts? cashback won't work since it directs to the other portal :)

  • I wonder if AMEX offer works on these samsung industry portals, $100 off $500…

    • +1

      I checked with Amex chat rep and was told no.

    • I just used amex, received an email from amex "You just used your Samsung Amex Offer" :)

  • Is this watch good for fitness, say soccer. Mainly need it to count steps.

  • Anyone had luck with price matching samsung store ar jb or instore?

    • You can try but highly unlikely they will cause it's not the regular Samsung store. Worth a try, let us know how you go.

  • Great deal !!!
    So close to buying… added to the cart… but the loom of the Samsung Galaxy 7 watch is only a few months away … I HIT DELETE :( ….. regret further down the road.. maybe

    • +1

      what exactly you think Watch 7 would have that you so badly would want over Watch 6? And for you to get Watch 7 at this price you will have to wait possibly a year or two and by then Watch 8 will be around the corner. Life is too short :D

      • Yes i agree … life is too short … but buyers regret is strong in this one and the force is not :D

        Can only go by the rumors…

        Korean news outlet reported back in October that the Galaxy Watch 7 would use the Exynos W940, a 3nm chip that allegedly "improves power consumption by 50%, performance by more than 30%, and reduces area by 35%."

        Better blood pressure monitor, daily readiness insights (My Vitality Score), new sleep insights (like high heart rate alerts during sleep), and contextualized coaching through the all-new Galaxy AI.

        Samsung has announced that its sleep apnea detection feature has been approved for use by the US Food & Drug Administration - a vital step in the company's quest to solidify the Galaxy Watch a serious health tracker.

        And………… maybe a square screen .. but thats a fetch i think

        • ok valid. aside from the power consumption others dont interest me so meh.

  • I'll keep soldiering on with my Gear S3 Frontier for a while longer I reckon. Hasn't skipped a beat after all these years.

    • same here, mine is still working great. It's been 8 years so pulled trigger on the silver 47mm.

  • +1

    Like others have said, you can use the app for 5% off if it's your first order, I got the 43mm BTH Watch6 Classic for $330.60

    I used an Edu account though, the app seems to only let you choose between Edu or Normal store

    • Which app

  • Looks like all the offers shown on this page are no longer available

  • Is anyone able to get the 43mm BTH Watch6 Classic in Graphite? Or is only Silver available? Cheers

    • Both 43mm and 47mm BT versions are now only available in Silver.

  • Thanks finally got my watch.

    You need to select the deal once the item is in the cart

  • Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm BTH final price $290 after cashback and some rewards thanks Mothers day sorted i guess :)

    • what kind of rewards?

      • The reward points that you accumulate by spending on Samsung online stores.

  • Anybody has issues with using the O Week Code. I never used it but it says redeemed already.

  • Im thinking of getting the Huawei GT2 instead of this because of the battery life. I know this is few years old but the battery life is so good and all I need is offline music while I walk/run. its $169 in ebay and i know it was cheaper but cant convince myself to charge every 2 days and pay $100 more for features I may not even use

    • I have the Huawei watch Gt2 classic and as well as the sport version. Battery life is amazing, I get around 10 days. No NFC and no app support might be a deal breaker for some but for me it has all the important fitness trackers and music playback. For me not having to worry about charging every second day was a big selling point for me unlike an Apple or Samsung watch.

      • Thanks for sharing. Also it’s a 5 year old watch!

  • Thanks OP! Got 40mm 4g Cant wait. Upgrading from samsung watch first gen so pretty happy

    • You might miss the camera

  • They removed 47mm from sale 😢

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