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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 from $299 Delivered & More @ Samsung


Samsung's Monthly 'Secret' Sale.


  • Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm BTH Graphite + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $299
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm BTH Gold + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $299
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm BTH Silver + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $306
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm BTH Graphite + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $331.50
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm LTE Graphite + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $364
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm LTE Silver + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $366
  • Watch6 Bespoke - 44mm LTE Graphite + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $396.50
  • Galaxy Buds2 Graphite - $149.40 (Cheaper from Third Party Stores via Amazon AU)


*Stack with other offers for additional discounts (ie. $300 trade-in bonus)

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB Titanium Blue Online Exclusive - $1919.20 ($1619.20 with trade-in bonus)
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB Titanium Blue Online Exclusive - $1919.20 ($1619.20 with trade-in bonus)
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 1TB Titanium Orange - $2239.20 ($1939.20 with trade-in bonus)

PS: Cheaper if you have access to Samsung Education store


*Stack with other offers for additional discounts (ie. trade-in bonus)

  • Tab S9 FE+ 5G 256GB - $1146.65 ($946.65 with $200 trade-in bonus)
  • Tab S9+ Wi-Fi 512GB - $1424.25 ($1074.25 with $350 trade-in bonus)


  • 32" UR590 UHD Curved Monitor (LU32R590CWEXXY) - $499
  • 32" Smart Monitor M70C UHD - White (LS32CM701UEXXY) - $549.00
  • 27" ViewFinity S90PC 5K Monitor (LS27C900PAEXXY) - $1399


  • SSD 990 PRO 1TB with Heatsink - $153.30 $174.30
  • SSD 990 PRO 2TB with Heatsink - $258.30 $272.30
  • SSD 990 PRO 4TB with Heatsink - $510.30


  • 635L Side-by-Side Refrigerator (RS65R5445B4/SA) - $1319.45
  • 12kg Bespoke 9400 White Front Load Washer (WW12BB944DGHSA) - $959.40
  • 12kg Smart Front Load Washer (WW12TP04DSB/SA) - $869.40
  • Bespoke Jet Elite Extra - Woody Green (VS20A95993N/SA) - $979.30


  • 160W 4Ch Sound Tower (MX-ST40B/XY) - $299
  • HW-S800B S-Series Soundbar (2022) - $499
  • HW-S801B S-Series Soundbar (2022) - $549

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  • What is Bespoke? Are these watches different from the usual ones?

    • +3

      Samsung Bespoke allows you to pick product types, colors and materials that matches your unique tastes and needs

      Basically just the watch face but comes with a 'bonus' watch band if you use the code.

      • -2

        Unless they run out, imply they shipped it anyway, and you'll then be chasing them around forever to work out what actually happened.

  • +2

    Tab S9+ Wi-Fi 512GB - $1424.25 ($1074.25 with $350 trade-in bonus)

    Honest question, why would someone by a tablet that costs more than a laptop? It seems you can get an M2 Macbook Air less than this price, or all the Lenovo Ideapad deals floating around these days.

    • +17

      we live in an age where a smartwatch or headphone costs more than a phone, a phone or tablet costs more than a laptop, a monitor costs more than a tv.. and they still sell so people be doing people things.

      Some people have different uses and needs for some things than others would see or understand.

      • +1

        Some people have different uses and needs for some things than others would see or understand.

        Yeah that's what I'm trying to understand, what those use cases are.

        • +20

          You can't take notes or do drawings with a laptop. Many students in uni use the tablets. (Surface pro excluded)

          If you wanted to lie down on your bed or the couch and watch netflix or youtube - it's much easier with a tablet than a laptop.

          Many games that you can enjoy on the go are better on the mobile platforms than actual games that you have to install and use a kb + mouse.

          Some photo and video editing are better on tablets than laptops/desktops - mainly because of how easy and quick it is to zoom in and out with pinch rather than a mouse plus the stylus.

          I personally use a tablet for architectural reasons - sometimes it's very easy to go on site, take photos with the tablet (as silly as you may look), write notes or do quick markups and send it to client/tradespeople. Can't do that with a laptop. (You can but it'd be a lot longer process)

          Times are changing - you don't need to have a kb + mouse and be in front of a computer to print or book tickets or do shopping or even do work. You can do that with a tablet and a portable mouse/kb.

          A person who uses a tablet all day will do things with it that the casual tablet users who use it only to watch videos once a week never thought possible.

          And most importantly - easier to take a tablet into the bathroom (and less suspcious) than a laptop.

          As to the costs? Meh, no cost of anything makes sense today.

          And no one buys a tablet to substitute a laptop and the same vice versa. You buy one because you have the other one already.

          • +1

            @m a c9: Thanks appreciate your detailed response, very helpful 🙂

        • +2

          Yeah that's what I'm trying to understand, what those use cases are.

          As the proud owner of an ipad mini, and ipad pro 12.9, and a macbook air m1, here is my experience.
          Using the large ipad on a trip for a few weeks as a second monitor for my work laptop, and my non-work personal device, was fairly nice as it has an amazing screen and good media experience.

          I considered ditching my macbook air which didn't make the cut for the work trip, in order to consolidate.
          But as soon as I got home and picked up my macbook I felt relieved not to be using the ipad, because it's also very responsive and less of a pain to actually do useful stuff with.
          Then after trying to pick up the giant 12.9 ipad again a few times, I bought a mini because that is less of a pain to just throw in a bag and have available, but not great as a second screen.

          Now I have too much crap, didn't even mention the gaming laptop.
          Each of these things is very good at it's very specific niche. The ipads are definitely on thin ice though. Perhaps the answer is a regular mid-sized ipad?
          Luckily both were second hand, so losses will be little to none.

          So in conclusion, I have no idea what a tablet is for.

          • +2


            So in conclusion, I have no idea what a tablet is for.

            😂 Yeah I'm wary about buying too much tech and trying to justify the expense with some minor gap in my operating process. I try and get by until it becomes an obvious hassle to be going with X device.

        • +1

          I have one shoved in my bag, charge it once every few days, battery lasts forever, and I use it for meeting notes with a bluetooth mech keyboard and a bluetooth mouse. It basically gives a desktop like experience due to the very good multitasking features and dex. It's wonderful for media consumption and far better for this due to the oled screen. It's also smaller than a 13 inch laptop and perfect for portability.

          As far as I am concerned, it's the reverse and this has replaced ultraportables for me. I have a proper 17 inch laptop permanently hooked up to a multi monitor setup at home for when I actually want to game or do things requiring grunt.

      • People dont reason when they buy.

    • +1

      I purchased one of these earlier-on during another sale (was just under 1k for the 256gb).

      As a media device its great, but all the other "benefits" are questionable. Dex is not a polished experience, Android tablet apps are largely hit and miss, just feels like a supercharged A series tablet.

      In all honesty, I find myself using it purely for whatsapp, emails, spotify and revanced youtube. Now that I'm a few months in, If I had to do it all again - I don't think I'd pull the trigger.

      • This basically applies to all tablets including ipads. The use case is pretty limited compared to a laptop

    • The tablet offers the best available screen, touch input, the best available drawing experience and a more portable form factor for reading, marking up, etc. It doesn't replace a laptop, but the price is very reasonable for the hardware if you're looking for a tablet form. (It's the same question about why anyone drops $2k on an ipad pro with magic keyboard that weighs 1.35kg when it doesn't even replicate a desktop experience - Some people just like the tablet form factor.)

    • My wife has a Tab S8 tablet. I recently purchase a Lenovo Xiaoxin tablet with 120Hz HDR OLED screen for a third of the price, which I flashed with the official global ROM. My tablet has a better screen than hers, though hers has maybe 30% better performance. I agree that I don't see the value proposition of these tablets.

    • Because they are rich

  • +2

    Plus 1 for the effort.

  • +8

    If Samsung are still using Aramex for delivery, then you may find that the next generation of watches is released before you get your delivery.

    • +2

      My previous orders from Samsung were from StarTrack (Auspost).

  • +1

    Will stack with amex offer

    • Can I ask what the offer is please? I've looked through the Amex app and can't see a Samsung offer. Cheers.

    • -6

      The offer already expired.

      • Those neggers must be time travellers as they can go back to an expired deal and still avail it lol.

      • +1

        Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $500 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at www.samsung.com/au by 29/04/2024 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to the first 60,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

        Excludes pre-order items where the release date is after offer end date.
        Valid for payments made by 29/04/2024 to be eligible for offer.
        Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
        Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, at Samsung at www.samsung.com/au. Offer valid at Australian website only.
        Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
        Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
        Credit should appear on your billing statement within 15 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
        Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
        Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
        Full Offer Terms available here.

        The ozbargain deal may be expired, the AmEx cashback does not expire until 29/04/2024.

        • +1

          Thanks for this, I stand corrected!

  • Legend, my active watch 2 broke a month ago. I just bought the 44mm graphite, thanks again!

  • I wish Samsung could add more 4k gaming monitors to this deal.

  • +3

    Samsung were practically giving the watches away over Christmas, there's plenty on FB marketplace etc for cheap.

    I got a barely used GW6 classic for $250. Standard GW6's can be had ~$200.

    • and FE 9 Tablet for $500 to $700

  • +1

    Any comments on the refrigerator for $1312 delivered (SRS672DMB)? TGG is selling one at $2203 plus delivery (after price beat) but with a slightly different SKU (SRS673DMB)

    Bad reviews on Samsung's page……

    • -1

      Interested in this too, though I am after a French door one and my current Samsung side by side is giving up after more than a decade of good service.

  • Watch6 Bespoke - 40mm BTH Gold + bonus Fabric Band (S/M) - $299-Is it cheaper on Edu store?

    • Nope. doesnt work on EDU store. 299 is cheapest with SSFOUR

  • My gear s3 frontier is still working perfectly, even though Samsung tried to kill it off by not allowing my s24 to connect to it via Bluetooth (workaround linked.)

    Samsung CS couldn't explain why and wanted me to buy a watch 6, no thanks…

  • Shame we cant change the wristband size.

  • +2

    Remember to ask chat for extra $100 trade in bonus loyalty code for the tablet - brings it under $1k.

  • Aww the 990 pros don't stack with the corporate portal.

  • +2

    Samsung watch 7 series will be out soonish

    • Why am i being negged ?

  • 'Secret'

  • Holy shit they cut the trade in value for an S23 Ultra by like half wtf

    • Yeah, I saw it last week when they had trade in bonus for S24 Ultra.

      • Thats $250 bonus on Edu and EPP stores.

        • Yes but the trade in value remains the same across edu/epp stores/public samsung website

    • +1

      Doesn’t matter. Just avail the trade in bonus and don’t send your S23 Ultra to them. Take up $60 device non-return fee and sell your S23U on FB, you will still be much better off sending it to Asurion.

    • thank you for this comment. Your comment prompted me to immediately sell my S22 ultra to a second hand dealer for $500. Today their trade in dropped to $300. I suspected they had kept it at $500 to match samsung online trade in value… seems I was right.

      • Where did you sell it to?

  • That's an absolute cracking price for the 5k monitor

  • I have generated the trade-in id, but it's saying it can only be used instore. Has they changed something recently?

  • Sweet, got a watch 6 44mm BT for $230 with a trade in

  • I so badly want to leave iOS and come back to Android, but I just need a smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch Ultra… hoping the next gen Samsung can do that - by everything I’ve seen, the 6 falls really short with accuracy.

    • What really, even the Watch 6 Classic, or the Watch 5 Pro? They even have sensors the Apple Watch doesn't have - surprised to hear that you don't think they're as good. Perhaps the rumoured Watch 7 Ultra and possible square screen will be good though.

      • +2

        It's not that I don't think they're good, it's just that a few reviewers have said so (DC Rainmaker and The Quantified Scientist)

      • -4

        How did you arrive at that?

        The Galaxy watches are trash in comparison with Apple Watches. Do a quick google, watch a few YouTube videos (Quantified scientist, dc rainmaker, desfit etc) or even ask owners here. If your primary goal is to have a gadget on your wrist for notifications/apps - it passes. If you care about anything health related….. these are horribly inaccurate.

        The only area they win on is price, but as the old saying goes - you get what you pay for.

  • +4

    I can't bring my mind to accept a phone now costs more than 1.5k!

    • thankfully they have deals that brings the phone to circa $550ish. e.g. S24 Ultra launch, if you sold the accessories that came with it you could lower it to $550 (using EDU or Business Partner portal)

  • Don't have the basic tablet as last time.

  • Has anyone been able to get the Samsung watch for $299? The promo code doesn't work if you choose the free default band. If I choose and add the fabric band and put it in the shopping cart, then the promo code will work, but that's an extra $99.

    • +1

      Click add to cart on the Secret Sale Page, then enter the promo code (SSFOUR) and it will automatically add the band to cart.

      • Thank you very much for the pointer. Not sure if my partner would like the black colour. but whatever…..

  • Do I need a Samsung phone to be able to use all the features of the Samsung Watch?

    • Their watch design dont look good to me.

    • Without hackery, you need a Samsung phone for the ecg and blood pressure features, otherwise basically works with any Android phone

  • Have a watch 4 I don't use but to track body comp
    cuz can't get much else to work well, eg pay
    what is new in each generation of watch vs before?

  • Thanks, copped a watch with a 2TB SSD to reach the 500 spend amex deal. Pretty chuffed

  • Watch6 Classic isn't included :s

    How do I get it cheaper?

  • Catch has the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 44mm Bluetooth SM-R940N - Graphite for $291.99

    • Does it include any band at all?

  • I just got a gw6 44mm bt for 181.50 after $90 trade in value for my lte 44mm watch 4.

    Pretty happy with that!!!!

  • Trying to buy the S24 Ultra and the payment is not going through, receiving the message that the 3 d verification failed. Call COMM Bank and was told to contact Samsung as they don't see any restriction on the card with plenty of money. Called Samsung and the customer care guy told me that many people are calling them with the same issue. Put me on hold for about 10 min and said that I should contact my bank.
    Anyone else experienced the same and any solution for that.

    • Calling samsung support is basically the end of the line. They haven't been very useful or helpful.

    • What 20% off code?

  • Some of these offers are also available on EPP. Use a new email address while setting up your account and you will get an additional 5% discount.. a friend did this and brought the price for Samsung washer WW12BB944DGHSA down to around $750, which is a very good price for a model that came out in June last year!

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