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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB Titanium Blue $1429.30 (with Trade-in Bonus) Delivered @ Samsung Education


This deal is via the Samsung education portal and requires an operational .edu email to access.

The discount only applies to the specific configuration of 512GB + Titanium Blue.

Achieving the listed price requires the trading in of an eligible device to receive the extra $250 off, bringing the price down from $1679 to $1429. Optionally, you can enter a faux serial number, not send in a device and cop the $60 late return fee whilst still maintaining the trade-in bonus value.

Might be the best S24U deal for a little while considering this is pretty much a $1k discount. Deal expires 19th April 2024.

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  • +10

    Can confirm the offer is available in the Samsung Australian Government Portal also.

    • Can you stack with loyalty voucher and 5% first purchase discount?

    • Also corporate portal.
      Just bought mine.

  • +2

    Good price for 512GB version.

  • +41

    The S23 ultra is the best phone I've ever owned by far. Lifelong Apple guy. Appreciate its not for everyone, my wife swears by her pro Max but for me the photos battery and features are just too good.. Couldn't picture going back

    • +11

      With this purchase I’m going back to Samsung after doing iPhone for over a year just to experience the other side again. Pros and cons for both, but I miss too many power-user orientated features from my Samsung.

      Give me back my back button!

      • +2

        Back button? I havent used one of those in years. Wait until you use gestures and just swipe back.

        • +6

          Yeah, back gesture was what I was referring to ;-)

          • @WowBargain: I see. Yeah i think its home or something on IOS, just feels weird and u intuative.

        • +3

          When I use 1 handed I use the pinky from the back to BACK. Nothing better than having options.
          The S-pen is something you cannot replace with gestures no matter if paying 2x for iPhone with 1/2 functionality of this device.
          DEX to run your company from mobile connected to USB-C hub?

      • +3

        And 1 button to close all open apps!

      • But this is for the S24 ultra.. are you saying it's a great phone

      • +4

        In the same boat, lifelong android user, got sucked in at Chadstone at the fancy looking apple store and got a 15 pro max. Have given it 6 weeks but have jumped back to android on this deal.
        Things I missed most about android.
        As someone who dispatches work to employees via text message I really rely on the clipboard feature where I could copy multiple items to the clipboard and paste them all in the one go on the android keyboard.
        I just couldnt find a way to do this on IOS. I had to individually copy and paste each item before moving to the next one which was very frustrating.

        Also I loved that android messages would save as a draft if it wasnt sent and it would be at the top of the sms list which was a reminder to me that I hadnt sent it yet. Again IOS didnt have this.

        Battery life on iphone way better than my pixel 8 pro and I am sure photos and video is better on the iphone but its just not a feature I use.

      • +1

        Pros and cons for both, but I miss too many power-user orientated features from my Samsung.

        I agree with this statement as a user of both iOS and Android on a daily basis (S24U + iPhone 15 Pro, as personal and work phones).

        For me, the key advantages of the iPhone are better performance (whether that be the better SoC, or better software optimisation) vs. Android, generally better apps (in that I do feel developers generally prioritise iOS at the expense of Android, especially for more niche apps), better video recording, better design aesthetic (likely personal, but I prefer the rounded corners in iOS), and better integration with ecosystem (in that an iPhone and iPad work much better together than a Samsung phone and Samsung tablet, for instance).

        The key advantages of Android are customisation (even things as small as being able to place icons wherever I want on the home screen), better handling of notifications (e.g. if you receive several messages from the same person on Android, they show up as one message with multiple lines instead of as several distinct notifications), and in general, I do find that Android errs more on the side of being informative over being clean and sleek (e.g. the small icons on the top left of the phone showing what apps have outstanding notifications is fantastic).

        Ultimately, both options have converged over time (probably to a greater extent than fanboys on either side are willing to admit), but it still remains fairly obvious to me (again, as a user of both daily) that if you are unhappy with something on Android, you generally can fix it (though this takes time and effort), and whilst iOS generally gets more things "right" first time, when you don't like something, it's just generally not possible to fix easily.

    • +3

      Having the S24 Ultra currently and previously S23 Ultra. The S23 hands down the best phone to game on as it installs both 32bit and 64bit games/apps while the S24 got shafted on only using arm64 version only causing a lot of my older apps no longer compatible..

      • +1

        My poor ozb app won't work on the s24u

        • Why do people use the ozb app? Isn't it exactly the same as mobile version of ozbargain page?

          • @CodeXD: It's more convenient. For me, my app defaults to new deals and dark mode but I cannot do that on mobile afaik. It does not remember my preference.

            • @Kibbelhs: I have dark mode set in my account's setting on mobile -> My Account -> Dark mode and it persists whenever I go to it.

              I understand the new deals page but it is just 1 extra tap to open the 3 lines on right side and then click 'deals'.

              • @CodeXD: Yeah it's not much effort but works takes too much out of me and it's just the convenience. What do you dislike about the app?

                • @Kibbelhs: I've never used the app before, have always used browser and never any issues. The only thing I want from the app would be if I can get push notifications for comments/deals I am subscribed to.

            • +1

              @Kibbelhs: You can create a shortcut link on your home screen to the New Deals page. One click, presto. I've done that, but within my default browsers home page. And it remembers my dark mode preference.

              • @Trishool: I'll give it a go, thanks!

                • @Kibbelhs: I should clarify that "And it remembers my dark mode preference"….because Im always logged into my OzB account. Otherwise it wont remember your preference if your browser signs you out.

    • I am sorry but i sold mine off within a week. The camera was utter garbage for anything even slightly on the move in medium to low light, photos so oversaturated and sharp that it almost hurt my eyes, the software still does a little too much and does not have the effortlessness of either the Pixel or the iPhone. And the much repeated ecosystem, I have plenty of other devices in the house and the way they work together without doing anything is almost magic.

    • Thank you. This has been a very useful thread for me.
      Ditched Apple iPhone after iPhone 4s and the silly Samsung lawsuit.

      HOWEVER, I moved to the US recently, and not having iMessage seems to be a big drawback, especially in SF… the android to iMessage interface suck… (I have a pixel pro, but wanting to upgrade to either S24 ultra again (had notes for years) or go back to apple iPhone 15 max… for the iMessage and - this is a new consideration - the iPhone privacy.

      Any advice? I use a MacBook Air M style chip, iPads rule the tablets and have been a windows gaming and android phone guy for years…

      But right now, the iPhone lockout from messaging in the US is an issue and they don't use whtasapp/signal like we do in Oz or Europe.

      (yes, If I bought this I would get the GST back on my. next trip to the US too, which is a nice bonus of 140 bucks)

  • +1

    7 year OS and security updates and warrenty for business customers only too and free Knox suite for fleet management

  • Any difference in ram between 128gb and 512gb?

    • +3

      no 128gb, 256gb is 12gb

      • My 5 year old phone has 8 GB!

  • +1

    Anyone got a $50 voucher please ?

  • Are there edu deals for S24 Standard Size?

    • +1

      Yes. Same trade in bonus on S24 and S24+ as well.

  • Do I trade in my perfect s23u ?

    • +8


      • What is the oldest samsung phone they will tradein? Does it have to be working? Note4?

        • minimum is note 8 and s7

        • how much is the trade in

          • @x x: $5 each

    • +4

      No don't. Just got 6.1 update on mine it has all the AI features now

      • +3

        Your comment made me check, et voila, 6.1 has arrived!

        • Same, thanks Picklerick!

          • @Spendmore: Yeh just updated my standard S23 today, tempted to upgrade but not worth it.

      • Apparently it's basically identical in feature and performance (despite lack of AI cores) to the s24. Definitely not worth upgrading if you have previous gen IMO

    • Flat screen

    • +1

      ultra is snapdragon only

    • +3

      Ultras do not have Exynos and come with SDs only.

      Only S24/+ gets Exynos in all non-SD regions.

  • Could a legend here please help me with an EDU account? Just to place an order.

    • +4

      I have a edu account but not sure how I can help you buy.

    • +1

      Are you based in Melbourne?

      • -1


    • +12

      Submit an application to this, you will get a UTAS edu email even if you haven't accepted the offer. Not sure how long the email will last if you just don't accept the offer


      • How long does it take to get the edu email address after signing up?

  • Tempted to uograde from S22+ to S24 Ultra

    The physical size might be hard to adapt to??

    • +2

      As someone who did this, personally I didn't find it difficult, but I didn't quite like the sharp edges as much as the more rounded edges of the S24+. Thats obviously just a personal preference thing though

  • What is the lowest price this has been?

    • I bought 256GB version for about 1100+ on preorder deal and combining trade in discount and Samsung Care+

    • +3

      Pre-order was cheaper. I got the same configuration 512GB blue with S22U trade-in, paid $13xx less $525 old phone value (probably lower value now), also having bonus 1 year care+ and a few accessories valued at $350. But I did get an email mentioning a unique loyalty code for a $250 further trade-in discount via the EDU store. Otherwise, you can ask live chat.

      • +1

        Yeh my S23 standard was 450, today it's only 290 or something like that. Crazy.

      • Do you like the blue colour? I got it during pre-order as well and it was quite odd in the beginning, totally not looking premium like the gray one. Now, I like it a bit more, but still it is a strange light blue sky colour.

        • I like the blue itself, but not so much with the combination with that grey side frame. It could be better looking with a silver frame in my opinion. Anyways, if you get a non-transparent case, then no one sees its original color

  • -2

    Cant get this no edu email…

  • Is $250 trade-in bonus is till today only?

    • +2

      The trade in bonus has been ongoing for a while now so you should be ok to get it at a later date.

    • +1

      There were better deals during the end of the Financial Year last year. If you have a phone that will last until June, I’d recommend you to wait.

      Samsung always has better deals.

  • Is there a way to check trade in value of a device? I used to be able to check it on their website, but its not showing online now.

    • +2

      Just select S24U, it will then show trade in option, and take you to trade in options where you can get trade in value of any device

  • +2

    Anyone know if any further discount code can be applied?

    Newsletter or loyalty code, etc?

    • +1

      Newsletter voucher aren’t available anymore and loyalty vouchers don’t work on Edu store

      • Cheers, bought one..

        • End up how much all up? What your process?

  • So, I need not send in any device and still avail the trade in offer?

    • +2

      Yeah, looks like you have to pay a $60 penalty though so discount is $190.

      I'm getting offered 5% as a first time purchase too

    • +7


      1. Select the lowest value product, Samsung Watch 3 - valued at $5.
      2. Put a random serial number.
      3. Do not send the device.

      The maximum they’ll charge is the value of the trade-in device, $5, and $60 device non-return fee. Totals $65.

      • -2

        They'll charge $35 total for that

        • Device non-return fee is $60 plus the trade in value of the device. Thats what they will charge you.

          • @OZBsince2018: Not sure why I am negged. If you don’t send your device they charge you a $60 device non-return fee. Plus whatever is the trade in value of ypur device.

      • +4

        Select that the screen is smashed and it will get reduced to $1. If you get lucky you get charged $30 only

      • Put in a random serial number? Surely it's not that easy?

  • got 1, thanks op

  • +1

    Nb though I've still got a year left with my S21 ultra :(

  • I don't have an .edu account yet but what can you trade in to get the $250 cash back? I have a Poco M3 at the moment that I'd like to ugprade from.

    • You're better off not returning your Poco to Samsung and just cop the fee. If you have a child, or someone who needs a phone, feel free to give it to them instead. If you don't have anyone to give it to, then just return your phone to Samsung and get whatever minuscule value you get for it or sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

  • +9

    Beware! I traded in my $500 device with Ausrion and they kept the $500 phone and my additional $500 security charge. I've sent 5+ emails to [email protected] and they have not replied and ghosted me completely. I've also contacted Samsung and escalated and they have ghosted me too. Pathetic service. I will NEVER trade in a device with them again. Deffinatly use mazuma or mobile monster only.

    Looks like im 1k at a loss. Ausrion are thieving scum. Beware!!!!

    • +3

      We all have been thieving Ausrion tbh

    • +1

      Yeh wasn't a good experience for me either, communication is terrible with them but I finally managed to get my deposit money back just recent after nearly 8 weeks of going back and forth.

      • How did you communicate with them? Im having 0 replies.

        • My experience has been very good with them so far. Always received their response quite promptly on emails. And so far never had any issues. Best is don’t send the device as in most cases we are better off selling in on marketplace even after factoring in $60 device non-return fee.

        • +1

          They have the send/submit an inquiry option, you'll have to log in to the trade up page, submit an inquiry and just wait. I was quite rude the last message I sent them.

          • +3

            @itsmoe: I sent in an S9 and they said it was not functional. Fined $65 regrading fee and phone revalued from $60 to $1. So $124 in their favour and I have to chase a response. Samsung get your act together and make sure your contracted partners are able to supply a quality service. Not good enough.

    • Try fair trading?

    • +1

      Check whirlpool forum, many has CC chargeback with success

    • I have been trying to get my $30 non-return fee refunded for 11 months from Asurion, not sure it's worth my effort anymore.
      At one stage they setup a refund portal for me to enter my details and the refund amount was only $1.

    • File a charge back claim with your credit card or (if you used it) PayPal. If you used creidt with paypal then try paypal first, then bank. I had issues with Samsung and followed up with PayPal and PayPal refunded me the money

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