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Domino's Pizza 2 for 1 Delivery


2 for 1. Second pizza for free.


Offer is valid at selected stores

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  • might wanna try for deliveyr ( first time order )
    does it deliver to melbourne 3000? i try but nearest was 3004
    how much does it cost to deliver?

  • Where exactly does it say 2 for 1?

  • Works for Willetton WA, but u have to order some sides or just a expensive pizza to get over the $20 mark
    Also when entering the code i saw the enter your 'A Perfect Night In' DVD barcode, what does this coupon give you anyone know?
    Found a bit more info about it: http://www.dominos.com.au/promotions/paramount/terms.aspx

    • hey another guy from willo! w00t

      nice find guys

  • So you have to go over $20 to get the offer?

    • +1

      Combine this with the $5 for 2 sides coupon to go over the $20 mark.

      The codes are:


      You can have any combination of Coke, choc lava cake, garlic bread for $5.

      Mine cost $22.95. yum yum.

  • +3

    I had a Dominoes pizza today because there was junk mail in my letter box when I got home and it was easy to order. At the time I considered that perhaps my pizza would taste horrid like last time, but I put that down to bad luck. Now I can say for sure, these were the worst pizzas i've had in years since the last time I went to a different Dominoes and said i'd never buy a pizza from them again.

    It tasted like a frozen pizza, the bases must be frozen and maybe even the ingredients. It tasted a bit like those horrid pizzas from Safeway that go soggy when cooked in the oven except worse. My wife took the pizza back in and said it tasted like dog food. They made a different pizza but we both agreed that my pizza was terrible too so we didn't bother with the other pizza.

    The lava cakes were very small and not worth the money.

    This was at Mill Park Dominoes, Vic.

    Always buy Italian pizzas (Pizzas from Italians who know how to make Pizzas)! Dominoes is false economy!

    My wife and I both had some form of indigestion after and reguritative nausea too.

    • +1

      Do you run an Italian Restaurant ;-)
      Seriously, I find Dominoes to be value for money, especially with all discount codes.
      The Pizza in "good" Restaurants usually cost four times as much.
      Having said that, yes, I agree that their pizza is tastier.

      But Dominoes in Epping, NSW has fresh pizza, and they prepare right in front of you.

      • haha, no I don't run an Italian restaurant nor am I Italian, but I love my Italian Pizza both from Italy and from Italians in Australia having tried them in both Italy and Australia :P

        I don't think the pizza in good restaurants cost that much more, yes this particular offer gives you 2 for 1 but normal comparative price is about the same, at least where I live.

        • Hi, going way OT now but - are you based in Melbourne by any chance. If so, can you recommend any good pizza places?

          • @QQQ - CatchOfTheDay: Hehe yeah I can recommend a few, i'm in Mill Park in the Northern suburbs atm which is a fair way north of the CBD and i only moved to Australia 3 years ago, so the places i've eaten at are around here :P

            There's a place on Lygon street towards Brunswick/Northcote we go there sometimes on the way home - I don't know the name sorry! Also La Porchettas in Reservoir and Mill Park. There's a place in Bundoora (near the bottleshop) that's good too.

            You can usually see them making the bases fresh in these places.

            Maybe you should start a thread on good fast food places around Melbourne :P I'm getting hungry just thinking about Pizza lol.

          • @QQQ - CatchOfTheDay: Try Porcino's on Johnston St, Collingwood. 15 bucks per pizza but worth every penny. Or just hit up Bimbo's on Brunswick St.

    • Agree with you completely. Domino's is no better than a supermarket frozen pizza (and if you have a pizza stone or use baking paper, frozen pizzas shouldn't be overly soggy… not that I have them often).

      Even with all the coupons Domino's throw around, I don't see them representing good value for money. Life's too short to eat crap pizza. :)

  • I've tried pizza at Italian places twice…chalk it up to bad luck, but $20+ bucks for charred pizza/no taste? I'd rather stick with <$10 for a good feed Dominos. :P

  • Thanks for the deals, just used 51383 and 36591 succesfully in Brisbane metro area.

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