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World Class Collection Beers Giftpack (10 Beers) $10.90 at Dan Murphy's ($10.99 at Woolworths)


Who can resist cheap beer?

10 beers for $10.90


Also Backyard Box Gift Pack (8 pack) for $9.90


You may have to look around stores for stock but that's half the fun.

World Class Collection $10.99 at Woolworths - credit/thanks to ninjutsu

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Dan Murphy's

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  • Love these packs thanks!

  • $1 a beer, why is this cheaper than a full carton?

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      Probably because nobody buys them at full price.

    • +9

      Old Christmas gift box sets.

  • probably discontinued

  • awesome deal, purchased 4 boxes, they will come handy for bbqs!

  • Awesome deal! Thanks OP, bought some via Click and Collect!

  • Hamilton in Brisbane seems stocked… grabbed 5 of the International and 2 of the Backyard… Can even request them chilled before pickup! :D

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      good spot - helps with reaching minimum spend :)

    • +1

      I didn't know woolworths sells liquor

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed 4 from mac square store

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    Is there a expire date on it? thanks

    • +4

      got this for christmas, most expired around June

  • great one - thanks!

  • Price has gone up for me?

  • Price has gone up :(
    $21.90 - World class
    $17.90 - Backyard box

    • still looks OK to me.

    • +1

      The reason why the price is jumping is because there is basically no stock at stores which deliver..

      I just placed an order over the phone for 4 boxes to be picked up at Alexandria in Syd, they have over 200 in stock but do not deliver.

    • +1

      yea sorry guys. price went up because i selected my local store.

      ordered 4 from the Alexandria store. seems to have a few left

    • Found the backyard box for 9.90 at a few BWSs (St Leonards).

  • sweet - cheers

  • Thanks Op. Have alwasy wanted to get a sampler pack to try out a couple of new beers. Grabbed a couple.

  • -2

    Ordered 10, thanks!

  • +1

    hope it's not a short expiry sale, because that's what happened last time with Asahi (exp in Feb)!! They didnt even mention it on the website!! :(

    • Have you had an off (retail) beer before?

      • dunno…

        • +1

          Beer can never harm you if it is out of date, there is no harmful bug that can live in it.
          After a year or so past expiry I would start to be a little dubious, but I'd still drink it.

        • +1

          problem is asahi in metal containers does go off…and when it goes off the flavour goes too…so yeah while it wont hurt you its not going to be a pleasant taste

        • Yup, you can still drink it, were I ship wrecked and it was all I had, Id drink it.

          but Im not going to pay for it!

  • What's the 7-day pickup? You have seven days to collect, or it won't be ready for seven days? I don't need it today, so don't want to select 2-hours, but I'll need it before next weekend.

  • looks like its sold out online

    • change store, happened to me as well

  • Thanks for this OP

  • got 2 at a bws i was passing. 9 left. Even the sales guy couldn't believe the price.

    Thank you OP!!

  • +5

    You may have to look around stores for stock but that's half the fun.

    drinking it is all the fun.

    searching for it is a pain in the ass.

    awesome post.

    none in North Bris

    • +1

      Just ordered 4 from Hamilton (is slightly north of the river).

      Will stop in at Super Butcher on the way to pick up and have beer and beef tomorrow night.

  • Not even 40 minutes after ordering saying that I'd be picking up tomorrow I got the text saying my order is ready for collection! Awesome deal! Thanks again OP.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 10 of the backyard packs

    • party in Newcastle tonight!!!

  • None of the Stores near me (SA) show any stock

    • The Welland store is coming up with a few for me.

  • +2

    None near me in Qld but my Brother interstate says thanks ;) (txt him the link)

  • Only managed to get 2 of the 8 packs but many thanks for the info :)

  • Good price - just got some from the Alexandria store

  • Nnnnnnooooooooo!!!!
    Cant find anything near my area (3076 vic).

  • ++ Alexandria here I come. Damn good deal!

  • Bought these at $22 for the superbowl, few beers are lack luster and most are brewed in Aus or Uk (Stella is UK so yeah you know the drill). But at this price even with a few shit tasting beers its wicked value.

    If you are having trouble with Dan Murphy go to BWS. I picked up the last 2 at the BWS in Enfield SA, $11 each.

  • Gladesville run out of the World Class. Half a dozen Backyards left. Store seemed confused as to why it was so cheap and why they're getting so many orders. I lolled.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Also from the looks of my first beer they will expire around 21/5. Plenty of time to polish them off :D

  • ordered a pack. Thanks.

  • Just ordered 2 from Beenleigh store for Pick-Up tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

  • site is getting ozbargained.
    Slow as!!!

    • about 4 left at alexandria

      expiry dates range from march to august 2014

      • called up and placed click and collect order.

  • Site now has the dreaded 500 Internal Server Error fail. C'mon Woolworths IT gurus, get your act together.

  • DM site is down for me now. boooooooo lol

    (I wasn't after these beer packs anyway, but wanted to click and collect some other goodies for tonight)

    • +1

      Sorry mate, its Beer o'clock.

      • lol I'll drink to that.

  • +1

    All back up and running. There is some packs (both) left in Richmond Victoria for click and collect if anyone is nearby.

    • +1

      not any more…

  • Got some of these when they were around $20. Great price then, awesome price now.

  • Can't find the add to cart whats up?

    • It could be athat all the stores in your area are out of stock - is there a stock status?
      Find in Store | Unavailable
      Click & Collect | Unavailable
      Delivery | Unavailable

  • Got 4 packs from Richmond Victoria and got 4 packs from Chapel St VIC store as well. Pick up tomorrow. Beer stock is set for a while

    • got 3 packs of world class from richmond to be picked up tomorrow. winning!

  • Dan website is getting hammered good!

  • +1

    website down. just called and they said all systems down. well done people.

  • Just went to the store and picked up 3 backyard packs.

  • picked up 3 packs. thanks OP.

  • I got three packs 1 backyard and 2 world. Tops

  • plenty in BWS Wanneroo, WA

  • just called them and they said the world class is sold out and the oz packs left at some stores.

  • +1

    Borat found some and stocked up.

    • is good!

  • Can't find any at Springwood, QLD

  • +1

    nothing like to be on the tram a couple of stops away from DM when checked this bargain. picked only 2 due to the weight. hope i can grab a few more tomorrow.

  • +1

    no stock near me :(

    but+1 for an awesome Friday arvo post

  • jus wondering anyone got a FREE SHIPPING code??

    • +1

      Just ordered 2 x Backyard Box Gift Pack $19.80+$0.50 DELIVERED

      FINGERS CROSSED ! $0.50 delivered to door !

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