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FREE Purina Felix Cat Food Sample (No FB Like Required)


Free sample of FELIX As Good As It Looks cat food, appears to be a new cat food product launched this year from Purina.

Required: Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, Cat's Name.

Newsletter subscription is NOT required.

Limit of one sample per household. Please allow 28 days for your sample to arrive. Offer available while stocks last.

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    Cool Lunch on the way

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      Take the grandfolks out for a picnic

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    My fussy felines say thanks

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    My cat Felix says Thanks..

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    Rabbit in Jelly 85g
    Meat and Meat by-products (Pork, Chicken and poultry, Rabbit, Fish), Vegetable Protein, Vitamins and Minerals, Flavours, Thickeners, Sugar, Colours.

    This is as bad as cat food gets… Cats can't even taste sugar, not to mention all the by-products it has. Although it is called Rabbit in Jelly, the main meat inside is actually Pork, Chicken and then Poultry and then Rabbit, so rabbit is not even part of the first 3 main ingredients, this is as dodgy as cat food gets…

    This is really bad stuff to feed your cat.

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      Not surprised about the sugar and colours - I think that's Nestle's standard practice for everything

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      "100% of your cat’s daily needs" Yet no mention of taurine. That's negligent

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        Why was my negative revoked? Nothing wrong with a freebie but the product is misleading.

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      • "100% of your cat’s daily needs" Yet no mention of taurine. That's negligent

        Relax Sammy (maybe).

        meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for the maintenance of adult cats.

        This is a US standard. So to the FDA page showing the AAFCO nutrition table…Taurine - 0.10 and 0.20%

        Using this convoluted method we can estimate Taurine content. But I agree that it should be included in the list of ingredients. Perhaps they lumped it in with the Vitamins and Minerals that are listed — technically incorrect as Taurine is neither.

    • So is Fancy Feast. Take a look at it — it's made from a slurry of who knows what. It has the appearance of Cadbury Flake chocolate. I suspect this is similar, but I'm about to offer the "rabbit" to a cat soon.
      Problem is, the REAL food (like Purr, Gourmet Delight etc) they don't really like, yet the shitty stuff like this gets a better response.

      • I usually stay away from supermarket cat food, my cat is a very fussy eater and she never enjoyed them. When my cat was a kitten, I let her try this Australian owned and made cat food Ntr*s G**t, she loved it too but then I saw all those tiny fish bones in it.

        Now I only feed my cat Wellness brand cat food along with Australian owned and made Black Hawk.

        Gourmet Delight is pretty good for a supermarket brand cat food, just wish they have some other varieties than just fish.

        • Why did you censor Nature's Gift? Can we not write Nature's Gift at OzB? I've seen Nature's Gift but am yet to try it. Next time it's on special I'll try Nature's Gift!

          Seriously, the Purr Tuna variety looks even better than the You'll Love Coles tuna I but for myself! Bigger chunks, real stuff. The Tuna and whitebait is also impressive, but looking at those tiny whitebait and their beady little black eyes, I find less appetising.

          Gourmet Delight is pretty good for a supermarket brand cat food, just wish they have some other varieties than just fish.

          I know. But there's the Tuna/chicken. Remember a few years ago when Heinz launched their distastrous canned chicken?
          That's where it ended up!

  • is it a diet food? my cat needs weight control

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    my pussy loves freebies.. thanks OP

  • Is this better then john west?

  • My dog says thanks…

    • is this OK to be given to dog too?

      • Yes, as long as you don't feed them cat food all the time.

    • Do not feed cat food to dogs!

      • the other way around, dog food normally has ground up bones which is too course for cats intestines

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    I didn't realize how old my cats were until now when it asked me.

  • Thanks Op. Is this going to make pussy smell like fish?

  • Thank you from my 2 cats !

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    Well, a Felix sample was received today. It's the "Salmon" flavour.

    Having served this product about a dozen times now, I can say it's very similar in appearance to the regular Fancy Feast varieties (like Flake). But the slurry chunks are more randomly shaped, unlike the little FF nuggets.

    Our adult female (who has rejected nearly every wet food offered for the past three years) LOVES Felix for some reason. Particularly the rabbit flavour. My amusing voice-overs usually focus on it being French Cuisine, as it's a product of France.

    Additional research confirms it's a rubbishy food, but her enjoyment of it is redemption enough.

  • I got "with Rabbit in JELLY" what's that?

  • I can't wait to jam this into my pussy…

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