This was posted 7 years 10 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Patron XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur 750mL $43.95 at DanMurphy's


I'm not sure if this is the normal price or not, but according to Google Ad it's normal prices should be $74.99

You probably have to register and login to see that price.
See my confirmation of order

It's still on, see screen captured link

It seems this price is only available if you choose your store and delivery location as Burwood (NSW)& Strathfield (NSW)

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • bought this for $50 duty free the other day

    • Mate picked one up for me from Changi Airport duty free for AUD $32

    • Got two for USD$50 at LAX a couple of weeks ago

      We get ripped off here!

  • +1

    The link you post also comes up as $74.99 per bottle for me.
    Where do you get the $43.95 from?

    • shows as $54.95 for me

      • 74.99 over here

    • +1

      I saw $74.99 initially. Then I registered and logged in, the price changed to $43.95.

      • So possibly member online price only?

        • Not sure about the store price. I bought it online and picked Click&Collect.

  • Yep, same $74.99 for me.

  • err you guys are right.. $75 for me too

  • Im getting the same $74.99. I would love to grab a bottle @ $43.95!

  • I received confirmation of my order. see link

    • Might be a glitch at DanMurphy's. Since no body is able to get $43.95 any more, we'll mark this as expired.

  • Would be awesome to go in and grab it for this price along with a 700ml Black Douglas for $28.

  • This is good solely for making espresso martinis. Don't drink it straight.

    Of course, no martini should have god damn tequila in it, let alone creme de cacao or vodka, but whatever.

  • $74.99 at Chelsea Heights, VIC.

  • Only available from Burwood. Tried setting my store as burwood and choosing standard delivery but price change when i put my address in (not burwood)

    • You are right. I just tried to use other location, the price went up again. Warwick Farm is $54.95

  • Looks like Burwood only. Seems to be a price match for Costco. I bought a 700ml bottle from Costco for $41 on the weekend.
    note that Dan Murphy has a 750ml bottle

    • It works for Strathfield as well.

      • -2

        many thanks for that, got 5, the rest of them.

    • Dan Murphys don't price match/beat Costco as u need to pay membership at costco to get that price.

      • This is most certainly a price match for Costco since all the stores around costco's have it at a cheaper price. Costco Casula has it for $54.95 today and strangely all the Dan stores around Casula also have it for the same price.

        BTW this is not the only drink at the reduced price. Costco casula has Belvedere Vodka for around 47 and Dan in these stores has it for the same 47.65 - 59.99 elsewhere.

        Caltex/woolies on Camden Valley Way also reduce their E10 petrol price to pretty much match Costco's petrol price. They dont take the membership only attitude.

        Besides from there is no indication that Costco is not considered an invalid competitor. Interestingly though,

        "Competitors’ premises must be within 10km of our store." which you'll probably find is why only some Dan stores have the cheaper price.

  • +2

    Seems like pricing is for different home stores

    Glen Waverly $41.15

    Watergardens $74.99

    Screenshots as of 11.19AM

    • win, just got myself 2 bottles :D

    • At Endeavour Hills (VIC) and Doncaster as well.

      Love this stuff shaken with ice.

  • Thanks, Got 2.

  • This stuff is delicious

  • I could get it at the lower price when selecting burwood, but it doesn't let me add it to the cart. It flicks you to the home page.

    • I think it sold out at Burwood & Strathfield stores. I think Bankstown store still has some left.

  • Bankstown has stock @ $43.95

  • My local store was not showing the special price online however I was able to get them to price match @ $43.95 in store.
    Thanks for the great deal !!

  • Anyone had luck in Victoria?

  • Doncaster East, VIC, 3109 got it for $41.15

    • Awesome! What did you say/do?

      • Most likely just show them the Dan price from the other store. Thats what I did. They only have to match a competitor price which is up to 10km away, so find a VIC store that has it for the cheaper price and hopefully not more than 10km away (although they may not even care it its their own store)

      • Nothing, Click and Collect :)

  • Any luck in SA? :)

    • Attempted to price match at Welland, no luck. :(

  • First choice liquor Ashfield price matched when they checked the online price so i grabbed two

  • I showed my app and they price matched at Preston store after about 10 minutes of confusion ;)

  • I need this! Going to try at Dans tomorrow after work.

  • Mulgrave, VIC 3170 has it for $41.15. Just ordered it click and collect for next week.

    • And now it's back up to $74.99.

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