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I tried and the code they gave for joining is invalid
27/10/2021 - 20:49
Worked for me on TNF duffle bag which was already on sale
07/04/2021 - 19:32
Use of any coupon code will invalidate any cashback
09/09/2018 - 14:31
There is a $30+tax sim plan for tourists. We got ours from T-Mobile at Ala Moana shopping centre and they set it all up for us…
10/08/2018 - 09:52
I work at Dan Murphys and this has never been $79.95
12/07/2018 - 21:50
Dans instore don't beat coles online and they dont just look at screenshot but actually check if in stock
11/07/2018 - 20:46
We bought a Sealy mattress from David Jones 12 months ago, $9000RRP reduced to $3800 and its the worst mattress i have ever purchased. The…
13/06/2018 - 21:11
Yes i bought this same suitcase off them 3 weeks ago. Fast postage
26/05/2018 - 14:57
Says 30% off storewide but new current Tommy Jeans items are actually excluded as all items now say "Page not found"
15/05/2018 - 17:39
Totally agree, i had them and they weren’t great quality
12/05/2018 - 19:05
I have used my 85cm old samsonite cosmolite and never had a problem travelling both international or domestic.
04/05/2018 - 17:55
Samsonite Cosmolite 3.0 75cm Spinner BLACK $332.50 Delivered @ Luggage Gear
Samsonite Cosmolite 3 75cm Spinner~ black colour only at this price. RRP $849 Price is showing $350 but with coupon code will be $332.50…
01/05/2018 - 11:19
I have bought the 1200tc millennia sheets and can say that they are excellent sheets.
01/05/2018 - 08:00
Log into your account, go to club jetstar and untick auto renewal
30/04/2018 - 19:01
I just got an email with tracking info and that it has been posted.
30/04/2018 - 16:40
Price has gone to $539, obviously a pricing error.
29/04/2018 - 09:53
Was it the 81cm? I bought the 75cm a few years ago at this price
28/04/2018 - 20:31
I used this size case without a problem with Qantas but when i look at their website it seems this does exceed their measurements. I have…
28/04/2018 - 16:00
i think this could be a price error as the other colours are $539
28/04/2018 - 15:27
Jetstar usually have their birthday sale in May which includes Hawaii...i bought last year for $339 return from Melbourne.Not sure what the…
25/04/2018 - 10:00
It allowed me to add to cart but when u go to pay says its unavailable.
06/03/2018 - 12:09
Speed Queen is a fantastic washing machine but expensive. I used to have a Fisher & Paykel and never again....used to rip my towels, go off…
17/02/2018 - 20:50
When using your own cabinetry door it is called Fully Integrated, not sure if the built in is different
17/02/2018 - 14:35
You cannot haggle in stores as the RRP is set and same at every store unless there is some promo. (Prices are set by Asko)
13/02/2018 - 15:53
Highpoint was open today
06/02/2018 - 18:14
We have been to Honolulu twice flying with Jetstar. I would prefer to fly with Hawaiian Airlines however we are from Melbourne and prefer…
03/02/2018 - 11:48