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[Origin] Dead Space for Free


Dead Space is free on Origin.

Offer lasts until 9th of May.

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      While I agree that origin sucks, free is free.

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        People keep saying Origin sucks. Other than the RRP of games, please explain?

        It runs 10x faster and smoother than Steam and to me, that means a lot.

        Plus, it's sad the people will purposely miss out on some exclusive games just because it isn't on Steam.

        But complaining about a free game regardless of all that is even sadder.

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          Origin actually loads a lot slower on my PC and I have it installed on SSD.

          i find when I want to shift+tab or shift+f1 back and forth from friend chat and in-game, that steam is always much more responsive.

          the origin 'hud' feels too clunky - steam is minimalist and unobtrusive.

        • With some of their 50% off sales and using a USA VPN the pricing isn't too bad, I've actually managed to get some alright deals from it. That said the majority of my games on there are from bundles or the sweet $10 C&C Ultimate Collection or Battlefield 3/4 ;)

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          Yes of course.

          Because totally … it's those evil corporations that are screwing people over. It's not consumers choosing to buy a product they want. Nope. It's people getting screwed man. Screwed by buyin' what they choose to. Reamed even.

          Of course as an enlightened consumer I'm sure you're not getting screwed over by them goddam corporations. No sirree! When you or your Mum chose to buy the device you're making this post on there's no way you were gittin' screwed.

          You were stickin' it to the man. (or some other nonsensical version of the reality you live in LOL)

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          My reasons for not using Origin:

          • Its by EA, EA have had a very negative impact (or at least some people have perceived a negative impact) on some franchises people love.
          • EA is intent to keep giving always online a go. Title after title, they make it a little more necessary, then back peddle a bit, and each time they do it, they get a little more of their audience used to it.
          • I bought ME3 when it came out and instead of just downloading the games when there was a CD issue, I had to keep ejecting and inserting the CD over and over again. Took about 5 minutes to recognise one CD. only related to this one title, dont suggest my DVD drive was broken.
          • Lack of titles available. Tends to only be for EA games. Steam is a lot more open.
          • I have not had any issues about the smoothness of steam in the last 3-4 years. I have had my account for almost a decade. If Origin runs 10x better than steam, its going to play my games and get high scores for me.
          • Australian Market Gouging (why should I use a VPN to get a good price?). Yes steam does this too, but I dont buy my steam CD Keys through steam.
          • That whole "We would charge people to reload a weapon if you could and thats the direction we are heading" from their ex CEO.
          • It isn't pretty to use (in my opinion).
          • It's not a company that inspires me as a gamer, and I don't want to get behind them. . I see them as a large company who buy out smaller companies, and then slowly just absorb those companies and those companies exist only in terms of branding.
          • It (Origin) doesn't need to exist to serve any other purpose than to benefit EA. There is no benefit to you in having Origin. Steam brought a lot of benefits in it's time that were needed by end users.
          • They are a big evil company using capitalism to… just kidding.

          These are my reasons, not saying for you to not install it, or for you to agree with my opinion. Thanks for reading if you did.

        • +1

          Your DVD drive was broken

    • Why the negs for Neo?, I'm the same +1 for you Neo.

  • I'm surprised this even needs to be posted after that Humble Bundle a few months back. But this is definitely a bargain!

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      yeah won't hurt to have 2 copies of it :)

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    Worth it for free, Dead Space is great fun and honestly the scariest one out of the 3 if you've never played it.

    Sucks it's on Origin though but who cares? Play the game and uninstall it.

    • This game would be worth it for $30, it's an absolute rip-snorter. Easily in my all-time top 10.

  • Any way to download offline installer of the game, my internet quota isn't much, so I am better off telling a friend to DL the game installer file and give me a copy.

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      Not sure about Dead Space in particular, but in general for Origin: game installers are stored in a separate folder (specified in options). You can copy the installer once the particular game is 100% downloaded. But if you install the game straight away, it might delete the installer (not sure about this).

      However with all of this, you may not be able to run the game if it's owned by another account (might not be a problem with older games like Dead Space that don't require the client to be running in the background).

      Hope this helps!

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        You can copy the installer once the particular game is 100% downloaded. But if you install the game straight away, it might delete the installer (not sure about this).

        This is configurable in the options for Origin, just tick 'keep game installers'

  • Thanks!

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    I've played this on x360 and PC. One of my fav games! For PC, its best enjoyed with a controller as movement does lag with KB+Mouse.

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    Hmm So i didn't realize I already read had the game on Origin, now I have two copies on origin… Weird

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      I wouldn't have thought Origin would let you own two copies…..weird indeed!

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    Wish it was on Mac

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    life scares me enough

  • Interestingly, I just finished reading a Dead Space comic yesterday (borrowed from a local library). I played this game 3 years ago and enjoyed it, despite the limitations of its setting.

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    Just to add more information about this, this deal is part of "On The House". They state the deal can disappear at anytime so the 9th of May may not be the true date this deal expires. Also, more freebies are to come. For more info:

  • Thanks OP, I'm sure a few of my friends will appreciate this!

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    Pissed off that I have to install Origin, why can't I just add it to my account without install it now?

    Afterall like most OzB-ers I have tons of others games (bought whilst on sale / free) I need to get through first!!! ;-)

    • You probably already have Dead space, it was in the famous EA humble bundle.

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    Single-handedly revived the stagnant Survival Horror genre in 2008. Very unique and compelling story and Sci-Fi + Horror is just so criminally underused that this deserves a play regardless.

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      Dead Space 3 single-handedly destroyed everything DS1 & DS2 worked so hard to achieve :(

      • Couldn't agree more. There was so much wasted potential in that storyline and setting (especially regarding the Unitologists and the Convergence prophecy). It's really been rendered unresurrectable; DS4 will probably be some Aliens Colonial Marines abomination.

        • +1

          If you haven't then I strongly suggest you play the Awakened DLC for DS3*. THAT is more in line with the Dead Space style. Play it on Pure Survival, had my heart racing all the way through :D

          DS3 (& ACM) had the redeeming feature of pretty good coop, but that's about it.

          *only if you have finished the main story.

        • +1

          I steered clear of DS3 altogether but I'll keep that in mind, cheers. Another candidate to add to the backlog of games to play; I think we have finally found the male equivalent of women and their shoe fetish.

  • ooooh! there will be more?

    Download now, and check back soon for something new!

  • Thanks OP… I never got to play this

  • TBH I don't mind Origin. The game I play the most on PC is Battlefield Bad Company 2 and on Origin it lets me play the game without having to load up origin first. I can simply click on the game icon on my desktop and it loads the games straight away, no need to sign in to Origin.

    I have the game on steam too but steam needs to be running in the background to play it on that.

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