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Microsoft Office FREE Google Play Store


Microsoft office FREE. Now no longer requires 365 subscription. Available now in the Google Play store

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    Hasn't it always been free?

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      "Sign in with a free Microsoft account to create, edit and save documents for home use. A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to create, edit and save documents for business use."

      Basically the change is that if you claim it's home use, all you need is a free MS account now (no sub).

      Still don't think the cloud version of office is all that - but at least they are finally competing and if you have a difficult document to open it may be of some use.

      Oops, major problem.

      It claims not to be compatible with a Nexus 7 - which makes it next to useless. And here was me thinking MS might finally have turned a corner after the Balmer fiasco.

      • Not compatible with my Samsung tablet either…

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          Title should specify not for tablets.

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          Download the APK from here:

          Edit: Thanks to Forgot69 in comments below - I've just linked to the specific comment in the android police site to save searching.

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        Not compatible with my Acer tablet either.

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        "Microsoft Office Mobile is the official Office companion optimized for your Android phone."

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          As are many things, tbey still run on a tablet.

          Edit: As someone below says it does work, you just need to DL to phone and then copy the apk to your tablet.

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          And my wife's Xperia Z ultra is blocked even it's a real phone with big screen. M$ just want to limit the use on small/tiny screens, as it's not suitable for long time work.

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          That's Sony's fault for setting the DPI so it identifies as a phone screen and not a tablet.

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        We got "Congratulations! ?..will install soon" ???

        Earlier, only our Samsung devices were listed, all greyed…

        Still it let us choose the N8000. (Oops! It's the phone version…)

        Since we logged in with a Google mail account, are we limited to read-only access…?

        One never knows, with MS…

  • Ars Technica expects it to be updated soon to not require a 365 subscription for editing, in line with the iPhone version.
    Sorry, I'm on my phone, otherwise I'd provide a link.

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      Why can't you provide a link while on your phone??

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      Did you read the second line of the post?

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      Its not shit compared to Kingsoft.

      Can Kingsoft open Macro Enabled Excel Spreadsheets? NO!

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        can this version of Office for Android open Macro Enabled Excel Spreadsheets? NO!
        In fact, this app is pretty much a white screen with little to nothing you can do with anything.

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    Can't open password protected files. I'll give it a miss.

  • App is also for tablets with installation via apk as noted in Iplau's post below.

  • free offline office solution?

    • It is offline office solution, it just requires you to log in so it can upload stuff.

      However you only need to log in once. After that any other time you try to open it, you do not need to be on the internet.

      • Can you open a document that is stored locally on the SD card? No. You cant.

  • Not compatible with Samsung S3… where does this work?

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      works on my Samsung S4

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      It says it is compatible with my S3 4G

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      Works on my S3, had it for 6 months or so but barely used it.

  • Same with a tab 7.7. Might have to find a way to force the issue. What does it work with?

    Device has root access, any suggestions?

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    MS Office for Android has always been for phone only.

    However it does work perfectly on tablets, so just get the APK from your phone then manually install it onto your tablet, and it will work perfectly.

    • Yep. For Word, You get one BIG white blank screen with little to no functionality over a standard text editor. For Excel, you get a very basic cell grid structure with support for crap.

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    I like this competition , so it's probably good it doesn't work on my s3.

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    Not compatible with Samsung Tab 2 7.0"

    So they cannot even give it away!

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      Fail, read above:
      it has never been available for tablets, but you can manually install it because the limitation is only set at a Google Play level not in app.

      I remember I read awhile ago, they didn't make it compatible with tablets because they didn't want to support it.

  • It's free for phone devices only, not tablets…

    Might be worth updating the OP.

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      Read above, it has never been available for tablets, but you can manually install it because the limitation is only set at a Google Play level not in app.

  • Very nice and smooth. Looking forward to seeing them add more features.

  • Thanks op. Works on nexus 5

  • Thanks OP! Works great on my Oppo Find 5

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    Okay seriously. IT'S NOT FOR TABLETS.

    Office for iPad was released today. I assume something similiar will come to Android tablets.

  • Only connects to OneDrive, Office 365 and SharePoint cloud services not others.

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    Manual install APK has been posted in the comments here:…

    It's a free App so I don't foresee issues posting this. I've tried this APK on my "incompatible" Galaxy Note 2 and it's functioning fine.

    • Works for my tablet: Downloaded the APK manually and installed onto Tablet. Sweet!

  • Oh won't somebody think of the Nexus 10!

  • Which is better? This or the office suit Pro???

  • Office suite pro works well on my nexus 7

  • -3

    Also not comparable with #Audie bauhn phone tablet. Any how there is allways skydive or whatever its called now after they lost nameing

  • Not compatible with my new Xperia Ultra. It's a phone god damn it.

  • Hi,
    II bluetoothed the APK to my Acer tablet, but says doesn't support the file. I tried sending it by email, but wouldn't send. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

    • USB? SD card? My lenovo has got both…

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    office for ipad is only free for reading. why android version is free for editing?

  • I would pay for MS Office on Linux, guess it would still lack VBA support even if it was ever released

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