Games for Xbox Live Gold - Free Hitman Absolution and deadlight

Hey guys looks like Hitman will be the free game available for Xbox gold members tomorrow.

I have been told previously to put these deals in the forums and not as a "deal" so here you go.

I have the game still sealed looks like I may go in and try and trade it in as soon as I can haha

Edit - rumour is deadlight will be free mid month. Bought this a month ago have not played it yet :( lol


  • I would like to have known about this on the deals page.
    I have an Xbox Gold trial membership that I can use. Will that work?

  • I believe one month is the minimum trial that would work.

    When there is official announcement I'll put it on front page thanks for that

  • If I do start the trial to get this, can I wait until part way through the month so as to get next month's freebie game as well?

    • One Month Xbox Live Is The Minimum, Trials do not count sadly
      in order to get the 2 free games, you will hve to buy one month of xbox live for $10.95
      but even then good price for 2 games.

    • You get 31 days access. If you choose a month that has less than 31 days, it's easy to get three games. I'm on my last day of my subscription. And I will let you know if I get the third game.

  • Yes. Wait a few days and then redeem your 1mth to get 3 games.
    EG:If you are on gold from 7th April to 7th may then you'll get the offers for 1-15 April, 16-31 April & 1-15 May.
    You'll just have a shorter period to grab the 1st & 3rd games

  • BTW, Mighty Ape has the physical game for $15 + shipping atm.

  • I have been told previously to put these deals in the forums and not as a "deal" so here you go.

    Why? Will it always be for free from this point or will it go back to being a paid game? If it's a temporary drop in price I don't see why it shouldn't be posted in the deals section. It's no different to an app dropping to $0 then going back up in price.

    • I have made a deal saying games were free twice I think before both times someone has commented saying it belongs in the forums section. I do not post too much so I just thought I would do the "right thing" next time ill just post the deal cheers

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