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So, as an experiment as an existing Amaysim customer, I tried to redeem the Groupon voucher for my current number (as I will port it) as I...
19/03/2019 - 13:32
Big call there. 1GB/month doesn't suit everyone.
19/03/2019 - 12:21
Whereabouts in the process of buying the starter pack do you enter the referral code? I'm up to payment and haven't seen it yet. Edit: Ah,...
19/03/2019 - 12:18
Not a bargain. Wait for the $1.82 half price sale.
24/01/2019 - 14:33
$0.11/100g is a great price. Personally, I'd prefer brown and a lower quantity so we have a chance at eating it before the moths do.
22/01/2019 - 18:17
If I want to port my current number, but don't want to activate immediately, is there a way to do that? The registration page is asking for...
22/01/2019 - 16:51
All sizes out of stock now
10/01/2019 - 21:43
Not if you port your number
30/11/2018 - 00:21
City Mart. Emails received as "City Mart 614".
21/11/2018 - 08:47
I received email for Westpac branded card for transaction at City Mart 614 George St.
20/11/2018 - 23:05
The map location for Allied Mart 379 Pitt is named as City Mart 525 George St. This needs to be fixed. Allied Mart only allowed 2...
20/11/2018 - 23:03
379 Pitt is Allied Mart not City Mart - only allowed 2 transactions. Map says City Mart 525 George which is incorrect. Reported. Lucky...
20/11/2018 - 22:58
Darling convenience Store, King st Sydney (Yes, still has Ezy Mart signage) charged me $1 surcharge today before I realised that it was...
13/11/2018 - 23:15
I went in today. Queues were quite short at both Westfield Concierge locations between 12-1. I doubt that will be the case tomorrow (event...
05/09/2018 - 21:43
Reject shop has this for $4.75
22/08/2018 - 18:41
I got 20% off on ebay recently and paid only $279.
05/08/2018 - 21:09
I couldn't get the app to work and asked staff for help and was given the deal without a code. The email that I received implied needed to...
29/07/2018 - 00:17
Showerproof, but not swim proof... It survived an accidental dunk in the bath.
24/07/2018 - 09:10
btw, you missed "trial" in the description
24/07/2018 - 09:07
Maximum operating altitude: 9.144m Didn't see that jv?
04/07/2018 - 20:03
I noticed it was a low as $103 from Harvey Norman before June 30th.
04/07/2018 - 20:00
> Nutri-Grain 805g $3.7 I'm going to return the unopened pack I spent $6 on last week on special and buy another. Comes with a...
01/07/2018 - 20:28
Hmm, I didn't realise that this was just a data only sim. No calls included.
21/06/2018 - 10:31
I booked a callback and the automated dialer couldn't recognise my response and defaulted to hangup... fantastic service... Not.
21/06/2018 - 10:13
So today is 30 days since order placed. Activate today! I tried. Getting issues.
21/06/2018 - 10:02
Next time it comes up, please create a bargain post for us all to enjoy.
19/06/2018 - 19:13
but why does it work at all? and if it does work, how could it be stopped with an ios update without a chip to identify it?
15/06/2018 - 23:59
First I've heard of this. Why do they stop working?
11/06/2018 - 16:36