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Assassin's Creed IV - Wii U - Special Edition - $24.95 (+ $2.50 Ship) - Beat The Bomb


I noticed that they had some good deals on Assassin's Creed IV at Beat The Bomb, $24.95 on the Special Edition. Direct links:

Special Edition: https://www.beatthebomb.com.au/games/wii_u/assassins_creed_4...

At the same price they also have Batman: Arkham Origins too: http://www.beatthebomb.com.au/games/wii_u/batman_arkham_orig...

Also as an extra bonus they have Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise for the Wii listed at $7.95 as well - not currently in stock from the look of it, but by far the best price I've seen on that game:


(I removed reference to the Skull Edition as it won't be stocked. The Special Edition will be though - according to my order anyway).

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  • Buy for my underused Wii U or wait for it to turn up on PS+?

    Decisions, decisions.


    After communication with Alison from BTB I found out these were clearance items.
    Both editions of AC4 and Batman:AO are out of stock.
    Unless Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise isn't a clearance item, deal is expired :(


      Wow, that went quickly - AC 4 Special Edition was listed with 20+ in stock when I posted the deal too.

      (hmmm, not sure why it added Store Rep either, no affiliation for me).


        The Store Rep thing is probably part of the Catch Group takeover