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TARGUS - 3 Port USB Hub with Ethernet at DSE - $14.98 + Shipping ($4.95 Metro MEL) Online Only


Found this on DSE's site and Ebay store.
Half price!!! Seen others at the $25+ mark.

note: usb 2.0

I'm assuming it is online only as the click and collect option is greyed out for me.

Applied the code for 12% off thanks to Charcoal in post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/138858
Got $1.80 off!! YAY

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  • Did not know such thing existed, ie the Ethernet port. Just wonder if it work well as quite useful for some situations!

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      Did not know such thing existed, ie the Ethernet port.

      They've been around for a while now. What are you using? Token Ring?

    • Ethernet-to-USB-adapters are not really a substitute for a dedicated NIC. Because it's connecting via USB 2.0, if you're on a Gigabit connection, then it'll be bottle necked by the bandwidth limit.

      From my experience, Ethernet-to-USB-adapters are significantly slower than a dedicated NIC (most ultrabooks sans an Ethernet port will do better via their WiFi adapters). One of the guys at work has this and his network connection is quite slow, even compared to some of the other employees on ancient sh*tboxes from several years ago.

      There's also no way of configuring all of the standard NIC/Ethernet settings via Device Manager (Speed & Duplex, Wake on LAN, Green Ethernet/Power Saving, Checksums, Flow Control etc.), the Targus adapter in the Device Manager has no Advanced Options tab.

      If your concern is speed (not using it just for the USB hub); then there's USB 3.0-to-Ethernet Adapters.

  • I presume it is Usb2.0.

  • This would be handy with a Surface - there should be drivers available online for the RT model too.

    • That is exactly why i bought this =)
      Started a new job and just got a brand spankin new surface 2 pro, only to realise there was one core application that was only accessible via Ethernet cable…

  • http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2410343,00.asp

    PROS - Portable. Doesn't require external power supply. Ethernet port is a great feature. Tethered cable can't be lost.

    No USB 3.0 connectivity.

    The handsomely designed Targus Ultralife USB Hub with Ethernet Port is a great choice for ultrabook users looking to expand their USB 2.0 connectivity options or for an Ethernet port, though we would like to have seen USB 3.0 functionality.


    Would love to buy this but lack of usb 3.0 kills it for me

  • I went to buy this (along with 12% discount codes APRILFOOLS).
    Looking at the item, it shows delivery cost 0.
    But when going thru the checkout, the delivery becomes $4.95

    Any suggestions to get free shipping happening ?

    [edit] nvm, I just read the title (was that there all the time ?)

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    Will this work on the latest MacBook Pro without ethernet ports?

    • I just bought it, it works on my MBA! Cheers.

      edit: Can't get the ethernet port to work :(
      edit 2: Had to manually download and install driver.
      edit 3: Nope, still cant get ethernet to work. ugh.

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    Same device in a different-shaped (less pretty) case, US$5.55 with free worldwide shipping from China:

      • That ebay listing appears to be from the same store, buyincoins, but more expensive through ebay than buying direct!

    • What makes you say it is the 'same device'? Having the same ports means nothing of the sort - its like saying a ferrari and a geewiz are the same as they both have 2 doors and a boot, or that an unclassed SD card is the same as a class 10.
      They might be able to do the same basic job but will likely have completely different chipsets, drivers, compatibility (android compatible?), speed and reliability levels, and frankly buyincoins kinda suck for wty (having bought from them many times, i dont if it is anything i might need to return). BIC are also EPICALLY slow to ship.

      Nice of you to point out a cheap crappy off brand alternative, but it is disingenuous to call it 'the same device'

      • As pointer out by Amar89 above, this Targus unit is certainly NOT a "ferrari". For most OzBargainers, the two units ARE identical.

        If you had both units and had compared them, showing your results, then I'd believe you. But you seem to be working off "perceived quality of Targus" versus "perceived quality of unknown brand". For some brands, e.g. Logitech, this works. But for Targus? Not for me it doesn't.

        I don't find BIC particularly slow. My most recent purchase from BIC was on 24 Feb, and received on 10 March. 14 days from Paypal receipt to actually receiving the item. That was unusually fast, usually BIC average about 24 days for my purchases, the longest I've had to wait was just over four weeks. That's par for the course for Chinese wholesalers IMO. I usually have slower deliveries from DX, so much so that I avoid using DX if the product is available elsewhere.

        • I think you missed the point. 4 wheels, 2 doors and a boot - first 2 that came to mind to illustrate utterly different - 1 is electric, 1 is a car the other classed a quadricycle.

          I havent used DX in years - they are worse

          (also - you must be quite unlucky - my targus gear has been unkillable - among others i have a targus made toshiba bag from the 90s still in great cond. 3 yo targus backpack looks brand new, not like i am gentle with stuff)

  • Thanks, grabbed one for click and collect so just $15 all up.