Your Gumtree Experience

Yes, I bag Scumtree every now and then. But seriously, what's the cheapest and/or most expensive thing you bought and/or sold at Gumtree?

Do you meet at home or outside?

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  • 31
    Meet buyer at home or no deal
  • 71
    Meet buyer in a common area (shop, work)
  • 26
    Meet seller at home or no deal
  • 6
    Meet seller somewhere outside (shop, work)

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  • Depends what the item is. If the item I'm selling is heavy and downright a pain to move, I have no choice but to meet them at my home. Otherwise definitely in a public area.
    When I'm buying I really don't care as long as I don't have to go too far.

    Worst type of gumtree users are the ones who agree on a price beforehand but try to renegotiate when you get there.

    • I do not like the sellers who say that you have won the item, but then never reply to your messages again. Meanwhile they and many other sellers do not remove sold items. Other than that the process is not bad. When selling I opt for COD or bank transfer. No ebay or paypal fees.

  • Most expensive thing I've sold on Gumtree? My Ugg boots. And I always make sure my husband is at home if people are dropping by to pick things up. Just in case.
    But, I hate Gumtree. It freaks me out. The first time I ever posted an ad (for a jacket)someone emailed me, wanting to meet them in a parking lot where they would be waiting for me in a big white van. Dude. I simply took down my listing for two weeks and then finally got up the courage to give it another go.

  • I've sold several things on Gumtree which were fairly high in value.

    Radeon 5850 — $105 — sold at train station
    an old Compaq — $230 — sold at train station
    Kindle 3rd gen - $75 — shipped after Paypal transaction
    Nokia phone - $90 — delivered to buyers house since it was on my way to work
    Garmin phone — $99 — shipped to buyer paid via Paypal.
    laptop battery $30 — met up at shopping mall

    and of course I usually get a lot of low-ball offers which I simply ignore — don't waste time replying to these. And I usually set a location for pickup, usually in the vicinity of a train station during the daytime and close to a CCTV camera.

    Low value items like DVD's and games usually go on eBay since I don't really want to waste my time since there's little payoff for the effort.

  • I have purchased three computers ( 2x $500ish and 1x$200), a speaker system ($50ish) and an apple airport router ($100). I have picked up all items bar one $500 computer from the seller at their home and never had any issue. The other comouter was delivered to my house by the seller. I just usually make sure I have a mate with me.

    I am currently re-selling one of the $500 computers, depending on communication with buyer as to how pick up will happen.

    I would be more than happy if the seller / buyer wanted to meet in a public location.

    • I buy a lot of computer stuff on Gumtree for resale. It usually just needs a clean and a format and its ready to go to a new home. I always try and meet at the coffee shop near my house or one near my work. I hate having strangers come to my house just from a statistical point of view, eventually your going to have a psycho come over and you don't want him/her to know where you live.

  • I've sold and bought a couple of things, every time I've sold from my house or went to buy from the seller's house, except one time when I met someone in a shopping center parking lot, you waste a lot of time trying to find the person.

  • The most expensive would have to be a car for $3600, I have sold more than 50 things through gumtree over the last few years. And have found it to always be the same thing. You will get up to 5 emails/calls, two out of that will be interested and one will say that they will pick it up (tonight) and never show up.

    Apart from the annoyance of waiting around for people I have found Gumtree to be very useful. The most expensive thing I have bought from Gumtree was a motorbike for $1200.

    For every sale I have made I get the potential purchaser to meet me at my house, and for every purchase I meet at their house.

    The cheapest thing I have sold on gumtree would be a set of dining chairs for $15.

    It is common practice for people to ask for a discount and most of the time I can take $5 or $10 off. I do the same thing when making purchases. Everything is negotiable.

    • It is common practice for people to ask for a discount and most of the time I can take $5 or $10 off. I do the same thing when making purchases. Everything is negotiable.

      Nothing wrong with negotiating, it's just when both people agree on the price then they turn up to your house, they try to negotiate further or even worse the "I've only got $40 on me" when they know they agreed to pay $50.

      • I agree with this although it has never happened to me. You've negotiated on a price and they meet up and skim on it even further.

        I'd turn them around and send them home. Odds are it will cost them more than $10 in traveling expenses if trip was redundant in the end. Call their bluff.

      • Yeah that suits me. I would also say no sale bugger off

      • +6 votes

        I've solved that problem.

        "Oh, that's ok… My neighbour found out I was selling x and offered me $20 more than you won it for, but I had to tell him it's sold. So don't worry. If you don't have the money that's ok, he'll be glad to hear it's still available."

        Then you watch them go back to their car and put on an act… "Are sure we don't have another $10 honey? What about… Oh look at that… talk about luck!"

        Yeah, right. Whatever.

  • I have sold festival tickets for about $250 and it went smoothly. Met at shops near my house. Also gave away a bed and mattress - person obviously had to pick up from my house but no problem with negotiating as I listed it for free as couldn't be bothered with haggling etc

  • All of this I've met the buyer at my house. I live in an apartment.

    Sigma 50 1.4 Canon Camera Lens - $300
    AMH Textbook - $100
    Defi Boost Gauge and Controller - $320
    Canon 55-250 - $130

    Very happy with what I've sold and the price I sold it for.

  • Bought a wrx start of the year for $7k, and a few spare parts since then. Don't know if I could be bothered selling much on it though.

  • +15 votes

    Sold a brand new Sony camera once, just under $200, met at a near by shopping centre.centre. glad I did as the buyer end up wanting a refund cause he bought the wrong model (that's after pestering to meet in half an hour and checking the camera with his hands). His stupid wife then started claiming the cameras fake as it doesn't have certain features that the slightly higher end version had. Got a couple more sms threats in gibberish and then asked me for my address!

    Never meet at your home, never assume the buyer has a working brain!

    • If you sell more popular items you've got a better chance of running into a nut, I've found selling/buying more niche items you don't run into these people.

  • I've had fools interrogating me about speakers I was trying to sell. Every question they ask could have been answered if they read my description. I replied to about 5 of their emails and politely added to the end of each message "please read the description on gumtree". Still they kept asking questions and I told them to go else where. After about 2 minutes I received another email asking more questions but they were using another name (I could tell because of the questions they were asking were all linked). So many time wasters on gumtree! (Decided to give the speakers to family, wasn't worth the time dealing with children)

    • Every question they ask could have been answered if they read my description

      Yep - hate that. Would advertise a room in share house, and I'd list heaps of deatails, the size of the room, the number of other people, inclusions, etc, then get e-mails or txts "so, tell me about the place." it's in the freaking ad.

      • I offered a single room once… I got a message asking if he and his wife could move in… Erm, it's a single furnished room with one single bed. Erm, no. :P

    • Yes after asking you 10 questions about the product and answering them, they then turn around and low ball you!!

      This really pisses me off. Had it on ebay and gumtree. I'm happy to help you in answering questions, but don't low ball me and offer $50 on a item I'm asking $200 for!

      • Honestly not meaning to be rascist but you find there are definitely certain groups of people who like to 1) ask stupid questions like the price (shown on ad) 2) address (without mentioning if they plan to come around) 3) warranty and invoice request (even though item is second hand ) 4) ask if you can deliver it for free and THEN when you are completely exasperated wasting time answering their idiot questions , they finish with a complete low ball offer less than half of what you are asking for. Seriously ?!

        • +1 vote

          I think the invoice request is reasonable if there still is warranty left. e.g. some phones come with 2 year manufacturer warranties. If I'm buying a 1-year old phone, there's still 1 year of warranty left which I would want. That would require the receipt.

        • yes that's ok, I meant items which are like around 5 years old, not described as new etc

  • Wow everytime I have bought stuff I picked up the items from the persons house and whenever I sell they pick it up from mine. Never had an issue at all. The only thing is when someone says they will pick something up and never show up or bother to let you know they can't make it. Not much of an issue if you are at home already, but it would be bloody annoying if you are waiting for them in a parking lot or something…

    • Same, I don't mind them coming to my house and have picked up things from other people's houses without an issue. Also have sole uni books and posted them.

  • I've purchased a pair of pliers $8.50 each, 5 m of hard rope $6, a box of bio-degradable gloves $10, a load of duct tape $15 for 10, an old wooden chair $20, a black clothing set for $50 (brand new as well) comes with mask, pants and long sleeve shirt. And also i bought an old $3000 toyota white van. It's real good. Bought over a period of 7 weeks.

    Good stuff for my personal activities.

    • Where did you buy the duct tape? People struggle a lot these days, probably something in their food.

      • These are durable grey duct tapes, bought it off an individual who worked in an industrial factory. Nice guy actually. Lucky find too 'cause he was the only one that posted this on gumtree.

        This is great considering, I will be needing it for my future personal activities.

        Good stuff. Gumtree helped me a lot - great turnover.

    • Who do you think you are, Dexter?

    • +1 vote

      What, and no bag of candy to 'give away'?

  • I've never bought anything through Gumtree but I sold an unused TIG welder for $900 about 18 months ago. Met at a servo on the outskirts of the city (I live in the country) as it is 120kms to my house. No issues, gave the bloke the rundown, he was happy as it was brand new (in the original box) and around $1200 cheaper than off the shelf. This bloke was the first caller about the ad so he must have known the value. (told me he worked in a welding shop too)

  • I bought a Genelec 7071A ( for $1000. I thought the guy was scamming me big time, since I didn't think anyone would sell it that cheap. In the end, I took a risk and the guy sent the sub over from Melbourne to Sydney. No problem.

    Startrack, who delivered it, wanted to see it since they didn't believe it was a sub. They made an excuse, such as "someone was touching it at the warehouse, and we just want to see if it's fine". I opened it, they freaked, and now my room is almost crumbled due its power.

  • +1 vote

    Sold my car on it for $10,000.
    Edit: at my house.

  • Sold my old car for $1800, most I've sold on Gumtree. Had the usual low baller offers but they're easily ignored. I also sold a $400 atomik dirt bike. I had a scammer email me about him working on an oil rig :/. Again ignored. They obviously both came to my house. Also sold a leather riding jacket for $200 which i meet the buyer at a train station.

    I purchased a brand new $600 sony slt camera, met the dude at his house.

    I'm sure you get some shitty buyers but my experience - in person is a lot better.

    • +32 votes

      It's kind of ironic that it's hard to read what you are writing (no offence).

    • +24 votes

      Dude, I'm sure you are a "clear-speaking English person", but that pain you feel inside your brain when you receive a call from a not-so-clear-speaking English person - that's the very same pain we all feel when we read your written English.

      ¡Ay, caramba!

  • sold camera and lenses, from $150-$900. I usually arrange to meet in the CBD as it is where convenient for me. If it is worth my while, I will also go to them within reasonable distance.

    Bought misc photographic stuff, random furnitures, bags.
    When I buy stuff, I will go whereever they prefer, which is usually their home. when I sell, I prefer to meet in a neutral place.

    I have also sent to interstates as well. They werent cheap either. I was surprised they trusted me enough to banks transfer $600-900. Especially a sales to Perth which took 8 days to get there via AustPost.
    I emailed him every couple of days to ask if he received it.

    I do not mind of people haggle a little, but some people offer me peanuts and sound like they are doing me a favour.

  • I have sold about five items on Gumtree, always met at a public place, though one time a buyer wanted me to deliver it to his house, which wasn't too far from me.

    All went smoothly except one time where I met a buyer who was a bit nuts. First he asked if the number I gave him was my real number. I said yes, and then he asked for my home number. I asked why he wanted my home number if he already had my mobile, and he said because I could change my mobile any time.

    Even though I had a photo of my item and a description, he thought I was selling another version of it. I was happy to just leave, but he started asking me about my work. Initially I just gave a vague answer, but he kept asking me questions so I lied and said I worked at government agency x.

    His interest heightened and started asking me more about that agency, told me he had a problem and wanted to make a complaint about them, thought they were conspiring against him, told me about all the conspiracies that were possible with that agency. I'm a pretty polite guy so just feigned interest for a while, and finally I had had enough so just said I had to go.

    He kept talking and started taking a few steps to follow me, and I had to be blunt with him and said "look, I don't want to listen to you anymore and I'm going to go". That seemed to stop him.

  • I had an interesting experience 'attempting' to purchase a 35mm film scanner off Gumtree.
    At the time I was living in North Melbourne and I had to trek out to Jordanville. At the time I was 18 and I thought Jordanville was the other end of the earth in my eyes.
    My friend and I went out on the train to Jordanville and walked about 2km to this house (it was around sunset that we got there). I got there and knocked on the door only to be greeted by a woman questioning who the hell we were. We explained and she started to get really mad. We were definitely at the right house but she decided to give this person who we were buying the film scanner off a call. She played innocent and asked the man on the other end of the phone what the address was, after the man on the phone stated his address she started screaming at him saying 'NO ITS F*&KING NOT THATS MY ADDRESS I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO MY BROTHER IS IN THE FEDERAL POLICE' yadayadayada.
    She said that we had to leave so we left, freaked out as (profanity) we ran for about 2 blocks thinking he'd be in a car or something. In our course of running we passed a 7/11 that had just been held up and police were arriving and taping the place off and yeah that was my trip to get a film scanner in Jordanville.

    Besides that I got a Kelvinator fridge that works perfectly (free), a 4.5kg washing machine that is similar to one of those that they try to race across moes tavern in the simpsons (free) and an ikea sofa ($25) and a few other things.

  • bought a Nikon negative scanner for $75
    took too long to scan my negatives
    sold it on eBay for $850


  • I've bought a pair of tennis shoes. I asked my friend to pick it up. Apparently the guy asked my friend to hop into his merc and they completed the transaction there.

    I wasn't going to turn down nearly new $60 Adidas Barricades. RRP is around $180

  • Bought
    1. IKEA TV Unit (Older, but higher end unit in pristine like NEW condition) - FREE
    2. Honda Odyssey 2002 V6 - 6 Seater luxury leather edition - 230k - full service records including major Honda service at 200k including timing belt change and transmission rebuild - $4600 (Dec , 2103)

    1. 2000 Camry - $3000

  • +4 votes

    I love Gumtree. Tend to do deals at the sellers house (although asked one person to deliver to me once). I'd be suspicious of anyone selling me something and not wanting me to pick it up from their place - especially if there was the possibility of it not working or something.

    Have never had a major issue. Just people not showing up when meant to, one slightly kooky woman messing me about by text and calls.

    Have sold a queen mattress, a bedroom set, children's leather chair, two rugs, baby bassinet, 6 dining chairs, broken washing machine and various other items. The most expensive being the rug for $250.

    As much as I love being able to easily get rid of my stuff, it's the buying that is brilliant.

    Got my gorgeous $2,500 lounge for $550. 10 months old and barely sat on by the working, childless couple who owned it. Got my $400 pram for $100. $80 as-new baby walker for $20. $99 roller-skates, worn only once, for $25. $79 high chair for $30. And when I'm done with them they'll all be back on Gumtree :)

  • sold a $50 bicycle, and bought a $100 Wii with games. Always been happy with people, and with results. Very good. Would recommend. A++++++++++++++++++++

  • Bought a 42' Full HD TV Samsung TV once. Dude thought it was a 19' and $50 was fair enough for it. Still can't believe it happened.

  • I always meet the buyer in common area e.g. McDonald at a certain suburb. I don't mind driving a distance because I tend to give convenience to the buyers. And since the items I sell are expensive collectables, they are less likely to bail or bargain. Heck, some of them even over pay me for driving half way across the city to meet them, which is nice.

    And of course, all of this is after I filtered out the trolls.

  • Sony Ericsson Mobile $210 at local shopping center sitting area

  • My GumTree Experience

    1. All most all cars on sale are driven by lady owners :)
    2. Most flat panel TVs were used in the spare room
    3. Please don't stand on the roof of the car you are about to sell :)
    4. Please put on some clothes on if you are going to take a photo of your flat screen which is turned off
    5. Just because you bought a $2000 entertainment unit 10 years ago with a pigeon hole to house your 30 inch CRT TV, it doesn't mean it's worth $1000 now!
    6. Please don't write your life history, the customer is not interested in why you got a divorce
    7. When selling clothing it's better to just take pics of the outfit alone, rather than posting a pic of you wearing the outfit. Unfortunately, sometimes it attracts the wrong crowd.
    • +3 votes

      Reminds me of a guy on there… or is it on ebay!? Anyway, he sells cars and car parts. Always has his wife/girlfriend in a red bikini pose in the photos, sprawled across the bonnets and such. She's NOTHING to rave about. Very plain, quite ugly face methinks, something about her nose too from memory. Looks to be in her late 40s. Basically mutton done up as lamb. People email in compliments to ads as a joke I think! Chun-der!!!

  • was moving interstate and wanted to sell off boots, heels and sandals in about $5 a pair. ive already agreed with first customer that was gonna meet me up at a train station the next day, but she only wanted 1 or 2 pairs, but another buyer texted me and wanted all of them, meeting me up at the same train station the next day. For sure, i would rather sell to the later customer to save the hassle of selling the rest on other day.

    so i texted the first customer telling her everything is sold - but i forgot to press 'SEND' which I only realized the next day when i was at the train station. So i texted the later customer telling her that im about to reach the station. waited for 10mins, she texted me she couldnt turned up etc etc..and asked me to deliver to her house which is far away. hell no! doesnt worth it for the time and traveling hours.

    so i opened my first customer box message and only found out i didnt press "SEND" the night before. Deleted the initial message and met up with her. Initially wanted 1 or 2 pairs.. but bought all of it except one, so i gave her free the last pair since she was buying everything. Lucky ME!!!!

  • Bought a 60L esky for $20. Will never ever recommend anyone to buy one retail.

  • Max sale: 2 x concert tickets for $250+ cause friends bailed last minute.

    Last week sold an unused camera to someone in SA (different state). I was suspicious, but guy transferred $80 + $10 postage straight to my bank account BEFORE i shipped. The whole time I'm just thinking, he is lucky that I have some morals and not dodgy, cause it would have been too easy to not send the product at all. Just shocked at how laid back and trusting the person was.

    • Some people are like that, I shipped my kindle and garmin after they had paid. But these people tend to have either more money than sense, or are simply new to the practice of buying used goods.

    • But would you ship before he sends you the money?

  • Sold my fishing reel the other week for $700. Met up outside the local tackle store. No problems. I personally don't want any strangers around my property.

  • I've bought and sold heaps of stuff on Gumtree, often multi-thousand dollar transactions too (bought and sold a number of cars, most recently bought a motorbike too).

    I don't usually have a problem with people meeting me at my house if I am the seller. Might be a different story if I lived in a bigger city (I'm in Adelaide) where the general possibility of accommodating dodgy people is higher.

    Contrary to popular (paranoid) belief, people are usually pretty decent. Noone is going to clock you over the head and rob your house under the guise of buying a $200 TV. And if I am selling a car, bike or expensive item, I would definitely want to be on my 'home turf' if something like that went down (rather than being in a car park or somewhere completely open and unprotected).

  • As a seller:
    - The first time, I successfully sold an Xbox 360 4GB plus Kinect and was pretty happy with the process and result. Maybe I was just lucky that time.
    - The second time, I was trying to sell a Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini but only got low ballers, tire kickers and a person who agreed a price and then tried to look for a reason to weasel it down further. In the end, I decided I still liked the B&W, and since I didn't need to get rid of it, I took it off Gumtree.

    I think as a seller if you're not desperate to get rid of your item, I've found that if you put in your ad 'Not Negotiable', that may help weed out some of the time wasters. Also, I think putting 'No emails or txt messages… direct phone calls only' may help you in receiving more genuine offers and improve the quality of responses that you receive. It tends to make the potential buyer put some skin in the game from the outset.

    I exchanged the Xbox in a busy public place during the daytime and where there was CCTV. There was also a powerpoint where I could show that the device turned on (it was in the foyer of a large bank branch in the city). I think I had some spare no-name batteries which I wasn’t going to use, so I threw them in the package too as an additional set of batteries for the controllers. The buyer was pretty happy with that bonus.

    A mate of mine bought a smartphone in excellent condition. He told me that when he met the seller, the seller's first words were 'You're not here to negotiate, are you?' My mate didn't intend to as they had pre-agreed the price, but I thought it showed the type of experience / people that the seller had come across in the past. I also thought that it was a good opening line from the seller, and would immediately put a dodgy buyer on the backfoot. I don't think an honest buyer would be offended by that question. If I sell anything more in the future I'll probably use that opening line.

    • +2 votes

      Not negotiable is fine, IF the seller's price is realistic. But most that put that in their ads are not. They seldom research what their item is worth. Lost count of the number of cars I've seen selling for $7000 that would struggle to sell for $2000.

      I always answer email questions. It only takes 20 seconds to type a reply and hit send. Sellers always forget to give important information. An email is a quick and easy way of finding out what you want to know without expensive mobile phone or STD call fees, or ringing to get an answering machine - and they ring and get yours - and you ring back and get theirs again… what a stupid waste of time. Also, why are people ok to list something online - that requires typing - but then refuse to type to answer questions… why switch to phone (only) is beyond me.

      The main one I hate is… "local pick up only". Really? Then go and list it in your local newspaper - not on an international website where nearly no-one in your area will see it.

      • Yeap, agree that you need to be clear, specific (preferably with good photos) and realistic too, otherwise you're wasting everyone's time.

      • +1 vote

        The main one I hate is… "local pick up only". Really? Then go and list it in your local newspaper - not on an international website where nearly no-one in your area will see it.

        I don't really mind it, although of course I prefer everything to be available to everyone.

        I can understand not wanting to go through the hassle of looking for packaging and packing the item properly, then mailing it off at the post office, or having to worry about whether or not you're being scammed, or reassuring the other party they're not being scammed.

      • I only buy/sell from gumtree when it is local pickup (and then meet in public place or at residence).
        Gumtree has no mechanisms to resolve disputes or stop you getting scammed so it has to be in person for me.

      • had to upvote your comment for most of its content but I cannot get my head around the last one you make.

        Gumtree is the 21st century equivalent of the newspaper classifieds. I very rarely search for items outside my city, and only ever do pickup + cash payment transactions on there (after getting burned earlier this year trying to buy some tickets to the Laneway festival in Sydney :( ).


          Yeah, I'm kinda lumping ebay and gumtree together with that one I guess. Gumtree - ok I guess - because it's all separated into areas.

  • I had good experience with gumtree..Bought few phones from sellers and sold gift vouchers worth $2k. Generally i meet them in CBD specially at MacD if i want to sit down and check the product…or at DJ/Myer if i m selling gift card. Also i take potential buyer to DJ/Myer counters and let them verify vouchers…

  • Mostly related to the topic - once saw a free grand piano on there - completely in working order.

    Didn't get it as…I didn't want it, but I was amazed.


      Depends if it was regularly tuned to concert pitch. If not, it's usually worth adding a bit more and buying new. Although a grand might be worth the repair cost if it's a better brand as they are worth several times a standup.

      • This was an impressive Grand - woman selling just wanted it to go to a little girl learning to play piano which was how she got it. Got the impression she serviced it regularly.

        Sexist, if you ask me.

  • Wanted a decent ergonomic office chair for the home study. Back was caving in under the abuse of repeated exposure to cheap $50 office-works specials!! Was tempted by the repeated 'Herman-Miller' deals on here but $1K for a chair is still a lot of $$ even if it is on big discount. Anyhoo, looked up some alternatives and found a guy on Gumtree selling one of the main competitors (cant remember name). Spoke to him on the phone, had about 30 of them in his garage, his engineering business went belly-up 1/2 way through an office refurb project. I went around to his place and had my pick of 30 brand new chairs in the wrapping. Cost $150 cash.

    Gumtree now reminds me of FeeBay 8 or 9 years ago. Many of the little sellers and people having a clean-out of decent 2nd hand stuff have moved on from FeeBay for all of the obvious reasons.

  • Sold - Two Xbox One, Retina iPad 3rd gen and some other stuff that I can't remember any more.
    Bought - HP N40L Microserver

    All done via local pick up, cash sale, I always give the option for buyer to inspect and make sure that the goods are as advertised.

    • Oh, forgot to add that I've sold my 2011 Macbook Pro as well. Would have cost me over $100 in fees if I had put it up on eBay.