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Bah. Ordered for tomorrow, they called me to confirm. Food got delivered just then. :/ Edit: Free food!
15/04/2015 - 19:47
Awesome. Here's hoping me3 will be part of the free games to be added.
15/04/2015 - 05:18
You can with app apparently. I just did it, hope it works.
13/04/2015 - 20:50
Didn't realise it has dropped that much. Makes this deal a non-bargain for me. Guess I will wait.
12/04/2015 - 13:04
I've always found massdrop to be expensive especially once you factor in shipping. It's even worse considering our shitty Australian dollar.
11/04/2015 - 12:00
[@CyberGenesys](/comment/2678764/redir): Which I wouldn't mind but they don't let you use GMG credit with the voucher.
11/04/2015 - 00:31
I'll be your friend for the low, low price of $1.99 an hour.
10/04/2015 - 18:44
Probably part of the FFA: Fat Fingers Association.
10/04/2015 - 17:12
How much did you get it for?
10/04/2015 - 09:33
No, I still am. Would definitely pay that if given the choice. I'm paying 80 for shitty 4Mbps.
10/04/2015 - 07:30
Read OP, didn't believe him, tried NELSSYD, didn't work. :(
09/04/2015 - 21:34
[@The Land of Smeg](/comment/2674422/redir): Hahaha! Yeah will definitely check that out, sounds awesome! Yeah it's not something I would…
09/04/2015 - 08:02
>They had players acting as DMV staff holding drivers license tests for other players at the Driving School and everything. Holy crap that…
09/04/2015 - 07:26
Jeez, you couldn't even wait a mere 8000 years? Youth these days.
08/04/2015 - 18:56
>I'll let you know if I feel **ruff** after use.
07/04/2015 - 21:54
I think they should refund that back to us. We ordered food for tonight and we didn't get it. No amount of vouchers is enough to…
07/04/2015 - 21:53
Well now that so many of us have been screwed over, how do we at least get a refund? Paypal claim?
07/04/2015 - 20:03
Didn't get my order either and dh won't pick up. God damn it.
07/04/2015 - 19:29
Awesome set of movies! Quality can be better though but for free who can complain!
06/04/2015 - 13:40
First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women!
06/04/2015 - 00:02
Reach into your wallet and hand him some invisible money.
05/04/2015 - 17:06
A lot of misinformation here. The emergency number has always been 'Triple O'. Look at your dial pad and you see to type O you need to…
02/04/2015 - 23:28
Kz m will be free on ps+ in a few days.
02/04/2015 - 09:36
Yeah what's going on with Driveclub? It was meant to be a PS+ launch game. Now the retail version is out and already dropped in price.
01/04/2015 - 21:33
Glad I never picked it up, even for $20!
01/04/2015 - 21:32
Was it hard to replace? Where did you get the screen from?
01/04/2015 - 08:16
Holy crap, that's a lot of effort this year! Nice work! Got matched with a guy who is in the penalty box. Wonder what that says about me.
01/04/2015 - 08:13
Do you turn things down at 1440p or up at 1080p?
31/03/2015 - 22:24
[@TheDukeOfNukem](/comment/2658393/redir): [You da man, Dylan!](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9lg6HqJeY0)
31/03/2015 - 22:20