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$35 Tooheys Extra Dry TEDS at Dan Murphys in SA


Awesome price for a decent beer!
AS far as I can see this is in SA only.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Gotta be the first ever SA-only deal for anything I reckon..

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    you can see the Ads and Specials for the other states here:


    The other states also have these specials. But please check for your own state.

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    Sorry SA but WA has the same deal at DM's for $32.95 so —-looks like your getting screwed again

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    $32.95 here in NSW

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    And as usual QLD wins $32.90!

  • lol, bad luck for the SA guys

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    ahhh, but in SA we get 10c refund for each bottle, so $2.40 back, making it $32.60!

    • Yeah, the so called "backward" state is still the only state to offer deposit on drink containers.. 30 years I think we've had it now.. What's taking the others so long, you only have to cross the border to see the difference 10c (was only 5c till October last year) makes to litter..

  • damn.. that is cheap for everyone else … im happy with $35 though :D

  • Nope, here in WA we like our beer cheap and our environment totalled (the bit that we have left…We sold most of it to the Chinese.)- sorry scuba

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