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10% off All Xbox Live and PSN Cards @ DSE Starts 29 April


10% off All Xbox Live and PSN Cards @ DSE Starts 29 April

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  • This existing PSN 10% off ends today, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/139568 then yours takes over.
    Continual 10% off.

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    The paypal deal gives 16.67% discount on PSN cards.

    Better then 10% + 5% (5% off Wish gift cards/ING 5% paywave cash back) @ 14.50% discount.

    Unless you brought a discounted DSE gift card - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/126124

    • You gotta wait for a code from Sony though.. which expires at the end of May if not redeemed.. and in the t&c's it says "If there is a dispute, Sony's word is final."

      I'm waiting for $40 of codes from them.

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        Check your ps3 or ps4 inbox. The code usually gets sent through as a psn message.

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        I got mine within 3 days. Check your ps3 message box.

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        Yeah, as per everyone else for some reason it was only in my PS3 message inbox.

        • Oh serious? will check now! Thanks everyone

          edit: just checked, nothing yet. I bought on Fri night though so it might take 3 business days and come wed/thurs.. Still, thanks for letting me know the manner in which it arrives. I would have kept checking my emails.

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    • arghhhh i mistakenly purchased 50 dollars paying using my credit card, and not through paypal. :'( whats dumb is that i purchased it through the ozbargain link as well.
      how did i not see paypal written all over it.

  • Well I purchased 2 lost of $50 on April the 13th and still know message from sony or email for the $10 X 2
    Checked both ps3's , ps4 on a daily basis and nothing… what is there contact details??
    Don't trust this paypal scam.. I have not received a thing!


    • Did you actually read this????? - http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/au-en/promotions/top…

      If not, do so. If yes, read it again.
      As for contact details, you seem to have access to the internet and a keyboard with some ability to type.
      There is this new thing called a search engine. Look into it, it can be very useful.

      Help yourself, stop playing the victim.

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    EXCUSE me?

    Yes I did read it and I should have received the vouchers.(i'm not a moron)
    When I go to contact sony it sends me to the uk contact (or any other nation Except) no Australian contact .. Hence why I asked for help.. everything is not as it would appear on glancing over a few words… not a victim I want what i was offered.

    Would appear your here to be a smart **** and actually not give positives to assist.

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      Right, so you noticed this part

      The Promoter will use reasonable endeavors to send the Voucher Codes to Eligible Persons, (i) to their SEN account via PlayStation®Store message, or (ii) via email to the email address linked to their SEN account, (in respect of those Eligible Persons who have a SEN account but do not have a PlayStation®Network ID), within 14 days of the Eligible Person’s Top-Up.

      “Endeavour”, does not mean it will. You are now one day past that “endeavoured” timeline. Your one experience in time taken seems to be abnormal. Just because yours is taking longer than usual, is no reason to tell everyone this is not a trust worthy offer.

      You also clearly noted this part:

      PayPal is not responsible for the promotions offered by Sony,
      And that is why you called PayPal a scammer, as they’re the responsible party?

      By claiming to be scammed by a party that is not responsible, and your inability to do a simple Google search of “PlayStation Australia Contact Number” where results 2 and 3 show you the number without having to click on a link, yes, I think you’re acting as a victim. I don’t believe you’re a victim, your just acting as one.

      Why don’t you help yourself first, before throwing your arms up and screaming blue murder and making it seems that contacting PlayStation Australia is near impossible.

  • True to my word you are a smart ****.
    Ok.. sony are the issue i correct myself on that mistake. (At least i can admit when i am wrong.. you on the other hand cannot.)
    You have no feelings and are as cold as ice… and where possible belittle people at will to make them feel like ****

    if you know the link to australia sony then where is it? so keen not help as i mentioned.

    All links i have found do not go to AUSTRALIA.

    I would contact them if it was that simple to find the contact to do so via email.

    All high and mighty when it is your turn to require help i hope they treat you the same way (ie , belittle you and be so sarcastic and give no help whatsoever.).

    • I will help anyone that is prepared to help themselves first, rather than expect others to do the work for them. To come on here and say a promotion highlighted in another OZb post is a scam, and you want others to give you information you had made no real attempt to find yourself is not helping anyone, including yourself.
      I have told how to find their contact phone number. I am personally not aware of a support email. I have received follow up emails form this address - [email protected] when I have called their support line.
      However I wouldn't expect any form of reply if you sent an email there. You would be far better of calling their support line as that is how they are officially set up.

      If you had posted your statement / question in the relevant OZb post instead of this 10% off one, and not done so with such negative emotion attached, then you would have gotten a far different response. So have a look at how you presented yourself here, aggressively negative, and look the response you get.

      Edit: I can see you have posted in that thread. I can also see that you used far less emotional language.
      I wouldn't be surprised if you got a LMGT response though, as that is a common response to people asking for readily available information.

      If I need help, first I check myself and the facts. Then I research it myself. When I have exhausted my resources or abilities, I then ask for help and clarify what attempts were made so people know what has been tried and failed. And I don’t get unnecessarily emotional about it.
      What is the likelihood that Sony are trying to screw you out of two $10 credits? About 0%. You have your purchase receipts, they can see the purchases, they will be able to see if the corresponding codes have been sent out.
      Just give them a call and calmly explain the situation, I am sure they can help you. This will be part of their billing department so you will need to call during business hours.

      I am curious, did you end up getting your Wine or refund, or was that a fraudulent scam too?

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      Hi dealmeup I'm in the same situation regarding the missing voucher codes…

      I sent an email to [email protected] this morning, waiting for a reply. Maybe you could give that a shot. Hope that helped.

      • Good fine, let us know if this email gets a response.
        I have never heard of anyone getting any form of email contact from them, and it is a common request.

  • I found the email address from here - http://faq.en.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/842/se…

    Hopefully that information is still up to date…

    • Groovy, should still be relevant, this is another one I found on a Whirlpool post - [email protected]
      Again, no idea if it would actually work.
      I have had good results from calling them, and I would suggest both of you do call. Their phone support is open 8am to 8pm, although your problems should fall under billing, which is 9-5. When I had a billing issue, I called at night, they took the details, then billing looked at it and I received an email.

    • Thanks darksorpio for your 100% help it is muchly appreciated and very kind of you.
      I have also know sent an email out and awaiting response.
      Have you had any response as yet?

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