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Russian Standard St Petersburg Vodka $28 at Dan Murphys


Haven't seen it at under $30 for a while. Not a bad mixer for Black Russian.

Dan's also have Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky for $28, but I'm not that desperate for a drink.

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    Stay away from this Vodka.

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      Stay away from this "Vodka".

      • Tend to agree. If it isn't 40% then it doesn't qualify and personally I like to store mine in the freezer which means it has to be 40% or it actually freezes.

        • I have this stuff in my freezer right now (making white russians with the discount Aldi Kahlua) - it is in liquid form. Freezer set to -18. DM site says it's 40% - where do you get that it's not?

        • Used to be 40%, then they dropped it.

          Guess their sales must have dropped significantly so they put it back? Not sure how well that works since according to the reviews they did it months ago. Hard to realise it's 40% again when you don't even bother looking at the bottle (or in this case clicking on the link).

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      Hey this stuff is ok, for an affordable Russian vodka. It is what it is, tons better than smirnoff, karloff, all the offs. Its russian vodka after all.

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    IMHO this is probably the best vodka in the sub $40 bracket. It compares well to premium vodka.

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      How does it compare to Smirnoff?

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      I agree. If I buy vodka I tend to buy this stuff

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    Russian Standard is probably the best you can get in the under-$40 range. It sh!ts on Smirnoff and other better-marketed vodkas. I have it at home next to a bottle of 42 Below (the 42 was all I could get at duty free that day) and the 42 has a sharper petrolly smell and taste. In a side-by-side test, the Russian Standard is MUCH smoother.
    This becomes a problems if you're making cocktails - the lack of a sharp bite hides the alcohol and you drink more, but neat or mixed simply, it's very good.
    Google the reviews.

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      42 Below is awful. Made by Kiwis

    • Deal for some yes. But it's Gray Goose or Belvedere for me, neat.

    • Lots of good comments for Russian Standard. I'll have to try it. Thanks guys.

      Before Goose and Belvedere I'd only had Absolut, Smirnoff and 42 Below. Goose and Bele were much much better.

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    I posted this on another recent vodka deal, may as well re-post..
    Ketel One for 45 bucks can't be beat.

    From 2007 to April 20th 2014, I was one of those guys. You know 'em, one of those "OMFG GREY GOOSEE FTWWWW!!!" guys who just banged on and on and on about how Grey Goose was the be all and end all of Vodka. Well, no. I was put in my place hard by a Bartender at TGI Friday who overheard me talking up Goose. With a wry smile and an obvious I-do-this-to-smug-Goose-advocates-for-pleasure attitude, he brought me up to the bar and free-of-charge pulled out a half dozen shot glasses and coffee + mint leaves to 'cleanse the palette' between drinks. My two friends and I then taste tested at random all of the Vodkas, and to my disappointment, found that Goose ranked nowhere in the 'smooth' test. I had to eat my words and now feel a bit heavier in the pocket thanks to it. Stoli, Ketel One and Russian Standard are indeed, without doubt, unequivocally, a smoother, better, easier to drink Vodka than Goose in side-by-side tests. I'm sorry if this hurts your innate sense of self, of defending your inner beliefs, of having to change what you thought to be true. But it's something you had to hear. I was one of them - "You don't wake up with a headache after Goose", "It's so smooth", and all the other typical cliches of those who have never tried more than a few Vodkas but still claim themselves to be a Goose expert. Try it yourself.

    "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth – nothing more."

    Crystal Head, Ketel One. 'nuff said.

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    Like has been said above and on earlier posts for other vodka deals, vodka ain't no whisky, price is no indication of taste, just marketing.

    Given we are Ozbargainers we are not snooty, we'll just drink the cheapest and be happy with our heavier wallets.


    I like this article as they enlisted "spirits experts" in the blind taste test:

    • That blind taste test is exactly what I went through. I love it! Goose 9th! My friends and I seriously thought there was something wrong with us and couldn't believe the bartender. Thanks for the share~

      After tasting the following vodkas blind with spirits experts Ian Wisniewski and Tom Innes, here are the winners and the losers. All the vodkas are widely available.
      1st: Glen's (£8.69)
      2nd: Russian Standard (£13.29)
      3rd: Absolut (£14.99)
      4th: Wyborowa (£15.99)
      5th: Finlandia (£14.19)
      Joint 6th: Smirnoff Red (£12.19);
      Stolichnaya (£14.99);
      Belvedere (£30)
      9th: Grey Goose (£30.79)
      10th: Smirnoff Black (£15.99)

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        These ratings don't make any sense. It's all about personal taste after all.

    • Given we are Ozbargainers we are not snooty, we'll just drink the cheapest

      no no NO.

      Bargains are not the cheapest.

      I rarely ever get the cheapest of anything. I get the best bargain - that is, the right product at a substantial discount.

      The products that are always cheap are often crap, that's why they're the cheapest. A good product heavily discounted - now THAT is what a BARGAIN is.

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    Russian Standard is not just the best vodka under $40, it is one of the best vodkas in the export market! Local vodkas in Russia crap all over anything we can by here (and at a fraction of the price too). So when in Russia I drink the local stuff, when elsewhere I drink Russian Standard.

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    Another fan of this vodka here. Definitely gonna pick one up at this price.

  • "Dan's also have Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky for $28".

    It's $29 at my Dan Murphy. It's only a dollar more, but just thought I'd mention.

  • Don't buy this vodka, as by buying it you support Russian economy and their political regime who invade neighboring country, annex their territory and murder people their.
    I do know vodkas quite well and I used to buy this vodka when needed something not very expensive. It's OK for the price (but not really that good though). The only good Russian Standard vodka is Platinum Russian Standard. But I won't buy their vodka anymore for the above reason.

    • I think it's quite good for $28, anyway.

      As others said, and I will reinforce, tastes better, if not just as good as the $40 vodka's

      And i'm not worrying about russian politics, in all honesty

  • Hey,

    as someone that spent 3 months in Russia:

    Best vodka was Crystal Ghzelka [in a nice bottle]
    Next was Flagman [both of which are hard to find here]
    Standard was also rated by locals as one of the three best.
    But it is a status thing as in Russia as it sells at multiples of the price of the first 2.

    Admittedly, Ghzelka was 50 roubles a half litre [at the time 30 rouble per $US = 1.66].

    Here Standard is cheap compared to other vodka. And its easy to tell its quality. I had a bottle of it against the overpriced Smirnoff black or some triple distilled overpriced duty free version. Drinking them both straight, only one made you gag [Smirnoff]. All those movies you see of Russians drinking vodka neat is because if its decent, you can.


  • Vodka O is my fave, usually $34. Better than Russian Standard,Eristoff… and much better than goose.

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