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This seems kind of expensive when I've already got 6 free Lime scooters in the shed.
18/05/2019 - 18:08
Don't go spouting logic like that around here, everybody will have a tantrum.
28/04/2019 - 16:52
Simply read the first two characters of my response if you want nothing more than a yes or no answer. I was very direct and up front with...
27/04/2019 - 19:35
It's not very nice to spread misinformation by trying to claim somebody else is wrong. Try to be correct.
27/04/2019 - 18:53
No. Look at the photo, you can see all the bits included... now look at your phone... look back at the photo... look at your phone again......
27/04/2019 - 15:41
You should have paid for a dictionary.
26/04/2019 - 13:58
I'm glad others are enjoying this bargain, but personally I agree with you. With untold phones, megabooms, an nvida shield, smart...
24/04/2019 - 01:31
What's the ruling on stuff like this? 10kg, 10 banana, or 10 transactions? If you put half a banana in a bag you could still go through...
20/04/2019 - 20:44
My level of interest capped out at looking at the first result on google, for anybody who doesn't want to even go that far: currently $49 +...
19/04/2019 - 12:50
Just do it temporarily to make a point, if I haven't in fact caught you amid more misinformation as appears to be the trend with your...
18/04/2019 - 14:47
> Who says I downvoted? Well, this isn't a very popular thread, and I suspect I have an excruciatingly accurate read on your personality as...
18/04/2019 - 14:39
100% Bargain for the improved performance and quality of life. Probably cheaper overall cost in the long run too when you add up the cost...
18/04/2019 - 13:29
You're still claiming that Seagate *used to be* more reliable, when the opposite is true. Thanks for downvoting my comment and avoiding...
18/04/2019 - 13:04
Most Seagate hate ("seahate"? lol) actually stems from reliability issues way back in the day. They've actually IMPROVED in reliability in...
18/04/2019 - 12:04
> making a (solid) joke I'm not the least bit offended, but that doesn't mean it's not just a weak joke... > trying to **censor** peoples...
18/04/2019 - 10:20
My Incestuous Lover?
17/04/2019 - 22:48
I was so excited when we had our first power outage after getting my first one of these. I ran to my room in the dark and grabbed it like a...
16/04/2019 - 22:25
By the logic in your comment it's pretty much 60% off...
16/04/2019 - 19:18
Aren't *large* fries just called chips?
16/04/2019 - 04:03
Thanks! Keen to try it in a couple of days, I jotted it down so I don't forget. 2 shots of green tea and a jug of Chivas.
15/04/2019 - 19:07
It prompts with 7-8 days to pick your most suitable delivery date. Their delivery windows seem rather broad, but it's probably fine even if...
15/04/2019 - 16:12
Get 4 of these: and 3 of these:...
15/04/2019 - 15:21
Not sure "360 sound" would even make my top 5 benefits, let alone the "main benefit". I'd argue the main benefit is portability to quality...
14/04/2019 - 18:16
The Megaboom 3 ($175) is unsurprisingly a dramatic improvement to the Soundcore 2 ($45).
14/04/2019 - 13:52
I haven't tried the Flip 4, so grain of salt here obviously, but I've owned some of the others from the JBL range along with the Megaboom 2...
14/04/2019 - 11:56
11/04/2019 - 21:33
VPNSecure Lifetime Subscription - $34.99 (92% off)
08/04/2019 - 11:32
210 x 0 is still zero. I'll sign up again, just in case... :P
08/04/2019 - 10:00
What coupon did you use? Targeted? What did it was it was for?
06/04/2019 - 17:47
If I have to drink JW it'll normally be double black. Haven't had green for like 10 years though. You're welcome for this useless...
04/04/2019 - 10:22