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Logitech M905 Anywhere Mouse $49.40 @ Harvey Norman (after Sign-up Coupon Discount)


As per subject, Limit 2 per Customer. Bought one at Moore Park NSW.
Sign-up for another $5 off for purchase above $25.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Really nice mouse! You can get 5 bucks off if you use click and collect and sign up for their newsletter. Just click down the bottom of the page where it says "free E-mail updates".

    I like to use Guerrilla Mail to save the bother of making a new email account every time:

  • They really do work on any surface but as you can read on the Amazon reviews (Anywhere MX is the US name for the M905), button reliability is a problem with these and mine also succumbed to the phantom double-click problem after 6 months of frequent usage.

    • Comes with 3 year hardware warranty right? I also have M950 and have been using it for 4-5 years now, no problem at all.

      • I have had mine for about 3 years now and it still works great. Fantastic mouse, love the hyper-scroll and it's ability to track on any surface.

    • I have had mine for a few years as well and never encountered a problem.. well actually I have, encountered a few problems where the mouse stopped working… Always fixed by replacing the battery

  • I found the click-wheel on mine had an annoying rattle, and had to give it away.

    A number of other users had the same issue:

    • Did not claim warranty?

      • Can you believe, my Dad was given it for free at a football match! Logitech were handing out heaps of products, keyboards and mouses and webcams. They just handed it to him. He had no use for it so asked me if I wanted it. I couldn't believe it when I saw the RRP of the mouse was around $60. From memory it was maybe a year and a half ago.

        If I was at any way impressed with the mouse I would have contacted Logitech about a replacement, but I much prefer the solid weighty feel of my el-cheapo $10 M205. Instead I gave the M905 to my mother who rarely uses her laptop and won't notice the rattle :P

  • cheapest on static ice. That's got to be worth a plus, I guess.

  • I used this for few year and indeed already showing some signs mentioned above. Any suggestions what mouse should I upgrade to?

  • I bought one few weeks ago from TheGoodGuys for $52

    • Where is the post then? Should have let us know.

      • Maybe it is not a really good deal. Look at this post, only 3 positive.

        Look at that past this mouse had been as low as $40.

      • Currently MSY and CPL has it for $58 and about a month ago I think MSY had it for $56, I didn't think it is worth mentioning it with only $4 difference between TGG and MSY. For me it needs to be saving of around $10 for an item (such as this) in order for to see a value in mentioning it