Zuji surcharges Thailand Tickets cancellation

Hi Guys,

I have tickets booked through Zuji for Phuket in July.
With the current situation up there, I thought I would call and inquire about potential cancellation.

Zuji wants $120 in cancellation and the amount will also not be issued in cash.
I thought Australian Government has issued travel warnings to Thailand as a absolute emergency only.

Is this fair?

can I take this up with any government authority?

Below transcript of email.

This is in relation to our converstion earlier about your flight via Malaysia Airlines.
I understand that you are inquiring the options regarding flight cancellation due to Thailand’s political unrest.
Please be advised that there is no travel advisory yet coming from MH regarding Thailand’s current issue.
Thus, if passengers would like to make changes on the existing flight bookings at the moment, the original rules of the ticket will still apply.

As per the rules of the ticket you have purchased:

Date changes are permitted with reissue fee AUD 120.00 plus possible fare and tax difference of new ticket.


   CHARGE AUD 120.00 FOR NO-SHOW.                         

In addition to above rules, if you want to cancel the booking,
it can only held as credit valid for 12 months with a reissue fee of AUD 120.00 plus possible fare and tax difference.

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  • It's not fair but the only way that Zuji will waive that fee is if Malaysian Airlines will waive it. In other words Zuji are just the go-between people - they're not charging the fee - Malaysian airlines is.
    Once MH give the ok for the fee to be waived then you will not have to pay it and the only way they will waive that fee is if they cancel their flights over to Thailand.

    You won't be able to take it up with any government body. If you have purchased travel insurance, it might pay to check if they cover this but from memory - I don't think travel insurance covers it.

    Good luck with it all.

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    I thought I would call and inquire about potential cancellation. …. Is this fair?

    yes. they are the rules of the ticket you purchased.

  • Current travel advice to Thailand is 'exercise a high degree of caution'

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    thanks for your comments. This is worse case scenario only.
    Hopefully it all settles.

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      Two words ilsan, travel insurance! >;)

      FWIW, Thailand historically does coups really well; despite what appears to the average outsider be major socio-political/military moving & shaking, there's usually negligible disruption to foreign travellers! I wouldn't stress too much! :)

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