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Google Chromecast $49 + Shipping @ DickSmith


DSE finally released chromecast with home delivery option only. Delivery is $4.95 flat.

EDIT: looks like cheaper from playstore atm, and also available from jbhifi. Links below:



Chromecast is the easy way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. It’s a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI® port on your TV. Set it up with a simple mobile app, then send your favourite online shows, films, music and more to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Supports YouTube, Google Play (Movies and Music), as well as anything on the web using the Chrome browser.
Works with Android, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows®, Mac® and Chromebooks.
Easy set-up: Plug into any HDMI port on your TV and connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
Sit back, watch together

With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favourite online content on your HDTV. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers. Chromecast automatically updates to work with a growing number of apps.

Chromecast works with devices that you already own, including Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows®, Mac® and Chromebooks. Browse for what to watch and control playback and volume using your device.

Plug in and play
Get started in 3 easy steps. Plug Chromecast into any HDTV, connect it to Wi-Fi, then send videos and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV with the press of a button.

It’s for everyone in your house
Friends and family can use your Chromecast with their smartphone, tablet or laptop without any additional set-up.

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  • $4.50 delivery from PlayStore so you save massive 49c

    • Delivery via DSE is better if you buy more than one Chromecast ($4.95 flat).

      At JB Hi Fi, delivery costs additional $4.50 per unit.
      At Google Play Store, buying more than one forces you to choose International Priority, which also increases ~$10 per unit.

      So neg-ers, there is your potential bargain.

  • I didnt post it because it is available in playstore and jb hi fi for the same price.

    EDIT: JUNE12 wont work.

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      agreed this should be in forums if anything, announcing product availability is not a bargain or deal, and its available for RRP of $49 at pretty much all JB Hifi and DSE stores from today

  • Are chromecast perfect for those non smart TV's that you want to make smart?

    I'm got a 3 yr old sammy in the spare room - pic quality is fab but has no built in smart capability (unless I buy a ridiculously overpriced wifi dongle).

    Will this solve this issue?

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      No. Get a Google TV.

      • Will check it out, thanks :)

        EDIT - Know any links to purchase? Not finding much on google.. I must fail at googling.

    • It will only mirror (some of) what you play on your android devices / desktop / laptop.

      It won't make your TV "smart". You could buy an Android PC or a Bluray Player (with internet connectability)

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        This is incorrect. It's not meant for mirroring of an Android device (although that feature is presently in beta). It will mirror a desktop if you want it to, that much is true.

        In its intended usage, a CC streams directly from the source with playback only controlled by a phone/tablet/PC.

        • sorry zfa. You are wrong stating that my statements are incorrect. I am using it.

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          I'm presently doing some Chromecast dev so can explain it more fully if you like.

          Unless you're doing beta screen casting as implemented only in the last Android Play Service update (released two weeks ago) or you're doing tab-casting from a Chrome instance Chromecast data is received directly from the source server over http, bypassing the client device (phone) completely. The Chromecast essentially just runs a Chrome web browser and a client app passes it a url to a 'receiver app' which is just a webpage. This receiver app is told by the client (phone) where to retrieve the content that the Chromecast is to play. E.g. the YouTube client app tells the receiver app loaded on the Chromecast to pull from YouTube.com, Google Music app pulls from the Google Music servers, PLEX app from your PLEX server etc. etc. If you want to tab-cast then it will 'mirror' the content but that is not the method used by apps that have built in Chromecast support properly.

          You can prove that the device is not mirroring by simply turning your phone off whilst content is playing. It will continue uninterrupted even though the device that it is supposedly 'mirroring' is no longer powered up. You can even start playback on one device, shut it down and start up another. The second device should have full control of the playback even though it's never played the content itself.

          Alternatively you can see what will happen if you block the Chromecast's ability to access YouTube.com, say, and then try casting a YouTube video to it. As the device cannot access the remote server to get the content itself it will fail to play even though the device it is supposed to be 'mirroring' is showing the content perfectly.

    • If you've got a smartphone then yes it will. Just remember the CC itself has no interface as such - it just serves as a destination that you can request an app play content on. This content is streamed directly from the sourse (so not your phone) and the initiating device becomes the controller.

    • Do some research around this and Plex, you should be able to run a Plex media server and via the browser on the media server cast to the TV via your wireless network

    • I would get a WD TV Live rather (I have both)

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    $41.65 if you use coupon JUNE12

    • How? The coupon didn't work for me.

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        Oh it's probably on the exclusions list.

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    How is RRP a bargain? 45c cheaper buying it from the Play Store

    • I'm getting slogged with a $20 shipping fee.

  • Apparently, Chromecast doesn't work with Flash Player in Chrome browser tabs, possibly due to DRM.

    Can someone confirm this?

    • works fine for me

      • Does that include casting Netflix and CBS from a Chrome browser tab to Chromecast?

        If Chromecast can do this, it means no fiddling with the modem, VPN, etc., right?

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    I'm actually going to neg on the basis of it being cheaper elsewhere. It also seems this is the standard price for such an item too. Until some discount can be applied or a sale is in effect, the 49c shipping makes all the difference .

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    Since when RRP price is a bargain ?

    • +1

      Since Nexus 4

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    Anyone know if it would it's possible to get Netflix working on an Australian Chromecast?

    • It was possible with overseas Chromecasts using VPN and setting up a static route for the device in your router so it wouldn't use Google's DNS. Not that I use SMH for all my tech needs, but I just happened to read this article that states (near the end) that this trick still works.

      You'll need to make sure your router actually supports this setup.

      EDIT: found a detailed article on how to set this up. It suggests Unblock-US service, which I've heard is ok - GetFlix is another that seems to get good reports.

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    Thank You from someone who doesn't follow the latest Google announcements.
    Appreciate you telling me it was available

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    This is the RRP, not a bargain. Sorry.

  • "enjoy your favourite online content on your HDTV." - What about videos and photos on the phone / tablet ?

    • Yes, there are apps to do that as well

    • AllCast can cast your local media to Chromecast. Unfortunately it costs around $6, and the free version has limitations.

      Also, if you have a rooted Nexus 5, Mirror can cast your screen to your Chromecast.

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    Stop bitching people. It's a bargain because it's available locally in OZ, finally - and is therefore cheaper than buying it overseas. Jesus.

    • People are going a bit overboard with the comments but this is NOT a deal just because its available locally now. It's a deal when you can get it for under $49. It is what it is.

  • Why did this take nearly a year to reach Oz? I'd wait imo till the next Google I/O

    • This was due to different partnership requirements.

  • should I buy this ?
    will there be a new generation of this? since its already been a year, and will it get cheaper ?
    I dont know what to do with this other than connect my phone to TV , but I really want to try it out.

  • The Chromecast isn't in the list of June12 exclusions.. Therefore should work? even though it doesn't…

    EDIT: Called them up about it and got bounced around 4 different departments within 6 minutes and they have now said they'll call me back

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      They are looking for the guy that update the exclusion list

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        They have just updated the exclusions list to include Chromecast while telling me on phone they haven't and that it was always like that.
        Definitely not buying from DSE!

        • -1

          Good thing someone took a screenshot!

        • Called them back, what terrible service! They had no interest in honouring their deal!

          Ordering from JBHiFi now

  • Should be noted you can get them in store as well, just picked one up from randwick.

  • Seupt my Chromecast last night. Got is from amazon for $29 and fowarded it via my freight forwarder as I had other stuff I was shipping it did not cost me extra to do this.

    Beware of lipsync issues using netflix, vudu was fine. Good value unit, but need to trick it get US contnent as the other bloke said.

    I got it to play with, but if I was gonna get something dedicated, I would get the wd hd live tv HUB from the US as it covers attached media, metadata and the US version has a DRM chip which plays Netflix, vudu, etc. I have one for my kids in the car and the 1GB internal HD has been fine.

    Chromecast works and is nice for the price though.

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