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Cross Back Chairs $69 on Sale 70% OFF| FREE SHIPPING when buying 2+ | French Country | HomeinOne


Classic French country Cross Back chair made from Elm Wood. Cross-back dining chairs arrive completely assembled and ready to use . Our crossback chair is made in the traditional style first made popular in Austria.

Home In One's Cross - Back Chair 75cm - 46x42x89cm is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining area in your home for a point of difference.

With a classic cross back design the stunning rustic quality fuses with a beautiful array of colours to create a truly stand out piece.

Sophisticated and stylish, this design is both lightweight and solid in nature and is ideal for any private and commercial settings.


46cm (W) x 42cm (D) x 89cm (H)

Seat Height: 75cm

Weight: 4.5Kg

Key features include:

Classic Cross-Back Design
White Painted Birch Structure
Rattan Seat
Iron Cross
Lightweight and Easy to Clean
Perfect for Home or Commercial Use

See more at: http://www.homeinone.com.au/distressed-natural-brown-x-back-...

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  • The maths is not strong in this one … however, a quick search on Google shopping shows this is a reasonable price in comparison to other suppliers for a similar product ($170+ delivered on ebay etc). Not sure what shipping would cost .. maybe thats 90% off as well ;)

    • Reasonable price does not mean bargain. And no one like to be fooled around with fake calculations

      • Agree - hopefully the rep can quickly pass grade 6 maths over the next few hours and amend the %off ;) here's a pointer for him/her:


        • +4

          Apologies all.. It is 70% off. Thanks for your feedback. And dont worry, I am enrolling myself in a math class now. And now my boss knows i'm an idiot.

  • -2

    This is why store reps get a bad name.

  • LOL so far 3 negs at $69, but same deal 4 days ago at $99 got 3 positives…..

    Really should have got your calculations right…. :)

  • Given the 90% off claim maybe op should have to sell them for $24

  • +1

    He realised his error and rectified it, perhaps now the negs can be revoked?

  • +1

    imo, chair looks like council kerbside-cleanup fodder.
    but each to their own

  • $52.75 via parcel post for one chair

    • +1

      It says free shipping for orders over $100.
      Doubtful you'd buy just one unless your are a cat lady

      • Cats gotta sit too, you know.

  • Well, just ordered some to go with an old 10 foot country table. Saw the same chairs on sale at a place in Frankston, Bayside (Vic) a couple of weeks ago for $127.50. Now, to see how quick the order goes and delivery happens.

    • +1

      Thanks for your Order Tuffin.

      Your order will be fulfilled tomorrow, and you should receive a tracking number shortly after it is dispatched.

    • Hi Tuffin,

      It would be great if you could please give us a green vote if you are happy with the deal you purchased.

      Thanks for your support.

  • I got these chairs a few months ago … they were $60 each (purchased together with a table) at the "Provincial Home Living" Outlet in Maidstone, VIC … (but they were not perfect and not straight … doesn't really matter as our floorboards are also not even … so it's perfect :-).)

    They are good quality chairs … would buy them again ….

  • I ordered four and paid through Paypal. But I only got the PayPal confirmation email, and didn't receive any order/tracking # email.

    • Hi Eleana,

      We did get confirmation of your order. Obviously the business is closed as it is 10:30pm. However, you will receive confirmation and a tracking number once your order it fulfilled tomorrow.

      Thank you for your purchase. Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the phone number on the website, or [email protected].

      Have a good night!


      • Thanks for the reply Darren.
        I actually received the confirmation email from your website about 30 mins after I paid by PayPal.
        I sent you an email regarding the dispatch time this morning, please let me know if you receive it.
        Thanks for your help.

        • +1


          Its my pleasure. We do have your request noted. You will receive an email once the item is dispatched from the warehouse. With delivery time, you can follow the tracking number that will be given to you in the aforementioned email.

          Thanks for your support. Hopefully we can keep brining great deals like this to OzBargains.


  • Want to get one to mix n match with other chairs… but shipping is $57.6 @[email protected]

    • What is your shipping address? If it is in NSW I may be able to organise a better rate.

  • I rang your number listed on your website and a lady picked up and had no idea about your website! Is the number correct?

    • Hi, yes the number is correct. You may try again and ask to speak with Darren, or alternatively you can email me at [email protected] for any queries that I can help you with.

      • I see the price has gone up. Can you do 6 chairs shipped to Berima 0820 at $69 per chair?

        • Unfortunately the deal has ended and so the price has gone back to $89 - Still a bargain compared to other online stores..

          We have also sold out of the Natural Brown as of yesterday.

          I can arrange another colour at $89 ex GST but shipping to NT incurs shipping rates- you will notice that if you were to make an order on the website it wont allow the order to process for areas such as NT as per our T+C's. I can do it manually for you if you choose to accept freight charges?

        • But i used your cart to check and it said free shipping to 0820, and now you want to charge GST on top of the shipping???

        • Hi Toolmaster, as I said, on checkout it will advise you that the free shipping does not apply to the NT when you select your state as NT and when you click proceed. Furthermore, we do not send anything to the NT- I was merely attempting to accommodate you and manually process your order on this end to avoid that confusion.

          GST is also included in the shopping cart on checkout as a subtotal once all items are added. If this information is not clear on the website I will take you feedback to our IT team to improve your experience.

          Should you have any further questions that I can attend please don't hesitate to contact me.

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