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I ordered with the last code and got charged telefon $49.50
22/09/2017 - 08:05
Wonder how this would perform as a computer display
21/09/2017 - 09:48
Not interested in a flight but +1 for the effort
21/09/2017 - 09:05
I was looking forward to the Note 8 but with this display it's not an option for me
21/09/2017 - 00:49
[@Spectator](/comment/5097145/redir): There are plenty of glass protectors available, even some that fit properly. I have ditched case and...
21/09/2017 - 00:48
Exactly that. I have got a S7 edge and the edge annoys me every day more and more.
20/09/2017 - 21:47
Am i the only one who hates this stupid "edge" hype?
20/09/2017 - 21:40
I made an order and they deducted $49.50 from my card despite the voucher????
19/09/2017 - 18:08
I prefer properly made coffee by hand, either Muffin break, Michel's or McDonald's
18/09/2017 - 22:23
Have they started selling proper coffee or is it still the dark water coming out of the machine?
18/09/2017 - 22:08
Exactly my point, i think the charger and cable are another extra $100 and that is ridiculous.
18/09/2017 - 10:42
[@eug](/comment/5086137/redir): That is exactly my point. The included charger does not support fast charge
18/09/2017 - 10:40
[@Flyingmoo](/comment/5086120/redir): Please explain where here "To use fast charge you need to buy a spare charger" is a lie?
18/09/2017 - 10:36
That's fair enough but if their customers accept everything soon they will have to pay extra for the packaging, sim tool,... And yet there...
18/09/2017 - 10:30
New level of greed. $1000 for a phone on special which doesn't even include a proper charger. To use fast charge you need to buy a spare...
18/09/2017 - 10:24
I was only interested in one but shipping killed the deal. One of the books has free shipping!
17/09/2017 - 17:53
Most of them are $10 shipping!
17/09/2017 - 17:33
I don't know the first thing about cars or oil. Is this oil any good?
15/09/2017 - 09:24
14/09/2017 - 23:30
You guys need a bit more imagination. Order from them a 30 port USB hub and put one light in each port. Cheapest way to brighten up your...
14/09/2017 - 21:51
Just $60 more for brand new one The difference is not worth the possible hassle...
13/09/2017 - 21:48
And the new game will have less cars then the previous version, just so there is more sales in dlc's
12/09/2017 - 11:48
You as an adult decide for yourself. I buy my kids a game and say pay $70 for it. Then the company keeps milking me with further purchases...
12/09/2017 - 11:47
That wasn't directed to Forza 6 or the poster, that was my general opinion about the gaming industry which is trying to suck out every...
12/09/2017 - 11:45
Love this new system, you buy a game just to realize that there is lots more to it. Then you have to pay as much again to feel like you...
12/09/2017 - 09:13
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11/09/2017 - 19:09
iDance VDJ INTRO Pack DJ Pack $29 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi
I have seen this here already i believe but nowhere close to as low price as now. Whole set with controller, headphones, microphone,......
11/09/2017 - 17:23
Same here, until i saw the icecream in the bowls it all was good. Then i got weak
11/09/2017 - 17:06