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Runy nose can be dangerous nowadays
24/09/2020 - 10:08
ON their bestseller it says, not on everything.
23/09/2020 - 10:27
No, there are flour, water, salt,...
23/09/2020 - 08:51
Can they just mulch leaves er small branches too?
16/09/2020 - 19:47
The more expensive the uglier. Somehow unbelieavable
13/09/2020 - 13:11
Obviously you don't know what discrimination means.
09/09/2020 - 17:31
Wonder what would happen if there was a rideshare for males only.
09/09/2020 - 15:30
Knowing my kids someone would end up in the ER so I will have to pass on this one
08/09/2020 - 22:19
Looks like desperation
07/09/2020 - 02:16
Thanks for sharing, we didn;t know that.
04/09/2020 - 20:37
That is what was normal until about a fortnight ago. Since then everything went nuts. 2 weeks delivery for a distance of 50KM aren't...
04/09/2020 - 20:37
I haven't had anything delivered by Amazon yet, it is always the same Auspost delivery guy.
04/09/2020 - 20:36
Same here, ordered items from NSW and they arrived a lot faster than Amazon stuff that is about 50KM away from me.
04/09/2020 - 20:35
That's the thing. Majority uses Auspost and from everyone else parcels arrive a lot faster than from Amazon from some odd reason.
04/09/2020 - 20:34
I am in Point Cook, 18KM from the CBD. Not exactly somewhere in the bush...
04/09/2020 - 20:32
Couriers please are terrible. When I know that a company uses them I refuse to buy from them. Never had good experience with them
04/09/2020 - 14:13
With prime, average delivery about 7 to 10 business days
04/09/2020 - 14:12
Yeah, i realize that but funnily it is just Amazon's parcels that auspost seems to put on lowest priority. Ordered from other places too...
04/09/2020 - 13:53
Hey there, am i the only one who is having incredibly slow postage times for Amazon items? Nothing arrives in less than a week, no matter...
04/09/2020 - 13:48
A great bargain. A 2014 Macbook costs that much, this unit was only releases around two years ago.
01/09/2020 - 23:46
It is not 4 but around 2.5 years old. I guess Lenovo would have discontinued the product while having still stock and decided to sell it...
01/09/2020 - 23:46
It is a brand new unit. Obviously not the newest model but it is still brand new.
01/09/2020 - 23:35
Lenovo Miix 520 2-in-1 i5/8GB/256GB $679 + Shipping @ The School Locker
I know it is not an as good price as the $499 offer a couple of months back but i think it is still worth the $679. Can't find anything...
01/09/2020 - 23:28
You guys should work on your reputation first and then spam places with offers. At the moment no offer is good enough to get people to sign...
01/09/2020 - 18:15
Oops! The code you entered doesn't exist. Please check and try again.
28/08/2020 - 17:26
Btw. price is Order Total:A$307.93. Not eligable for prime.
26/08/2020 - 17:22