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[@airal3rt](/comment/6184535/redir): You couldn't be more wrong and really do have no idea want you are taking about. Salt is Sodium...
22/07/2018 - 22:02
[@airal3rt](/comment/6184496/redir): And yours is just as inane comment. You don't need salt to live, you need sodium. Telling people that...
22/07/2018 - 21:50
I have never seen country of origin on milk, water, eggs, chips, fresh meat, bread. Do you not consume any of that?
22/07/2018 - 21:39
Why do you have a second head? You should probably see a doctor...
22/07/2018 - 21:36
Everything you eat has been genetically modified. It has either been modified by nature or in a lab. The end result is the same.
22/07/2018 - 21:35
[@airal3rt](/comment/6184374/redir): And you will literally die with to much salt.
22/07/2018 - 21:33
And by then it will only be 12 months until the next announcement, may as well wait until 2019.
22/07/2018 - 21:18
>This is hands down THE BEST peanut butter Have you tried the Woolworths American one? I haven't tried either however Woolworths has an...
22/07/2018 - 19:02
So that I can pay more because Apple wants a licensing fee. No thanks
22/07/2018 - 16:43
[@idonotknowwhy](/comment/6180902/redir) Ignoring language, why do you think it can charge itself?
21/07/2018 - 17:30
[@idonotknowwhy](/comment/6180687/redir): >will try plugging it into it's self to see if it can recharge it's self. That's impossible.
21/07/2018 - 13:59
Mine doesn't get hot. If your usb cable doesn't have a 56k resistor in it (cheap, poorly made cable) then the converter might get warm...
21/07/2018 - 13:29
>micro-usb to usb-c adapter or any other techniques? That's what I do. I have a tronsmart micro USB to USB C converter that I keep on a...
21/07/2018 - 11:35
I have the QC2 version and it can charge while being charged but it can't do QC at the same time.
21/07/2018 - 11:30
[@dtpearson](/comment/6171844/redir): Macs can and do get viruses, there are even ransomware viruses for Macs.
19/07/2018 - 21:48
[@tderevko](/comment/6172334/redir): So you're saying that the AV software provided by the world's biggest software company is rubbish?
19/07/2018 - 21:46
I've had shoe boxes from other companies sent the same way. It has never bothered me as I'm going to throw the box away so putting it in a...
19/07/2018 - 19:53
Windows has its own built in one that's free. Mac's still get viruses......
18/07/2018 - 23:37
But how will I know when the pizza is ready?
18/07/2018 - 23:10
I don't have a Dough mixer Rolling pin Pizza tray Oven (I think this is important?) Pizza cutter I don't think I can make pizza without any...
18/07/2018 - 23:09
Except the seller doesn't need to cover the 20%.
18/07/2018 - 22:53
It's the top comment
18/07/2018 - 22:51
Smoothies contain fibre however it's in a different structure compared to whole fruit. It means that the sugar can be absorbed much faster...
18/07/2018 - 21:13
I think your Google is broken, I couldn't type in the search box
18/07/2018 - 19:33
Fruit salad jelly?
18/07/2018 - 19:32
What about mango?
18/07/2018 - 19:31
What is this?
18/07/2018 - 19:30
They look like 473ml because that's what they are
18/07/2018 - 19:28