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$0 Android App: Stellarium Mobile Sky Map (Normally $2.52) @ Amazon US


4.3/5 Stars from 1800+ reviews @ GooglePlay. "Stellarium Mobile is a fully-featured planetarium for your phone. It shows a realistic night sky map in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope."

This award-winning astronomy application is finally available on Android featuring:

  • a very intuitive touch-screen interface
  • the integration of GPS positioning
  • the control of the direction of view using the device accelerometers
  • a catalog of over 600,000 stars displayed as a real time zoomable sky map
  • a catalog of many nebulae and galaxies, with pictures for some of them
  • asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for several sky cultures
  • realistic Milky Way
  • realistic landscape and atmosphere with sunrise, sunset and light pollution simulation
  • 3D rendering of the major solar system planets and their satellites
  • night mode (red)

Stellarium mobile is created by two of the original developers of Stellarium, the Desktop version of this famous astronomy and planetarium software.

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  • +16 votes

    4.3/5 stars? More like 600,000 stars!!!

  • I'm pretty sure this has been free on amazon before.

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing other people get another chance to get it for free but I wonder if this is the start of the same apps being offered for free on rotation by amazon now that they have a big enough app consumer base?

    • No idea, but not free on Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Google Play.

    • If it is, then I can't complain! The more popular the app the more chance of it being free some time in the non-too-distant future. Giving away free junk apps isn't very useful to anybody, but a good quality app is great.

      I was amazed my wife bought Swype Keyboard, when I think I had a free copy from Amazon and a 25c copy from Google Play. My wife only bought it because she was having lunch with a friend who had a free copy, and raved about how good it was my wife ended up buying it too, so the giveaways do work as free advertising.

      • You know, I got swype for free from amazon too but I don't really find it any better than google keyboard or the other free ones like touchpal. The predictions can be just as off as the others.

        I've waiting on a swiftkey sale or for it to be free to try that.

        • I just got swiftkey using some of the 'free' coins they gave away recently - did you not partake of that offer?

        • Yes I have 4000 coins but I'm waiting to double dip on sales.

          Do you even ozbargain?

          PS: How do you find it? What were you using before?

        • Respect sir!! Waiting for the sales in order to spend free stuff - a true ozbargainer!!

          Got 4000 coins myself and tbh struggled to find enough decent/interesting looking apps to spend more than half of them…so far.

          Was just using std android keyboard before. Haven't used it a lot yet, so haven't really noticed the supposed 'learning' aspects, but I'd say the word prediction is better.

  • So how to get now that I converted to amazon au ?

  • Got it free Dec 25 - great Xmas treat. Good program, get it free while you can if you have any interest in stargazing.

  • +2 votes

    This is competing with the always-free "Sky Map", which was "Open sourced and donated by Google":

    Sky Map has a rating of 4.6, higher than this app's 4.3. Not sure how that compares though, people getting a free app are probably more likely to vote higher out of gratitude.

    This app does have a few extra features that I didn't notice in Sky Map, such as the "light pollution simulation" and "3D rendering" and "night mode (red)".

    Also, if you install this or similar programs on an Android tablet, it may not work. I found it wouldn't work on my Acer Iconia A1-810, apparently it doesn't have a magnetic compass peripheral. Every Android phone I've ever seen has a magnetic compass peripheral, use it on a phone.

    • Sky Map hasn't been updated for eons though. last updated was in 2011.

      • It's a mature product, it should only need updating if the Android OS changes its UI.

    • Thanks I use skymap I was wondering if there was much advantage on this one, guess it's worth a try but Skymap has always done the job for me. Great app for telescope users and general stargazing information. I love being able to just point my phone up at the sky and know exactly what i'm looking at, let alone using it to find invisible deep sky objects to point the scope at.

  • I've got Night Sky 2 on my Apple devices so this should be good to have on Android.
    I'll give you +ve vote once I can get it to install. I don't know why I often have problems with Amazon apps on the S4?

  • Just installed.. Was free on Amazon even with oz address.. Thanks OP

  • One nuisance with these amazon apps, the last one I installed was called piano mate or something, I went to use it the other day and it refused to start because 'amazon app store has been uninstalled'. Prefer to keep apps I don't use all the time off my phone so it's worth noting amazon required you to keep it's app on your phone in order to use your purchased apps.