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8 (2 Packs of 4) Schick QuattroTitanium Blades for $8


Here is an awesome deal for getting cheap Schick Blades. Its a two part process, I did it and its works.

  1. Grab 2 packs of Quattro Titanium Blades for $18 as Woolworth. But make sure they have the $5 cashback promo sticker on them.

  2. Enter your barcode and unique 8 digit code into the cashback website.
    You get back $5 either instantly to your paypal account or in a few weeks as a cheque in the mail for each purchase. So $10 back for 2 packs.

Limit of 10 claims per person.

It was a total saving of $20.98 or over 70% off!! Time to raid your local Woolies Stores and stockpile up on razors.

Woolies promo ends this Saturday (25/7/2009).

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  • Awesome deal, hopefully I'll get in before the deal expires.

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    Wow such a good deal! (cause i'm asian and we barely have facial hair, it'll last me for at least another 5 years)

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    Great deal, just got back from woolies I will have to go again and grab a few. Instant cash back via paypay FTW!

    • is the quattro titanium compatible with older schick handles? Its either 1 blade + handle or 4 blades…

      • i didn't see the cashback sticker on the razor itself, even though its still under the same 2 for $18 offer. Didn't ask whether can buy 1 of each for $18, but without cashback, less attractive offer.

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    After getting the cashback, can we return the razors?

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      From the T&C:
      Consumers must retain a photocopy of their store receipt(s) and original unique coded sticker(s) for all entries as proof of purchase. The Promoter may request a photocopy of the store receipt(s) and original unique coded sticker(s) from the entrant to verify the validity of an entry and reserves the right to declare any entry for which a photocopy of their store receipt(s) and unique coded sticker(s) cannot be provided invalid.

    • Probably, but it's unethical. There's a lot of things you 'can' do, and there's a lot of reasons why we don't do them.

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    Considering that you basically win 10bucks, but waste an hour…I'd rather just get a job.

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      Many jobs nowadays require some computing ability. If it takes you an hour to enter in a code onto a website … good luck. ;)

    • haha, what hour?

  • Nice.

  • Will you have to pay paypal fees if the $5 goes into your paypal account?

  • Can you buy 1 x 4 blade, 1 x shaver?

    • I need a shaver as well, but looking at the cashback link, it seems that the cashback is only for the blades.

      • I was just at my Woolies, and yes, the cashback is only on blades; which is no good for anything without the razor. Though the razor is still on sale for 2 for $18.
        Not sure if u can get a combination though; didn't ask Woolies this.

  • good find…just got one…thanks heaps..

  • No cashback sticker on the blades at the Perth CBD Woolies store. Bugger.

  • thanx mate.
    i got eight of those.

  • Coles also have the $5 cashback packs, but they're more expensive - 6 blades for $14.49. Works out to be $1.58 per blade, compared to woolies' $1 per blade.

    How often do you guys replace your blades?

  • thanks bought 3 packs of blades and one razor for $36 and got $15 cash back!

  • The Terms and Conditions don't mention a Limit of 10. Well, I can't see any limits.

    "6. Multiple claims permitted, subject to the following: (a) only one (1) claim permitted per specified purchase requirement; (b) each claim must be submitted separately and in accordance with the claim requirements; and (c) unrecognised unique code(s), product barcode(s) and store receipt(s) will be invalid."

    I've read through the T&C and there is no limit.

    So lets stock up.

    • 10 is not the limit. 10 is used as an example only.
      I've bought 12 packs already and got $60 paid into my paypal account. I'm keeping the stickers, barcodes and receipts in case they ask for proof of purchase.
      I might invest in a spare shaver in case my current one dies before I run out of blades.
      And the 2 for $18 price is still valid until the end of today (Sunday 26th July).
      Brilliant deal, thanks to the OP.

  • I went to woolworths today and they didn't have the cashback stickers on any of the products so I didn't get any.

    • same, but we bought them anyway bcos even without the cash back its still a pretty good special.

    • Went to Woolies too - local one didn't have any blades, but sure enough I picked up $20 of other crap.

  • Great deal.. I did manage to get few.. don't have to worry for atleast few months… after cash back.. blade cost $1 each.. for titanium..its cheapest one can get !!! Auburn woolworths still have the stock…if someone is looking for..Thanks for the post..

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