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New Wireless Xbox 360 Controller Only $35 Free Shipping!!


Hi Everyone I have been shopping on Focalprice.com for a while now and have had a 100% positive experience shopping with them and so i my self was looking for a cheap xbox 360 controller form them because Big W and Kmart are ripping us off with an $80 price tag but anyways i found one for $28.46 US which right now is just under $35 Aus which is incredibly cheap for these xbox controllers Focal price always has free shipping but if you want registered post is about $2.

P.S these controllers are 100% Genuine and are made on the same production line as the ones in kmart or EB,


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    for some reason I have doubt about the finger pointing picture in the middle of it.

    It was on wh forums, some guy actually bought the same one from hongkong which turned out to be fake (surprise!!)

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      That finger was on both my genuine controllers.. One from GAME, the other came with my console.
      The one from GAME I bought online a few weeks back for $35 delivered.. absolute steal!

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      its a sticker thats on every xbox 360 controller its too show how you turn it on for the first time.

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        They used to be on every controller but you will find that the newer ones will not have the sticker anymore.

        THESE ARE FAKES - see my post below.

    • Yep, it's on every new controller. The sticker is still on the pad that came with 360 I bought ~2 years ago… probably think about taking it off soon lol

    • x-factors -> Yep, that was me. See my post below.

  • Guys I want a cheap wired one for my PC, where can I get a cheap wired one? (other than DX)

    • 2nd hand at EB or fleabay

      • what is the condition of 2nd hand? any warranty?

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          Don't buy mate…see my post below.

          • @ShortyX: "Don’t buy mate…see my post below.", why? Bashar was asking about 2nd hand, not DealExtreme or Focalprice, so you just replied to everybody it seems and said not to buy and to see your comment below even if its not relevant to what the person typed.

            • @Zero Sydney: Didn't read the PC bit…my bad.

              But if people want a spare controller on the cheap and don't care about quality or how long it lasts, then these fakes are perfect for that.

        • It would be different conditions for each item, and as for warranty, there maybe a short one from say EB but wouldn't be long (if any). Ring or visit them and see what one is like and ask about if there is any warranty.

        • It would vary. Visit EB and see what one is like.

  • *************IMPORTANT NOTICE*****************************

    These controllers at focalprice, dealextreme and ebay ARE NOT GENUINE…they are very good fakes and they are sometimes advertised as genuine. I learned the hard way by buying one on ebay. Mine came with a faulty LB button out of the box.



    MODS - Please edit the description - these ARE NOT genuine controllers. Genuine controller cases have the serial number sticker on them. These ones do not and are NOT the same as the ones you will find in retail shops.

    DO NOT BUY THESE - the quality is crap and they will not last as long as GENUINE ones.

    If you've bought one, try and get a refund or if it's too late, don't expect much from them.

    • From you Whirlpoolpost: "The ironic thing is that I paid $64 for the one from JB but I get $16 cashback so it works out to be $48. The one from ebay was $49…dang.", smart buying there then wasn't it?

      • LOL…yeah, I know

        I didn't even think about the rebate at the time…usually though the ones from retail shops are always more expensive.

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      From you Whirlpoolpost: "Exactly why I posted originally to get the word out. I am usually pretty clued up on buying electronics online but I really dropped the ball with this one."
      I agree, you did drop the ball, it wasn't a bargain and you paid more for something from overseas after you could have got the 25% Microsoft rebate. I don't know why you even brought it from overseas when the local one was cheaper.

      • Yeah, as I mentioned before, I totally forgot about the rebate.

        • You brought badly, some people wouldn't care if there a fake. Seems like sour grapes to me.

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            @Zero Sydney: It's "bought"… please, it's not that hard..
            You buy something, you bought it
            You bring something, you brought it

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              @ESEMCE: A person could spend a lot of time pointing out all the grammatical or spelling errors posted in Ozbargain.

          • @Zero Sydney: Sour grapes? LOL…as if I care…just trying to educate people mate. :D

            "some people wouldn’t care if there a fake."…exactly, if people want to buy a controller that they know is fake, then good on 'em. Personally, I wouldn't take the risk. But the original description said "genuine" so if they were buying expecting a genuine controller, then that's where the issue is.

            But even if the post originally said "non-genuine" I still would have voted -ve. These controllers are rubbish and not worth the $35.

        • OK then.

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    Everything from Focalprice or DX is fake, you guys should know this.

  • Stix is right, good fakes, registration information returned on a 'who is' search as follows:

    Domain Name : focalprice.com

    Organization : li pei liang
    Name : Lipeiliang
    Address : FuTian
    City : ShenZhen
    Province/State : Guangdong
    Country : CN
    Postal Code : 518028

    Administrative Contact:
    Name : Lipeiliang
    Organization : li pei liang
    Address : FuTian
    City : ShenZhen
    Province/State : Guangdong
    Country : CN
    Postal Code : 518028
    Phone Number : -755-83240302
    Fax : -755-83240302
    Email : [email protected]

    If this doesn't have you running for the mountains you may want to do a bit more research…. Just a tip!

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    the thing you should be wondering is how some two-bit crappy Chinese website gets cheaper prices than say a huge corporation like KMart or Big W or JB Hifi?

    you'll find the only reason is this site sells fake stuff :)

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      No dispute on the fake stuff comment, to which I agree, but your reasoning why is a little suss.

      Kmart BigW or JB HiFi have costs that can be undercut. While they can buy cheaper, they don't sell at low margins, whereas overseas suppliers like these dont. Our big boys - Woolies and Westfarmer's dont give away margins unless they need to. They frankly target the average joe, not the keen bargain hunter where margins are slim at best.

      They handle refunds, returns that have costs associated with it. They have rents to pay Westfield and others, full page advertising in papers TV etc. GST, income taxes, payroll taxes, workers comp, Australian salaries and so on. Plus the supplier here wants the cut - Microsoft Aust are not known for their low prices even though these items are cheap to produce.

      • Hey ozpete…see my post below.

        I think you really need to edit the title and description to say "non-genuine"

  • Does any one know if you can use the wireless controller with the PC? does it come with a wireless receiver? or do you buy that seperately?

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    Mods - please put "non-genuine" in the title as well so potential buyers don't get caught out.

    Fake controller (from DX, Focalprice, ebay, etc)

    http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/6092/dscf0941p.jpg (all the cardboard has been removed in this one)

    Genuine Controller:


    Features of the fake controller:

    1. There is no serial number sticker on the bottom of the Hong Kong packaging
    2. No batteries were included with the Hong Kong controller
    3. All the cardboard, printing and logos for the Hong Kong controller look generic with WRONG FONTS!! used, etc
    4. Flaws in the controller itself – seams not aligning (see on top of controllers), guide button off centre, 1 button not functioning out of the box, MICROSOFT LOGOS ARE NOT CORRECT AND don't look legit (missing the cut away from the 'o'), etc

    If anyone else still thinks that these controllers from focalprice, dx, etc are genuine….you're kidding yourself. :D

    • Look mate it looks too me that you dont want anyone buying a cheap controller these do exactly the same as the "Real" ones your talking about they use the same materials the only difference is that they have no serial number because microsoft arent selling them Focal Price are and we all know that chinese goods can be made without microsoft knowing that the controller is being duplicated. Chinese manufacturers tell microsoft that they made 4 million controllers for them ready to be sent out and be validated with serial no. but really they have 5 million and sell the others to places like Focal Price.com. THAT is how places like focal price and DX sell extremely cheap products.

      • No, all 'genuine' things on focalprice are actually fake. The wiimotes and nunchucks are fake too.

        They're not OEM even, they are replica fakes.

      • +1


        Few problems with your arguments…

        1. If they are indeed from the same factory (called a "ghost shift") then they should look exactly the same. These particular fakes aren't the same. Look at the quality, logos, etc in the pics. So these are probably made in a "shadow factory" by a company who got a hold of the leaked blueprints. Yes, they are made of similar materials but they are made by a company who don't care about quality. There are instances of fakes made in the same factory…manbearpig has possibly bought one of these (see his post)…but the packaging for these ones from focalprice look EXACTLY the same as the fake I bought. If it was proven that these controllers are made in the same factory as the genuine ones, then it's a bargain and I would have given it a positive vote.
        2. You put "genuine" in your description when obviously now you know they're fake. So obviously now my posts have educated you. Why all the hate?

        And finally addressing all your quotes…

        "Look mate it looks too me that you dont want anyone buying a cheap controller"

        If people want to buy these, then that's fine. I've said it before and in my opinion, it's not worth the money you save on buying a genuine controller. As if I care if people buy them…they just need to know what they're buying. Everyone on OzBargain has opinions when they vote on a "bargain". Why are you not flaming anyone else for voting negative?

        "the “Real” ones your talking about they use the same materials the only difference is that they have no serial number because microsoft arent selling them"

        Can be true…but not in this instance…see point 1 above

        "Focal Price are (selling them) and we all know that chinese goods can be made without microsoft knowing that the controller is being duplicated. Chinese manufacturers tell microsoft that they made 4 million controllers for them ready to be sent out and be validated with serial no. but really they have 5 million and sell the others to places like Focal Price.com. THAT is how places like focal price and DX sell extremely cheap products."

        Yep, again…can be true..but not in this instance…see point 1 above


    • Hey Stix just wondering though. I know fakes would be on eBay too but I actually bought one from a Hong Kong seller on eBay (a wired USB one though) for around $35 all up and I'm certain it's genuine. It's the first and only 360 controller I've used/owned but the build quality is solid, all buttons feel genuine and all features work perfectly. I've had experiences with fake controllers in the past as I bought a wiimote and nunchuck from a Hong Kong seller which turned out to be fake. The build quality sucked (cheap plastic, materials), there were imperfections and some features didn't work properly. The 360 controller I have feels as solid as my genuine wiimote and nunchuck.

      It didn't come in it's original clamshell packaging though but instead just came in it's shipping box (the seller said to save on shipping costs….whether there's any truth to that I don't know). Fakes often have scratches or marks on them even when straight out of the box but mine had none even when it wasn't in it's original box.

      One thing I noticed in the pictures of the fake controller you posted are the joysticks which look smooth with no texture. My one has texture like the genuine one.

      But hey maybe I'm wrong but here's some pics I took. Let me know what you think.


      This is the seller I bought mine from. He isn't selling wired ones anymore but is still selling wireless ones.


      Edit: I found one on eBay which looks the same as my one.

      Item number: 230341428592

      • Hey manbearpig…

        I would probably say that this is a "genuine" controller. The logo looks fine and the seams are well aligned. It may have been surplus stock made in a factory that produces genuine controllers and sold on the cheap.

        Thanks for the post…the more info we have on this, the better for the consumer.

  • Thanks for the info Stix - don't know why you're getting hate here.

    The description says "Genuine" - Stix has done a lot of research and provides a pretty compelling argument that they are not. If you want to pay less for something you know is not genuine then that's great - but if you buy something under the impression that they are genuine and it's not - then it gets in to fraud territory.

    I appreciate the heads up, and I'm glad someone here can relate their experience buying these "genuine" items.

    • You said it…I just give my opinion and get flamed. Go figure.

  • Neg for fake controllers.

  • I bought 2 from www.taobaodao.com for $23US when deal extreme had no stock.
    When I got it the packaging looked real only thing different was no double AA batteries.
    I took 1 apart to compare with a busted Ver B PCB, hard to pick but some minor differences (May come from a different production plant) all PCB marking are almost the same.
    The feel feels as ridged as my other controllers, Vibrating same, Stick and buttons are as responsive.
    I am not sure if its a knock off or not but if it is a really really good one, more likely a production plant overrun (Microsoft order 100 000 but the factory make 110 000 sometimes for legitimate reasons, warranty, QA, Samples ect…) Overrun console parts are becoming common place on the grey Market

  • DX and FP never have real stuff!

  • http://i37.tinypic.com/2d2fyfk.jpg

    there's a comparison of both controllers, one fake without serial sticker one real with serial.

    • Both mine have that serial number

  • -1

    I love deal extreme and focal price. Copies can be fantastic, just look at the $US2 apple earphones. Fantastic value. $2US vs $50AUS.

    Controller is $35. Real one can be had for $50 (based on what people in this thread have said). Not much of a saving considering you are not getting the quality of the original.

    P.S. Even if they were $20 I would still think seriously about a non genuine product in a game controller. When playing games, the buttons need to be perfect to touch, press and respond in micro seconds. I personally think genuine is the only way to go for controllers.

    • Good post mate…thanks…although wireless controllers are usually $60-$80 (without any cashback offers…which are rare)

      Wow Heaven - you going to flame this guy as well since he voted negative? :D

  • This is the inside of the DealExtreme one.
    looks Genuine to me.

    • Hmm, that's the wired one and may be the same one that manbearpig bought from ebay. As mentioned before, if these wired ones are cheap fakes, they may have been made in the same factory…so fake but genuine parts.

      Has anyone bought a wireless one from dealextreme? After having another look at the pics for the dealextreme wireless controllers, they do look different to the fake ones from focalprice and ebay. Perhaps the wireless ones from dealextreme are made in the same factory as the genuine ones. The pics also seem to show that they don't come in the clamshell packaging, whereas the fakes on focalprice and ebay come in the clamshell packaging with dodgy printed cardboard and info sheet.

      So looks like the results so far are:

      focalprice - fakes
      dealextreme - advertised as genuine and controllers possibly made in same factory as genuine controllers and sold on the cheap
      ebay - varies

      Any other thoughts guys? I personally would like to see close up photos of a wireless controller from dealextreme.


      • So in conclusion I have no proof that the focal price ones are fake because Stix your photos are apparently from "ebay, FP, Dx" but where is your proof how do i know these aren't just from one random search on google images or something also if there are real ones from DX being sold cheap why dont you believe that focalprice are selling real ones seeing as though DX are selling them cheap aswell?

        One more thing what is your definition of genuine? Because if they are the same but missing a serial number sticker i believe they are still genuine. Here is a picture i found on focal price from a buyer that took pictures of his/hers when they got it.


        • +1

          Yeah mate…WOW…you caught me out…I just googled some images and made my whole story up. :D

          Anyway, if that is indeed a one from focalprice, then I would say in my opinion that it's fake and the same type I bought from ebay. Look at the colouring of the printing of the "XBOX" in the top left. Compare it to these…

          Genuine controller bought from retail shop: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/2777/dscf0939dct.jpg
          Fake controller from ebay: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/273/dscf0938w.jpg

          Make your own mind up I guess.

          As for the defintions…I guess we are getting our wires crossed…so mine would probably be:

          Genuine - ones you buy from a retail shop with the serial number
          Fake Genuine - ones you're talking about…made in the same factory as genuine controllers but not validated by serial number
          Fake - made in different factory from leaked plans

          Plus, focalprice don't actually mention the word "genuine" in their product page whereas DX do so that's interesting.

          All that to say, I'm no expert on this whole area but just trying to keep people informed.

          Cheers mate

  • Neg for the OP being a douche when all Stix is trying to do is keep us informed. Douche.

  • My focalprice controller turned up today, the genuine microsoft hologram is slightly different but apart from that it is identical to the controller I got with my 360 right down to the serial number and the little rolled up piece of paper where the battery goes. The packaging is very convincing and all the buttons etc feel exactly like the one I got with my console, I am pretty certain these are genuine.

    • +1

      Yeah maybe they are, I have 2 of them one in a replacement case (and they look feel exactly like my other ones, knock offs are never this good).

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