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Civilization V: The Complete Edition, PC/Mac - US$12.49 [Mac Game Store]


Lowest price ever, according to isthereanydeal.

Even though it's a Mac store, Civ V is a Steamplay game so the key can be redeemed to Steam on Windows too, no problem.

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    "Even though it's a Mac store, Civ V is a Steamplay game so the key can be redeemed to Steam on Windows too, no problem."

    Even though you wrote this, be prepared for the flood of comments from people asking exactly this.

    It's a great price for the complete Civ 5 edition, but there are the Steam summer sales coming up soon and it may be even cheaper.

    • Well, I tried!

      Could be, true. Doubt it'd go below $10, though.

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      Don't think it'll go lower than 75% off in Steam, not to mention we have a $30 Australian premium on our Complete Edition.

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        Most of the large stores, like GMG, seem to have regional prices too. Mac Game Store doesn't seem to have any such limitations, which is nice.

    • I would jump on this deal. I too doubt it will get any cheaper for at least a year and as others mentioned it is usually sold online with an "Australia tax" bonus.

  • awesome find

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    It was around 10 AUD in the last deal through Steam Russian Store.

    NB Civ V now runs on Linux and SteamOS.

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      I would probably rather buy it through something like this than use a VPN/proxy to buy off the Russian Steam site. I think Steam gets a bit iffy about doing things like that and may potentially ban those who do.

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    I was just about to by Brave New World in EB Games today for $28, until the guy told me to wait for the Steam Sale. I figure, I'll just wait jump off the ship for this! Pretty cheap.

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      I reckon you should just go for this. Steam's base price for BNW is $50, so with the 75% off, you'll get a single expansion, whereas here, you get the whole lot.

  • Bigger bought this for $27 on Steam a few days ago :(

  • Even though it's a Mac store, Civ V is a Steamplay game so the key can be redeemed to Steam on Windows too, no problem.

    There is a HUGE problem!

    Unless they've changed it recently, Steam keys can only be viewed using the MacGameStore App.

    Edit: Activating a game on Steam

    • If you're logged into the site, you should also be able to find your Steam key in the list of your games in "Account". Then just copy it out to use in Steam - no need to download the app.

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    Just installed on Win7/Steam. Note that this overwrites your old install of Civ 5 (with no addons). For Civ 4 I have 4 games listed in steam for each expansion, but only the 1 for Civ 5. Old game saves are still available.

  • This includes brave new world & other dlc's? & can it be played on steam pc?

    • Yes

      • :D, in that case ty vm, i was legit just angry at myself for missing the steam sale, but now :D

  • Seemed to work with my PC Steam (haven't downloaded and installed yet, but the key activated fine).

    EDIT: Also of note, all the mentioned DLC is listed as installable as well.

  • Got it, it worked fine on Windows. Just after I finished my paypal purchase they showed the Steam Key. Easy. Good find OP.

  • Thank you very much star chasm, great deal.

  • Am i too Late, its telling me, that it's 24.49

    • Yep, we're too late. :(

      Saw this post yesterday morning, had to go into work so thought "it's ok, I'll grab it this evening", and the deal had expired by the time I had the chance to check back last night. I have the base game already - just after the DLC.


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    Crap, how'd I miss this one!

    I haven't bought a Steam game for more than 2 years, the only game I'd possibly break that for is Brave New World DLC ….. how'd I miss this one ….

  • nevermind

    • It'll be back on sale, certainly now the new Civ is in production.

      • After doing some reading I bought the BNW expansion from this site. The only thing missing from the G&Ks expansion is some of the new civs/leaders, and I'm sure this will turn up on sale at some stage. BNW has all of the new game concepts from G&Ks so not missing much.

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    Thanks OP, great deal. sorry for the late reply/comment, but I just pulled the plug on a very long (many years) steam hiatus on this game. thanks again, great find. I just wish I bought more for friends/family, or to giveaway to someone on ozb.

    And as c0balt and LongJohn92 said/mentioned up above in their posts, for those who missed it keep an eye out for the steam summer sales (which should be hopefully coming up soon, our summer here is their winter right? lol or something like that lol)and pray/hope you get a good deal on there.

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