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Colgate Total Mint Waxed Dental Floss 100m - $3.99 (Save $4.80) @ Coles


Never know when you're going to need extra dental floss so I grabbed a couple of these to get my Flybuy bonus points. Could be useful for other non-conventional uses like cutting through delicate stuff (cakes, cookie dough, soft cheeses) or as an emergency hair tie??! ;-)

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  • +3 votes

    i love flossing

  • +1 for the description

  • Great for sewing up torn back pack or tent in an emergency. Use anywhere you could use a strong tie. JoyV

  • or could be used to disarm a bomb.. if you are Macgruber

    • haha.. I assume the neg is for the macgruber movie.
      I wish I could get those 90mins of my life back.
      But the snl macgruber skits are classic imo.

  • +3 votes

    Is floss normally close to $10 now, haven't bought some in ages, wife usually gets it.
    Pretty expensive string.

    • Rich man's floss is. I buy the 100m OralB one. I think it's around that price normally $4 or $5. I can't remember since I always buy on special.

      Anyway, I'm off to get me some of the good stuff today. It's the high roller lifestyle for me now :)

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    Ozbargainer survival tip: Re-use fabric string from used clothing that is destined for the bin. A normal t-shirt will give you years of flossing supply! This might not be for those who want fluoride or whatever thing they advertise their floss to have. If I want fluoride, I can toothpaste.

    Cost: Free

  • +3 votes

    Tempted to neg, just cut some $30 Brie I have been saving, tastes like mint. Oh wait… omg…MINTY FRESH!

  • OzBargain, you've done it again!
    Time for the biennial floss hoarding.

  • sold out @ coles hyperdome

  • Could somebody who's already opened theirs please let me know if it's round string or flat tape style? I haven't opened it yet but suddenly remembered I can't use the round stuff as my teeth are too close together. The package doesn't say anything about what type of floss it is. If it's the round stuff, I can still return it.