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50% off All Subscriptions to The Age and SMH for 6 Months Starting from $7.50/Month


yeah yeah yeah- so you can get around the 30 article limit by using private browsing… but eventually fairfax will go out of business and we'll be stuck with Murdoch being the only major game in town.

$7.50/month is decent value I think for theage.com.au content- hopefully if their revenue picks up they won't feel as much pressure to scrape the bottom of the barrel and compete with news.com.au for click-bait content.

We get the media we deserve…. and if we aren't paying for it, we can't complain when it's terrible/corrupt/lazy/stupid.

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    Also available for Sydney Morning Herald:

    Better than the 50% off three months offer since I now don't need to cancel my subscription before the third month ends!

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    We need more media diversity.

    I think Syd and Melb are the only 2 capital cities where Murdoch press isnt the only presence?

    I guess sometimes, we have to put our money where our mouth is.


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      Brisbane has fairfax's brisbane times. Granted its only online - still more relevant for qlders than SMH or god forbid reading the courier mail.

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      Couldn't agree more. I had their print subscription for a while, but the crappy local newsagent kept leaving it on the footpath where it'd get nicked within 10min.

      Signed up again. Their photography club is also pretty good, they have monthly photography assignments, and the benefit to them is they get a bunch more photo's they can publish instead of paying Getty.

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    Agreed, $7.50 sounds more than fair to me. For quality journalism.

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    IMHO it's still not that cheap.
    The tablet app appears to deliver the whole paper for free.
    This is as it should be. They've cut out the printing & delivery costs.
    They're still hitting you with ads, which should be more then enough to cover costs.

    I just gave up my Age $5.50/wk for 7 day delivery as it's mostly rubbish.
    The letters page was about the only worthwile read.
    The reporting is fairly lazy & predictable. Rather then well researched & hard hitting,
    it's mostly tabloid-style screaming headlines, cheap beat ups and my favourite, media releases passed off as journalism.
    If you're left leaning you're better off with The Guardian, Crikey or the ABC websites.

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      It's a vicious cycle. Earn no income = no money to pay decent journalists to gather interesting 'quality' stories. This then translates into click-bait and advertorial content aimed at gaining income. The Age will soon morph into (if it hasn't already) another tabloid that is as close to a newspaper as Pitbull is as an music artist.

      In the meantime right click, open in new incognito window.

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      You lost me when you used "then" for "than"

    • I agree… give me the internet any day!!!

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    I think there was industrial action there recently (last month?) cos of forced redundancies.

    And I seem to recall, something about their photographers section being gutted.

    ie. they are in trouble and need all the help they can get.

    I would be sad if they had to shut down.

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    I agree with the need to maintain and pay for quality journalism so I signed up for the $12.50 weekend papers and unlimited digital access.

    At the risk of asking a stupid question… Is there an iphone app for this? I got the ipad one but can't find the iphone one anywhere.


    • Guess they just expect you to use m.smh.com.au or m.theage.com.au

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      Apologies for burying that information way down in the first sentence of the deal.

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    That's 25c a day or roughly 2-3 cups of coffee if you drink coffee.

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    "We get the media we deserveā€¦. and if we aren't paying for it, we can't complain when it's terrible/corrupt/lazy/stupid"

    True dat.

  • -3

    They can get stuffed.

    I never received my Rebel voucher.

    • +6

      Um, that was the Herald-Sun … Murdoch paper, not Fairfax.

      • +3

        to be fair, he's correct- Fairfax didn't send him a voucher either.
        The fact that they weren't offering vouchers in the first place is just being pedantic.

    • Clearly you're lacking the comprehension to know it was the Herald Scum that had the offer.

  • Poor Eepies..didn't get his voucher!!! - that's why it's not a good deal?

  • Dp you think I could get the weekend smh drlivered as part of this deal even though I live in Adelaide? If not then the age?

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