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Spend $65 on Selected Brands at Priceline and Receive Bonus Goody Bag Valued at $340


Spend $65 on products across the brands listed below to receive a skincare goody bag. Valid 19-22 June or whilst stocks last. Instore only, not currently available online.

Selected Brands include: Chapstick, Thursday Plantation, Yes to Carots, BE, Swisspers, Neutrogena, Model Co, Palmer's, Nivea, Bondi Sands, Biore, Montagne Jennese, Suvana, Sukin, Manuka Doctor, Simple, Dr Lewinns, Puretopia, Sanctuary Spa, Avene, Fuss Free Naturals, Antipodes, Burt's Bees, Modelsprefer, HOPES relief, Derma Sukin

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    • Water (g) 90.95 Energy (kcal) 32 Protein (g) 0.67 Ash (g) 0.40 Total lipid (g) 0.30 Carbohydrate (g) 7.68 Dietary fiber (g) 2.0 Sugars (g) 4.89 Sucrose (g) 0.47 Glucose (g) 1.99 Fructose (g) 2.44 Calcium (mg) 16 Iron (mg) 0.41 Magnesium (mg) 13 Phosphorus (mg) 24 Potassium (mg) 153 Sodium (mg) 1 Zinc (mg) 0.14 Copper (mg) 0.048 Manganese (mg) 0.386 Selenium (mg) 0.4 Vitamin C (mg) 58.8 Thiamin (mg) 0.024 Riboflavin (mg) 0.022 Niacin (mg) 0.386 Pantothenic acid (mg) 0.125 Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.047 Folate (mg) 24 Choline (mg) 5.7 Betaine (mg) 0.2 Vitamin B12 (mg) 0 Vitamin A, RAE (mg) 1 Lutein รพ zeaxanthin (mg) 26 Vitamin E, a-tocopherol (mg) 0.29 b-tocopherol (mg) 0.01 g-tocopherol (mg) 0.08 d-tocopherol (mg) 0.01 Vitamin K, phylloquinone (mg) 2.2

      If you list the make up of virtually anything it can give people a 'what the hell are they putting in this' state of mind. The above listing is the make up of 100grams of strawberries but list it out like that and it can scare people.

      Just because something is a chemical doesn't make it scary and dangerous, water is a chemical.

      • Wish I could vote for this reply more. Best not eat any apples they contain cyanide.

  • I've called up and there's still no ETA on the online version of the bag… which hopefully won't lead to them canning it all together.

    Cuz I mean, going outside? Cold. Cooold. And who doesn't like MAIL! =D

  • I just scored myself a bonus Goody Bag from purchasing Manuka Doctor products. A lot of full sized products in the bag and very surprised Priceline now stocks Manuka Doctor which I first encountered in NZ.

    • Can I ask what you think of the bag? Is it worth it? thanks!! :)

      • I got one today and i was pretty surprised, about 90% of the items were full size products. The items that were sample or mini sized from memory were Dr Lewinn's eye cream (15grams), the Avene Thermal water spray, the Montagne mask and the Antipodes night cream (15grams). Hope that helps!

        • Great value but I've been hearing a few people were missing Dr Lewinn's from their bag completely.

        • Thanks so much for sharing! It sounds great!! :))) I think you may have just sold me into it! :)

  • Thanks, I am a sucker for these!

  • Now available ONLINE! Be sure to add the gift bag to your cart as it doesn't add itself automatically once you qualify.


  • Anyone know where you can find a specific item list for the bag? Want one but not sure if I should get one yet.

    • I don't think there's a list anywhere of the items in the actual bag exactly as there has been a slight bit of variation between peoples bags going off the beauty forum I'm a part of. But I would say at least 80% of what you see in the picture is exactly what you get, allowing for a few item to maybe be swapped out for other things (there's a disclaimer for that on all the ads). I took the plunge and got it, I'm not usually a sucker for gifts with purchase but going off 2013's this was not to be missed. I got mine online so can't comment on the contents. Here is a member's pic of the items received. http://images2.beautyheaven.com.au/system/posts/584417/image...

      • Thanks, I happen to have just found the thread with that myself :) And judging by that I don't think I can pass this up!


    Hi guys as above just a note to let you all know the goody bag is now available online with qualifying purchases. Apologies for the delays!

    • Hi :) are they putting any more Online for Sunday? Or do I have to go in store?


        stocks have been totally depleted for the on-line store, you will need to go in-store. Would recommend ringing ahead to check if they have any bags left.

        • Thanks!! :) i picked one up, but now my sister wants one! On the label of the goodie bag its says that the deal is available until 30 June but online it says 22 June. Can I still pick one up in store if they have some tomorrow? Thanks :))))))


          Hi imissbeans :)
          If the store still has stock the offer is still valid with qualifying purchase.

  • I got mine lastnight from priceline lilydale and it's amazing. A HUGE goodie bag. Darn Priceline always gets me in the door with these promotions

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    Went with the wife today and got this from Priceline Doncaster Westfield.
    She just opened up the bag. It's fabulous. What a great deal.
    We didn't even hit A$65, just about at A$63.90 and the store manager said it was fine.

    This must have been one of the best offers we've had from Priceline.

  • Got one this morning. A few left in robina. Really good value because there would only be a few things I wouldn't use.

  • Late feedback but I got mine in the mail - amazing. Got absolutely every variation I was hoping for. The burts bees hydration mask, the antipodes night cream and dr lewinns night cream as well. Had great luck with it, and the fam are enjoying all the other bits and pieces as well