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Thanks for that! Your instructions worked great for mobile!
28/05/2020 - 10:23
Where do you go after clicking the apply now link on FB? I can't seem to see anything to fill out
27/05/2020 - 20:40
This has happened to me once. I called them up and they reissued the loyalty credit with a new expiry. But unfortunately you'll probably...
27/05/2020 - 19:04
Thanks so much dv1den! Just received confirmation for pick up.
27/05/2020 - 17:00
BCF 20% off Storewide Sale
BCF 20% storewide sale, not sure of exclusions but the prices I can see are discounted. Perhaps good opportunity for those with $20 store...
27/05/2020 - 16:49
I'm using ANZ with no account fees, but they don't have a rewards program so I'm considering making a switch.
27/05/2020 - 16:21
I'm old fashioned but I like hand written cards, thanks dealbot
27/05/2020 - 15:34
Is it worth signing up for a comm bank debit card for rewards?
27/05/2020 - 14:37
Thanks Op!
27/05/2020 - 11:15
Thanks, I only have my credit card in there, so I assume that means I don't have any credit left?
26/05/2020 - 17:40
Does anyone know how to find out how much credit you have left on your account before you have to start paying with your credit card? I...
26/05/2020 - 17:04
Used surfsiren85 Mine:
21/05/2020 - 14:23
Thanks OP, been waiting for this. I have a weakness for Shapes Vegemite & Cheese
19/05/2020 - 01:38
Thanks for this OP, haven't had these for a while as have opted for ones without added sugar but the lemon flavour is amazing in the...
17/05/2020 - 15:50
Horrible company to deal with. In my experience with Circles Life there are serious issues beyond reception and speeds. They continued to...
17/05/2020 - 13:25
Virgin Australia domestic Reward Seat and Any Seat bookings have re-opened for travel from 1 September 2020 to a limited number of...
15/05/2020 - 14:23
Shop Woolworths Cook Range and Get 10x Bonus Points @ Woolworths (Activation Required)
Shop the Woolworths COOK range and scan your Rewards card for 10x points. Offer ends Thursday, 11th June.* Possibly useful for stacking...
15/05/2020 - 14:09
How long does it take to receive the eGCs from AGL?
14/05/2020 - 21:22
It says "voucher will be loaded to your account on 19.05.20" which makes me think it's loyalty credit.
14/05/2020 - 21:20
$10 off Min $150 Spend Pickup @ Woolworths Online
Terms and Conditions $10 off your next Pick up shop *Offer valid from 00.01 AEST 13/5/2020 until 23.59 AEST 17/5/2020 with minimum spend of...
12/05/2020 - 18:50
I haven't received deal like this since last year, and my weekly spend is $200+. I probably won't get another decent deal if I keep that up.
10/05/2020 - 15:08
Sportcraft which I believe is linked to Saba have a similar deal with free shipping for VIPs. Thanks for sharing, managed to pick up a...
09/05/2020 - 22:25
I only purchased a card which I converted into the stores egift card for online use (ie not a digital MasterCard). I should be able to do...
09/05/2020 - 22:23
Thanks TA! Got one, this will be great for the next road trip
09/05/2020 - 16:52
I managed to convert into the retailer's egift card tonight. It was pretty smooth process, however I haven't spent the egift card yet. Did...
08/05/2020 - 20:30
Bought a digital gift card, filled out a form selecting the type of retailer gift card I'd like to convert it to (instore or online) and...
08/05/2020 - 17:05
Thanks I've read all the comments, it's quite mixed but I'm willing to give it a go.
08/05/2020 - 15:55
I'm looking at buying the HER gift card which has some online retailers, so I was thinking of converting it. From their website you swap...
08/05/2020 - 15:14
Thanks OP, tempted to buy a few gift cards, anyone have experience converting the gift card to use online at a retailer, was it a smooth...
08/05/2020 - 15:01
Thanks OP, but probably targeted as doesn't work for me
07/05/2020 - 21:48