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Game of Thrones Season 4 @ Google Play $20.99 SD $24.99 HD


Looks like a special on at the moment. $8 off the SD and $10 off the HD versions. Includes extra episodes.

(My first bargain post though been around for years so be nice)

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  • How do you get the HD version? EDIT: NVM, I found out (just click the purchase button and the option comes up.)

    Been waiting for this. Thanks, OP.

  • What's the resale value on these, can they be traded like a gamekey?

    • I don't think you can resell them, in the conventional sense. The purchase is linked to a Google account, for playback on Google services, rather than selling a download key to external content.

      You'd have to create a Google account and 'sell' the username and password to the buyer. Not the most convenient arrangement.

  • Great find OP, was planning on buying anyway so you saved me $10 :)

  • Can you download it for offline playbacks?

    • No I don't think so

    • You can, but only on Android devices. Offline playback on PC is not possible.

      Also note that although you can watch the content (online) on a PC via Chrome, it will only stream SD content. In order to view HD content you need to use an android device as well.

      The easiest way to stream it (in HD) to your TV is to use Chromecast (which is a cheap google product) and an andriod phone. With that setup it's actually very easy. Coincidentally I was trying trialing this very setup last night as a test. The HD quality is alright - Not stellar, but not poor either (and it will never compare directly to a bluray) and the streaming service was prompt and lag free.

      I can see myself using it more often.

      EDIT: I should also add that the Google Play prices are competitive, and almost always cheaper than physical. The downside is of course that you don't get a physical copy.

      • Stream via YouTube on an Android device to a Smart TV/BD Player capable of running YouTube. :) No need for Chromecast.

      • Its all very complicated and frustrating. I know some people buy blu-rays, but also download the torrent to get a clean DRM-free version guilt-free.
        You might apply the same logic to google-play, which is even more-DRM-encrusted.
        Remind me again what is this DRM is supposed to do? It is stopping piracy, or driving people towards it?

      • Offline playback on PC is not possible.
        Also note that although you can watch the content (online) on a PC via Chrome, it will only stream SD content. In order to view HD content you need to use an android device as well.

        I wish I knew that before buying.

    • Yes you can, via Google Play Movies on your mobile device. The series also becomes available on YouTube for your account.

      I have found a trick to viewing the HD version on TV via streaming. But you need a smart TV/BD player that can accept YouTube pairing.

      YouTube won't let you stream HD to your PC/TV, but if you pair your phone with your TV/BD player, you can stream from your phone to your TV and watch the HD version.

    • So for example, can I download the entire series from Google Play store onto my Macbook Pro laptop (which has Plex media server installed), then use it to cast to Chromecast on my TV? Or can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone (also has Plex installed) to cast to Chromecast on my TV?

      • Unfortunately you cannot download to any non android device, and I don't think you can integrate it with Plex in any way. (I could be wrong)

        You andriod device becomes the client(rather than plex), and for the most part you will be streaming online.

        • Ah right, thanks lostkiwi. Guess it's no deal for me. Not going to watch it on the tiny smartphone screen, and I only want to watch it offline later on in my own convenience (not on my internet off-peak hours).

    • Thanks for all your valuable replies. No wonder I see "Note: HD playback is not supported on this device." when I try to buy the HD version on my PC.

  • You can only download it inside Google Play Movies - which doesn't seem to allow streaming to another device.

    Everything else is streaming from the net.

    • It might not be what you're looking to do but you can stream directly from internet to TV with Chromecast.

  • Good price. It's also a pretty quick drop considering it only became available last week. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but maybe Google and Quickster only had a very limited exclusive window over other digital stores, in particular iTunes, and they're trying to get what sales they can before the series ends up on there?

    • iTunes will likely only have it for sale when the DVD/BluRay release happens. I was tempted to wait till then as I could then download and play it on multiple devices offline. But when I saw the price drop to $25, I figured I could survive not having a downloaded version outside of Google Movies.

  • For those who want seasons 1-3 combo which are reduced to $54.99 for SD or $61.99 for HD. I wish there are seasons 1-4 combo at reduce prices also. Maybe when season 5 comes out.

  • OK, this was interesting. I have been thinking about moving to online for some time, and as mentioned in my earlier post, was testing the service only last night.

    However I've done some price comparisons against JB HiFi for shows on my 'wishlist', and the difference it quite a surprise.

    Bear in mind that JB Hifi currently has 20% of DVD & Bluray. All measurements below are for the highest quality versions (Bluray for JB, HD for Google Play). It also doesn't include JB delivery
    Here are the results:

    Mad Men Season 6 : JB $31.98, Google $31.49
    True Detective : JB $31.98, Google $22.99
    House of Cards Season 2 : JB $27.98, Google $37.99
    Falling Skies Season 2 : JB $23.98, Google $22.49
    Falling Skies Season 3 : JB $31.98, Google $54.49

    In 3 cases the prices are very similar.
    In 1 case Google Play was cheaper by $10
    In 2 cases JB Hifi were cheaper, on case by $10 and on case by $20 (prices rounded).

    Overall JB Hifi ended up being the cheaper option for the physical blu-ray discs.

    • Of course you could wait till GoT Season 4 is released on BluRay and then get it on special. It's all about how long you're willing to wait. :)

      Personally, I prefer iTunes because I can download it and use my AppleTV to watch it off my media library. Not having that with Google Play will always push me towards iTunes - even though we're an "Android" house… the easy AppleTV - iTunes Libary setup makes it my #1 choice over having to find somewhere to store yet more TV Series BD's (which I buy for movies at $10-$12 from JBHifi or Sanity on specials).

  • if it were under 20 I could have used my Telstra credit… I wish Telstra would remove the $20 limit!

  • This may be slightly off topic but can anyone please help with a problem I'm having with this? I've never bought movies/TV from Google Play before.

    When I select to play an episode, a YouTube-looking window pops up and it looks like it's about to start. It displays the message "Video format not supported" for a moment followed by "An error occurred please try again later".

    I'm using Windows 7 and Chrome (it actually works in Firefox - I just don't like using Firefox). I've tried clearing cookies, setting DNS to the Google DNS servers, and using Incognito mode. Thanks in advance.

    • It doesn't work on Chrome - I think it is to stop Chromecast? Doesn't work on Chrome on my Samsung S4. You have to use another browser or the Youtube app on a mobile device.