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35 Popular Udemy Courses Worth $3500 for FREE


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    Wow, just saved myself $3500…

    Now what can I spend it on ???

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      I don't intend to complete any of these courses… dang, that means I just wasted the $3500 I saved

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        Too bad for the people that had genuine interest that miss out when the coupon reaches its maximum number of uses per course.

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          Dont worry, it was a joke. I didnt actually sign up to any of them. In fact I'm yet to sign up for a single Udemy course cause I dont think the quality is all that great, and also I'm lazy.

        • Quality varies from course to course. Some courses, the instructor might be bad at explaining things or the content is more fluff than substance. I've taken 3-4 courses now and I've gotten a lot out of some of them.

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          which ones

        • going by those numbers I think blurn means he got a lot out of part of one course.

        • for those who miss out - you snooze you loose

  • Good set of courses. Thanks OP

  • THX

  • Thanks now I need the time to do these…

  • So cut! I paid $10 for one of these courses in the recent deal :(

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    Thanks! I took only one that I was actually interested in… Wordpress for beginners :)

  • Time for a career change. Thanks.

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    That "Project Management Professional" course is taught by a guy who dropped the mike when he started recording the preview video (have a listen!). That means he wasn't organised enough to set up the mike before he started, and he has no Quality Assurance process in place to check for mistakes in the video. For a guy teaching Project Management, those are pretty bad signs.

    The company who have come up with this batch of courses don't list the names or qualifications of the people who wrote the course; if you sign up for it bear in mind that it could all be wrong. There's no guarantee that it's any better than asking a drunk dude down the pub his opinion on project management/software estimation/logistics management etc.

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        Don't be so harsh, gift him a chance.

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    Thanks OP, took two that I'll need.

  • Anyone know, if I add the course to my list, will it be expired or removed?

  • thanks OP

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    thanks not a single one of them expired and I got them all.

  • How do the courses work?

    I want to take two of them but have a good understanding of about half the content, but would like to learn the other half. Can you do the half you don't know without having to watch the parts you do?

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    thanks OP, Great find.
    Took the Ruby Course :)

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    From the first SAP course in the list:

    Finally, we will understand the SAP IDES. For a better understanding, SAP IDES and its navigation has been taken in details and comprehensively.

    Not saying the deal isn't good, but I certainly would not waste my time taking that course. The "expert" teaching it can't even summarise the course in plain English. Learner beware on Udemy. A lot of questionable "courses" on offer in my experience. I'd vouch for Coursera or edX over this sort of stuff.

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    +1 for giving us great deal.
    BIG thanks for providing links with already Coupon Code Applied. You not only saved us $3500 but also effort to enter coupon 35 times.

    Would suggest OZB to have pseudo/second thumps up (+1) as well. This could be for the 'Efforts' OP has put forward for ease of fellow bargainers. Like in this case, Coupon Code Already Applied to all courses' links. Not a bad idea though, I think. Neg me heavily if you think otherwise.

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    Awesome Thanks for the IT courses!

  • A virtual $3500 in the virtual hand is worth?
    But thanks anyway's

  • Thanks OP, signed up to all the courses in under 2 minutes.

    Will look into the PMP and SAP stuff for sure.

  • Thanks Mate :)

  • Thanks op got them even though not going to read them

  • Thanks OP! There were 3 courses I've been wanting for a while sand now I have them… for free!!! You genuinely saved me about $90

  • I've been wanting to learn more about Wordpress so this is perfect - thanks OP!

  • Thank you very much..

  • Grea~

  • Java spring and Agile course is perfect for me thanks

  • +1

    site is showing "Coupon code TINTIN is disabled by the instructor." - I think it's over….. (this was for the SAP - SAP ABAP Module Pool Programming)

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