Qantas Frequent Flyer points for family trip to US

In a couple of year I am thinking about taking my family (2 adults and 2 kids under 12) to Disneyland.

Is it worth starting to apply for different QFF offers such as the ANZ credit card to start to accumulate points to try to offset the large cost of the flights??

Anyone done this and any ideas to maximize points??

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  • is cool.

    But I wouldn't necessarily tie yourself down to QANTAS flights. There may be cheaper airlines even with FF factored in.

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    1. The amount of points you will need for 4 pax return on QF to the US is huge and I doubt it is even possible to accumulate the required points even if you signed up for every single promo in the next year. (Not to mention the damage to your credit rating).
    2. Redeeming those accumulated points for economy class is a waste.
    3. Redeeming for business is worth it (maybe not for <12yo's) but see point 1.
    4. Using the points as Points + Cash option is even worse, as your points become worth significantly less.
    5. Good luck finding award space for 4 people on the same flights, especially in peak season. The QF AU<->US flights have very crap award inventory and are usually booked out a year in advance.
    6. You would still have to pay a ton of surcharges (fuel surcharge in particular) on top of any reward redemption.

    Conclusion: Save yourself the time and stress and just wait for a sale with other airlines (e.g. Virgin, or their codeshare partners), find yourself a cheap fare where it's guaranteed you can get your family seats on the same flight, save up the money and just pay in cash.

  • Great goal.
    As much as we wanted to fly Qantas A380, we couldn't resist the Virgin airfare & service.
    Perhaps Velocity rewards might be better for collecting points.
    We went September school holidays so USA was off season. No queues at DL, good accom deals, great weather.