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50,000 Qantas FF Points with ANZ Platinum FF Credit Card (First Year Annual Fee Waived)


Would you like to receive 50,000 bonus Qantas Points so you can reach your dream destination sooner? You can with this limited time offer on a new ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum credit card. Plus, you will also enjoy a $0 Total Annual fee for the first year, saving $295.

This offer is available when you apply and are approved for a new ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum credit card account by 26 August 2014. To be eligible for the 50,000 bonus Qantas Points, spend at least $1,500 on eligible purchases within the first three months of card approval.

Edit: As pointed out by carlenet, the deal is also available on their standard Frequent Flyer card -

and their Black card.

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  • How much is 50,000 points in monetary or flights terms?

    • ~72000 = $500 myer card

      • First rule of thumb with QFF: Never buy from their store… worst way to use the points

        Use it to upgrade your long-haul international flight from Economy to business. SYD -> LA upgrade to Business is 72,000 points. Would much prefer that than a $500 myer card. SYD -> HK upgrade to Business is 25,000.

        Using the LA example, you redeem 1 point for about 4.2c for the upgrade (24 points per dollar). Alternatively, you could redeem 1 point fo a lousy 0.7c at Myer (144 points per dollar).

        link to Qantas point redemptions for flight upgrades

        • On the other hand, those that redeem via the QF store / gift cards leave more redemptions for us!

        • +12 votes

          I'm often a bit baffled at seeing people want to use points to upgrade to business class on ozbargain. Personally seems very extravagant and not really a typical ozbargain mentality.
          Much rather use them for as valuable an economy fare as possible, after all the flight is such a fleeting part of your journey… One that I usually spend sleeping through even on jetstar long haul.

        • Have you ever been in business class? I thought that too until wife and I went RTW in business on Qantas points. (560 000 points required) Nothing quite like it, except of course First Class. But that will never happen for us! The business class flights made it a trip to remember.

        • +12 votes

          It is much better value in dollar terms, but those are dollars I was not planning to spend anyway (no way I would upgrade to business class). So it's not a true saving for most just a free luxury. On the other hand gift cards can be used to buy things you were going to buy anyway, so saving you money.

        • Is that price for one way, or return?

          The calculator said upgrading my flight would cost 48,000 points. Then actually going to upgrade the flight lists both legs of the trip, and next to each it says it costs 96,000 points…

        • They're one way; hence the SYD -> LA rather than SYD <-> LA

          I'm a massive saver too like many others on here and BUS class may be extravagant! But sometimes we need to treat ourselves a little and enjoy the finer things in life for a bargain :D It's a bargain nonetheless

        • Spot on. You only live once. If you save up enough points, you find yourself either saving $1k on a trip to Europe, or spending that 1k on a standard airfare, and upgrading to business. Looking forward to one day enjoying the leg room/palatable food/better choice of beverages/proper crockery/nicer stewardesses that business class brings. :)

        • I don't know why you are negged. I totally agree with you.

        • Yeah, agreed. Why the negs? Someone's just voicing their opinion and advice. Up-vote that man!

        • The first rule of thumb for QFF is actually: Never assume you can get an upgrade to business class using your points.

          Unless you have Platinum or Platinum One status you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting an upgrade, especially if you're travelling on a dirt cheap fare on a popular route like SYD-LAX.

        • Or just cattle class and stillnox, went to sleep, woke up with dribble in Japan :)

        • Agree: international upgrades rarely happen unless you already spend far too much time flying

        • Why all this talk about just UPGRADING your flights? Why not just book the whole darn trip with points once you have enough? If you google it, a RTW trip in business class purely on points, (just pay taxes) gets the absolute max value from QFF points.

        • I've been flying business monthly for several years due to a remote fifo job, I reckon the stewardesses are the same, you can sneak your own booze in 50ml bottles even in economy and it is not difficult to get a box of great chocolate with you. So in the end it all comes down to a flat bed during a long haul overnight flight against 500 bucks in woolies cards…

          It definitely worth to do once, not a necessity for every trip.

        • yeh but you cannot upgrade international flights that have tickets purchased on Red-E Deals. So you need to bear in mind the extra costs involved of buying a more flexible economy ticket.

        • Word of warning - most International Business class have to be requested and no guarantee it will come through. There is always the queue of Platinum, Gold and Silver members along with Qantas Friends and Family who get first before anything is left for Bronze OZbargainers!

        • i got a free first class upgrade once

          seat A1

          All i can say the difference is that its a comfy reclining couch and a fancy monitor
          The food they serve is "better" and u get proper cutlery and plates

          Only problem is i dont care about any of that

          I fit in a economy seat just fine

          and spend the entire flight eating snacks i buy from aldi whilst watching 10 hrs of tv series/movies saved onto my amazon 64gb Sandisk SD card, using my $99 Asus tablet, with a boosted Romos extended battery and a Tikbro usb cable.

          First class flight: $10k
          Economy flight: $1.3k peak periods + $200 worth of entertainment from ozbargain that can be repeatedly used for every flight you go on

        • +3 votes

          This is my QFF summary for 12 months:

          Total points for last 12 months: 426,441


        • Frequent Flyer Much? Strongewang/10

        • furythree is a true ozbargainer

        • @Turd: What offers have you been using to earn so many in such a short period?

        • @Agret:

          My guess is he runs a business.

        • So for someone who travels BNE-LAX/DFW once every 5-7 odd years. Saving QFF points for this flight for upgrading or buying the flight outright is never going to happen?

          Someone else mentioned you can't upgrade the cheapest economy flights as well!?

          What if I purchase via American Airlines or another airline?

          This is the only flight I'm interested in using QFF or any point system for.

          How best to do this flight on points?

        • @Risser: Do this four times, and you should have enough for business class tickets.

        • @Agret: SPEND SPEND SPEND.

          @fchis: Nope no business

          It's now: Total points for last 12 months: 442,767


        • @Turd: how much do you earn?

        • @lolmao: Less than medium Australian wage. :(

        • @Turd:
          so you spent around $442,000 on less than medium wage?

      • I think some cards give you 3x points on the amex/qantas points.

        And if you flew with Qantas domestically, you (used to) get a minimum of 1000 points per flight, regardless of how much you spent. So, say your flight cost $150 each way, $300 nets you 2000 points.

    • I recently did the numbers on wish gift cards and it comes out to 151 points per dollar, so these points work out to $331 in gift cards.
      Flight upgrades are much better value though, upgrading a flight from Economy to Business for Melb>LA for eg is 45,000 points.

      • Just remember upgrading isn't the same as purchasing a business fare.

        I've tired to get point upgrades twice and been rejected each time. on any of the popular routes for business travellers you don't seem to have much chance. Esp if you've purchased a very cheap fare

    • $333 in woolies gift cards

    • For me it is worth about $1200 of flights
      Mt Isa average return to Bris is $698 (no sale- $578 on sale)
      12000 points per leg +$50 taxes for classic awards
      = 48000/((698*2)-200)
      =40 points/dollar
      I only ever use frequent flyer points for last minute flights, which would otherwise regularly cost $500+ per leg so the savings would actually be even higher!

      • Do the points required for a flight or upgrade depend on the price or the distance? Is a last minute flight the same points as it was a month before?

        • Number of points required only change with distance/class. The most value I ever got was needing a flight for a funeral. 12000 points for a flight that would have cost $1100 one way.

    • In theory, you actally get more than 50,000 points in the end. Since you have to spend $1,500 on the card, if you used the American Express (at places that don't have a surcharge of course!), you could get a maximum of another 2,250 points, making it 52,250 total.

  • Return HK on economy would be 55000 points plus taxes

    • wow, that's a $1000+ fare

      … time to see if i can convert my credit card points to qantas…

      • dont jump too fast.. those taxes will set you back a few hundred bucks,

        • Yeh. Flight to Europe for 130k points costs nearly $800 in taxes, i.e. nearly half what you can get a discounted fare for. They're criminals.

        • Economy awards are a waste of points. Premium Economy, Business or First are better value as the "taxes" remain the same as Economy.

        • i dont understand…arent premium econ/business cost more points despite the "taxes" remain the same?

        • Yes, but where they are say twice the points (and a similar amount in taxes) for business class, the aifare is worth perhaps 4x the discount economy fare.

          It's an experience that most can't justify paying the $ for, but accumulating points with promotions like this is a good, underhanded way of doing it.

        • Couldn't agree more.

        • -1 vote

          "..the aifare is WORTH perhaps 4x the discount economy fare."


        • You won't be flying RTW for $5k or $6k in business class.

        • I totally agree. They make lots of money with the point system.

          Last Christmas I flew to new York with Delta with my points and it costs me $165 USD only on Dec 22 peak period! With Qantas this would have cost a truckload in taxes and most of the time you can't get seats anyway. The taxes and surcharges of qantas are a rip off. Once my Qantas points are used up I'm done with this airline.

  • 15,100 points gets you a $100 gift card with major retailers. Better bang for buck if you use for flight upgrades or redemptions.

  • Also I got my card approved on the spot, so they're already in my good books (compared to Citibank).

  • The deal is also available on their standard Frequent Flyer card -

    and their Black card.

    • Yep. I was just about to say that. Black gives better points earn (1.5pts/$ Amex and 0.75pts/$ visa) plus free lounge access etc. horrible annual fee, but if you cancel before 12 months, this may be the go.

    • So can I just confirm the $0 annual fee waiver applies to both Frequent Flyer and Black cards?

      • Yes, to the FF card, Platinum FF card and Black FF card

      • Yep, point 1 on the terms and conditions clearly states it applies to all 3 cards: frequent flyer, platinum and black

        Edit: beaten!

  • To take advantage of this, could you sign up for this deal. Use the card for the first year and then cancel before the next year's annual fee? Is this the best way to take advantage of this deal.

    Also - Can I use this deal if I am an existing ANZ CC Holder?

      1. Yes. I do it almost every time a good offer like this comes up. (and have close to 300k FF points)

      2. Maybe.

    • That's what I was thinking, cancel in first 12 months. Not sure about current ANZ cardholders, nothing in the terms and conditions seems to say you would be ineligible.

      Often these Amex bonus ff points deals state you cannot have had another qantas Amex card in the past 12 months or similar. This doesn't seem to…?

      • Other than "The Total Annual Fee information displayed on this page applies to new customers only. Existing customers may be subject to a different Total Annual Fee and should call 13 22 73 for information regarding the Total Annual Fee that applies to their account."

      • "The bonus Qantas Points and $0 Annual Fee offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers, packages or promotions or when you transfer or close an existing ANZ credit card"

        As for your Amex question, bank issued Amex cards are separate to Amex-issued Amex cards.

  • Will applying and canceling the card affect my credit rating?

    • not sure, there has been some new credit rating reforms, so it may.

      • Not sure if it should affect your credit rating, especially if everyone is doing this.

        • It does.

          When you apply, they do a credit check on you, every credit check by somebody other than yourself will be logged onto your report at DNB.

          Some banks frown upon credit records which have a large number of enquiries as since they cannot see declined credit requests they assume that "more enquiries = you must have been refused by somebody which is why you keep going to other banks so they do a credit check on you".

        • There were new credit reforms from earlier this month.
          Once you apply for credit, get approved and ALWAYS made payments on time, this can actually work better in your favour than having no credit at all.

          Participating lenders I think can place notifications on someone credit profile, just like a traffic light. Red means bad borrower, yellow is ok, sometimes late sometimes paid on time. While Green is good to go.

          As long as you pay all your bills on time, even just the minimum, lenders will always see this as a positive.

        • The only negative in the reforms, for a good borrower, is that the amount of credit currently available on credit cards is visible. So when you apply for all these high limit cards, they can see how much is on your file.

    • Apply = Yes
      Cancel = No

  • Approved! Thanks OP

  • Whats the approval criteria normally for ANZ? I'm a uni student earning around 30k per year on a casual job, would I be approved for the standard card?

    • It depends on your individual circumstances, what your expenses are, how much you owe elsewhere etc. However the standard card says it only has a minimum income requirement of $15k, so you should fine in most cases.

      • Will the initial online application add to my credit file? I have an existing 28 degrees card so I don't want to push my luck.

        • Any credit applications are added to your file, however a 60 second approval isn't going to look at your other credit applications, only bad stuff like defaults.

    • Your chances may be better than you think. The standard card requires an income of $15,000.

    • Says $15k on the ANZ page.

    • I just applied MrJ, and I noticed that it stated that the earning requirements were different for full-time students (presumably they are lower).

  • damn i also opened one before :(

  • Wonder if you'd have luck applying for two cards (say one Platinum and one Black) to rack up 100,000 points.

  • I cancelled my ANZ FF card a few months back to join the Citibank one.

    I just called them and they said I would still get the points if I applied as it will be a new card even though I'm not exactly a new customer.

    so heads up to anyone in the same situations as me .

  • so shouldn't we all get the black card and cancel after a year?

    EDIT: for those who meet the min income

    • +2 votes

      If you can add another $15k (min limit for the black card) to your current credit line without getting rejected, then sure why not.

      • Yes 15k limit.

        i just got approved for the black card. Clearly the 4 other credit cards I have is not enough.

    • unless you are in the market for a new home loan…

  • Is the black card the best with the most benefits and the most points earnings?

  • Wow this is a huge amount of points for so little spend. ANZ will get a crazy number of apps. Going to pay for my PS4 nicely. Thanks OP:)

    • Just remember, if you were planning on cancelling before next year's fee and are counting on the extra warranty that comes with the card. It only lasts as long as you have the card.

  • bah i got referred.

    must be spamming too many of these credit card deals.

    • Me too. The problem is you have to state your current credit lines available, given . Given my recent activity, mine is now perhaps appearing to be unmanageable (it would be if I maxed out all my cards), so could be deemed problematic.

      I only applied for $1k credit limit, so hopefully it'll be fine.

  • Just approved on the spot. Excellent deal for 50k points!

  • anyone confirm Bill payment consider as purchase within $1500 spending for 50,000 bonus point? thanks

    • not sepcified as exclusion so I'd say it qualifies?

      Your application must be approved and you must make $1500 worth of eligible purchases (excluding fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers and premiums for ANZ credit card insurance) within three months of approval to receive the bonus Qantas Points.

      • Except that the FF Terms state:

        'Cash Equivalent Transaction' means a transaction that is treated as a cash advance including, but not limited to, transfers to or from other financial institutions, foreign exchange, travellers cheque and gambling chip purchases, and utility bills paid in person at a bank or Australia Post or any bills paid using the Card in conjunction with the BPAY scheme (if the billing merchant does not accept credit card payment using the BPAY scheme).


        • Key part is the last bit in brackets.

          If the merchant accepts BPay via CC then there is no problem. I've been paying all my bills via BPay on my CC and racking up the points.

          However, I've noticed some BPay bills can't be paid with a credit card.
          For example: Your monthly credit card bill can actually be paid by BPay, but they wont accept another CC as a payment source, only a transaction account.